Gem Tasting Event

You're Invited to a Gem Tasting Event!

Carlisle - October 5th, 9am-1pm

Colonial Park/Harrisburg - October 5th, 2pm-6pm

Camp Hill - October 6th, 9am-6pm


Join professional gem cutters, precision faceters and philanthropists, Roger & Ginger Dery for an unforgettable experience. By cutting out the middle-man, they’ve gone straight to the source, resulting in a lifetime of knowledge on the many different types of gemstones. If you discover a gemstone you love, you can continue its journey by incorporating it into a custom design at Mountz!

The pink tourmaline ring above is an example of a past customer's beautiful transformation from gem to jewelry.  


Due to limited availability appointments are encouraged. RSVP TODAY!


Hear from Roger & Ginger Dery about all the gemstones you will see at this event!