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Mountz Jewelers Scholarship

mountz jewelers scholarship

Mountz Jewelers is excited to offer a $500 scholarship to all current and future college students


The Mountz Jewelers Scholarship will be open to all current U.S. residents who will be taking college courses in their next semester. This means anybody who is a high school senior or current college student that will be attending college in the following semester is eligible to apply. This scholarship is open to the majors of study below. Please see “More Rules and Regulations” for additional details.

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How to Apply

To apply, write an original essay between 500 and 700 words on one of the following topics:

  • Do you have any family jewelry heirlooms? Describe them and what they mean to you.
  • If you could pick a piece of jewelry to represent your future goals in life, what would that be?

All essays must use correct grammar and punctuation, but will be awarded based on creativity and content. Feel free to be funny, serious, educational, inspirational, or any other tone that fits. You must cite sources when used. Do not use any long quotes over two lines. We want to hear the thoughts and ideas that are coming from you!

mountz jewelers deadlineSend your article in a Word doc or PDF and email it to before midnight on the due date.

Due Date

The scholarship will be awarded once a year, and then starts over again. This means that if you missed the deadline, you can always submit your essay for the following year.   

DEADLINE: Deadline to submit – June 1; Winners announced - July 1

Why Is Mountz Jewelers Offering This?

At Mountz Jewelers, we know the value of education and want to give back to the community as often as we can. This scholarship is just one of the ways we can do that. We would love to have the opportunity to make college affordable for as many students as possible.

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More Rules and Regulations

Each scholarship awarded will be good for a one-time use and is non-renewable. Each person applying can only submit one essay, but may apply each year. Each essay must be written by the student applying.

Winners will be chosen on a nondiscriminatory and objective basis, and will be notified at the same email address in which they submitted their essay and must respond within 20 days to claim their scholarship.

To claim the scholarship, the winning student will be asked to supply Mountz Jewelers with their full name, student ID, and name/address of college. The payment will be sent directly to the college of their choice and must be used for the upcoming semester’s tuition only. The award cannot be transferred to any other person or entity, and the student’s college or university must be in the United States.

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