Dog Fever

Dog Fever Terrier Charm Necklace

Jewelry Lovers Are Coming Down With Dog Fever

When it comes to mixing style, substance and love for man’s best friend, it’s tough to find jewelry designers more passionate than Dog Fever.

Custom-made in Italy and carefully crafted in sterling silver, each unique Dog Fever ring, pendant and pair of earrings can be further personalized by adding gemstones.

Show off your love of your favorite four-legged friend with Dog Fever, a symbol of the bond you share with the pampered pet in your life.

Bold and Beautiful, Dog Fever Has Revolutionized Jewelry

The modern sensibilities and charm of Dog Fever have not been lost on the design world. Such world-renowned publications as Elle, Vanity Fair, Diva and Vogue have heralded Dog Fever since their line of revolutionary items unveiled in 2013.

Dog Fever Labrador Silver Hug RingYou’ll appreciate the detail that goes into every Dog Fever piece. From the gentle lines of a terrier’s ears, to the empathetic curves of a bulldog’s eyes, Dog Fever’s designers bring youthfulness and joy to their work. Their commitment to creating elegant, whimsical rings, pendants and more in sterling silver is evident from the moment you visit Mountz to see the Dog Fever collection.

Eye-Catching Options for Dog Aficionados

Dog Fever’s signature pieces include hug rings and enameled jewelry. Whether you want a pendant to dangle from your favorite chain, or a ring to gracefully twist on your finger, you’ll find the perfect fit.

Many Mountz buyers are amazed at the focus Dog Fever’s designers use to bring each breed to life in sterling silver. Their commitment to the love of canines, and the artistry of fine jewelry making, is what’s making them a popular choice for contemporary shoppers.

Priced Affordably for Tasteful Gift Giving

Looking for a specialized gift for a dog lover? Mountz Jewelers is ready to show you the full line of Dog Fever options. Not only is the selection tremendous, but you’re sure to find a piece that matches your loved one’s personality. Plus, there are pieces for both men and women, making it simple to find exactly the right present for anyone who adores dogs.