Jewelry Appraisal

Just like other important assets, the value of jewelry changes over time. If you haven’t had your important jewelry or timepiece appraised recently — or if you have recently purchased a costly piece such as an engagement ring — taking the time to have your jewelry appraised can save you future headaches.

Why You Need a Jewelry Appraisal

In the event your jewelry is stolen or lost, you may not be able to replace it or recover its value without a written estimate of its worth. Also, because most insurance policies will not cover costlier pieces without a written appraisal — including wedding jewelry — securing this information now can save future heartache. Imagine the horror of losing treasured wedding jewelry or an heirloom watch after a home invasion or devastating fire, and you can begin to understand why having this information is essential.

Secondly, if you have inherited jewelry, you may not realize its current worth. Gold, for example, has more than tripled in value since the turn of the 21st century. That means older pieces you keep for sentimental value that are sitting in your jewelry box unworn could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. Signed or otherwise unique pieces may have extraordinary value as well. Should you decide to sell, insure or will these pieces to a loved one, a written estimate provides invaluable intelligence.

Mountz Jewelers Can Appraise Your Jewelry

Schedule a consultation at one of Mountz Jewelers’ Carlisle, Camp Hill or Harrisburg locations to begin the jewelry appraisal process today. Our experienced staff, which includes GIA Graduate Gemologists and AGS Certified Appraisers at every location, will provide you with a complete written appraisal to help you make necessary decisions. Should you decide to sell your jewelry, Mountz Jewelers can also provide you with a purchase price for your unwanted pieces.

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