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PANDORA Charm Meanings

PANDORA charms are more than fashionable baubles on a bracelet. Each charm makes a statement with a special meaning expressed through the design. Some are sentimental or deeply meaningful, while others are lighthearted and playful, representing things like a love of coffee. You’ll find charms to commemorate all of your special moments, from birthdays to graduations. PANDORA CHARM MEANINGS Understanding PANDORA charm meanings helps you choose just the right piece as a meaningful gift or as a way to commemorate special moments, from the birth of a baby to a dream vacation. What do your PANDORA charms say about you?

What Makes up a PANDORA Bracelet

parts to a PANDORA bracelet Before diving into the meanings of the charms, it’s important to know the parts of a PANDORA bracelet. There are four main parts:
  • Bracelet: The bracelet itself creates the foundation for the PANDORA charms. There are a few different styles to choose from, but the bracelets are typically divided into three sections with the main clasp plus two other threads for even charm distribution.
  • Clips: The clips are special pieces that go over the two threads that divide the bracelet into sections. They keep the charms from sliding into the next section so the bracelet stays balanced. They help prevent breaking or stretching due to uneven distribution of charms. These are decorative hinged pieces that look similar to charms. They snap into place.
  • Charms: The charms are the pieces that let you show off your style and special moments. Many PANDORA charms thread onto the bracelet so they won’t slide around, but others are free to slide. Pave and openworks charms are examples of styles that usually don’t thread on to the bracelet.
  • Spacers: Spacers are slightly smaller than charms. You’ll find that when your bracelet is almost full, you will likely have small spaces not quite big enough for a charm. Spacers are decorative like the charms and fit into those small spaces to make the bracelet look full and balanced.
Strength and Other Charms From the Essence Collection The Strength charm from the PANDORA Essence collection offers an uplifting and inspiring reminder for the special recipient. The Strength charm in particular features a bold silver and black faceted spinel with the world STRENGTH engraved on it. This charm reminds the recipient that she is stronger that she realizes. When she doesn’t feel strong, the charm reminds her that she is. This PANDORA charm makes a great gift for a woman who is going through a difficult time or needs a reminder of her inner strength. All of the charms in the Essence Collection represent personal values. If Strength doesn’t send the message you want, consider some of the other values, such as Passion, Faith, Wisdom, Peace, Patience, Dedication or Confidence. Each charm represents its value in both its design and color. Charms in this collection only work on Essence Collection bracelets, which are smaller and thinner than the Moments bracelets. Motherly Love and Other Charms for Mom PANDORA charms are a popular gift option for mothers, and the line comes with several suitable options for both young and experienced moms. A filigree design creating a delicate heart in the Motherly Love charm is the perfect way to show love for your mom. Several small hearts make up the filigree pattern, with the word Mom in the middle. This charm is designed to show your mom how much you love her. It makes the perfect gift for your mom’s birthday or for Mother’s Day. PANDORA charm for mother's day From Us is a charm made specifically for Mother’s Day. It features two children side-by-side holding a heart with the words Happy Mother’s Day engraved on it. This charm represents the care and appreciation kids have for their mothers. Give this charm to your own mom or to any mom you want to remember on Mother’s Day. Precious Girl and Precious Boy are two charms that work well as gifts for moms. Each of these charms is shaped like a child, either a girl or boy respectively. They represent the love and caring between a mother and child. A mother will appreciate having one of these charms to represent each of her kids. Choose a charm to represent the gender of each of her children, or buy the corresponding gender charm as a gift for the birth of a new child. A Mother’s Pride spacer is an optional addition for a Mother’s Day present. The spacers are smaller than the charms and fill in spaces along a PANDORA bracelet that aren’t quite big enough for another charm. Mother’s Pride spells out MOM continuously around the loop. Cubic zirconia hearts create the Os in the word for a little touch of sparkle. The continuous loop of the word MOM shows your love for her never ends. PANDORA Globe Charm The Globe charm is perfect for the globetrotter on your shopping list. Its round shape replicates the shape of a globe, with the countries engraved on the charm with surprising detail. This charm represents all of the worldly adventures the recipient has taken or has yet to take. Every time she looks at the charm, she remembers her trips around the world. Give this charm to your favorite world traveler for her birthday or other special occasions that call for a gift. PANDORA globe charm meaning If the recipient holds one particular place close to her heart, PANDORA offers several landmark charms with images and words based on specific locations. Each one symbolizes the essence of the location and makes an ideal gift to remember a special trip. Remember a vacation to Hawaii with a charm featuring palm trees and islands, or relive all of your favorite musical memories of a trip to Nashville with music notes decorating the charm. Create a charm scrapbook of all of your favorite vacations with a series of the landmark charms so she can always look back on vacation memories. Minnie & Mickey Forever and Other Charms From the Disney Line Any Disney fan can appreciate the loving bond between Mickey and Minnie. The Minnie & Mickey Forever charm captures that love in a cute yet sophisticated charm. This round charm features the silhouettes of Mickey and Minnie Mouse holding hands in black. A red heart between the two beloved characters symbolizes the love they have for one another. Give this charm to a fan of Mickey and Minnie, or use it to represent your own love story and strong bond with the recipient. This charm also works well as a memento of a trip to Disney World with your love. For the Cinderella fan who never loses hope, Cinderella’s Dream is a charm option. The heart-shaped charm is engraved with the phrase “A dream is a wish your heart makes” and features blue star embellishments. Gazing at this charm reminds the recipient that she should always believe because dreams do come true, a message anyone can appreciate. You’ll also find a number of charms that represent specific Disney characters and the things that make them special. For example, the Elsa’s Crown charm not only replicates the popular princess’s crown from the movie “Frozen” and signature blue color in the stone, it also represents power, protection and royalty. PANDORA offers assorted Disney character charms including many of the princesses, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse and even Pooh and Eeyore. Choose a charm based on the recipient’s favorite character, or choose a Disney charm that represents the qualities you see in the recipient or want the recipient to remember about herself. Daughter’s Love No matter how old your daughter is, you always want her to remember just how much she means to you. The Daughter’s Love charm from PANDORA does just that. Its heart shape represents the love you have for your daughter. The heart features the word Daughter engraved in the middle with a delicate pink stone in a heart shape just below the word. PANDORA charms for daughters and their meanings Give this charm to your daughter on her birthday or other special occasion, or give it to her when she becomes a mother. She’ll truly appreciate the love behind the charm once she has kids of her own. Angelic Feathers This charm holds a special meaning for anyone in need of comfort or hope. The Angelic Feathers charm features two feathered wings that come together to form a heart shape. It gives the impression of the wings wrapping around for protection. This charm is designed to create a calming effect, symbolizing comfort, hope, protection and aspiration. Give the Angelic Feathers charm to anyone who is going through a difficult situation or who needs a reminder that she is loved and protected. It could work as a comforting gift after the recipient loses a loved one. It could give hope to a person who is facing a health issue. Whatever the reason, she will remember your loving comfort long after she receives the charm. I Love My Pets The I Love My Pets charm serves up a heavy dose of love for the furry family members in the recipient’s home. This round charm features a paw print with cubic zirconia inside in an inlayed pave style. It represents the love the recipient has for her pets, and makes an ideal gift for any occasion for a pet lover. It can also be a special memorial charm for someone who recently lost a pet. The charm can remind her of the love and memories she has of her pet. I Love Music Another way to show off a passion is with the I Love Music charm. A music note, guitar and guitar pick make up the three dangling parts to this charm. The pick says I love music with a red enameled heart to represent the word love. Give this charm to the music lover in your life, whether she plays an instrument or just appreciates a good melody. PANDORA charms for those who love music Graduate Owl The Graduate Owl charm comes in the shape of a wise owl with intricate detailing that makes it special. The owl features cubic zirconia on its chest, with blue stones as the eyes. A graduation cap on its head and a scroll in its talons adds to the graduation meaning of this charm. Give this charm to your favorite graduate, whether she’s graduating from high school, college or another educational program. It will serve as a reminder of all of her hard work throughout her years of schooling and the proud accomplishment of earning her diploma. Red Robin Capture the spirit of spring with the Red Robin charm. Shaped like a robin, this charm features red and clear cubic zirconia sprinkled across the chest. The detailing on the charm makes it look just like a real robin. This charm is inspirational with its message of joy and new opportunities. It represents a carefree spirit with a sense of adventure. Give it to a woman as she embarks upon a new adventure, such as a big life change or a new job, or simply give it to create a sense of whimsy and happiness. This charm adds fun color to a PANDORA bracelet thanks to the red chest on the bird. Majestic Swan Yet another bird serves as the inspiration for the Majestic Swan charm. This charm is shaped like a swan with accurate detailing down to its arched neck and beautiful feathers. Cubic zirconia create a sparkle to feathers to add to the elegance of this charm. The swan represents beauty, grace and serenity. Give it to someone who embodies those traits as a reminder of just how majestic she is. Birthstone Signature Heart PANDORA offers a Signature Heart charm for each month. Each charm is a heart shape made up of open scrollwork with the month’s birthstone in the center. The charm represents the birth month, but the stone also says something special. For example, the November Signature Heart charm features a citrine gemstone thought to represent wealth, success and cheerfulness. Give a Signature Heart charm as a gift to represent the recipient’s birth month. Another idea is to give one of these charms to a new mom to represent the birth month of her baby. Christmas Bear and Holiday Charms The Christmas Bear charm from PANDORA is shaped like an adorable little teddy bear with some distinctly Christmas accents. The bear wears a sweater with a snowflake engraved on the belly. A green scarf and a red enameled Santa hat add to the Christmas accents. This Christmas charm not only represents Christmas, but also the childlike wonder of the holiday. It makes a great stocking stuffer and reminds the recipient of all of her favorite Christmases as a child. PANDORA offers several other holiday charms, each representing different aspects of the holiday. Examples include Jolly Santa, which features Santa’s face with rich red enamel, and Sparkling Surprise, which is shaped like a beautiful gift. Give one of these holiday gifts to represent the love and magic of the holiday season. You can also design an entire holiday PANDORA bracelet full of lots of holiday charms so she has a special bracelet to wear during the holidays.

Make a Statement With Your PANDORA Charms

What do you want your PANDORA charm bracelet to say? Whatever you want to express, let Mountz Jewelers help you find just the right charm. Stop by any of our stores to see all of the PANDORA charms in person to find the charms to express your feelings and preserve your treasured memories. Trust Your Special Moments to Mountz.

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