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Tell Her Story With PANDORA

Every woman has her own story to tell. And she continues to add chapters to her personal tale throughout her life. Memories are the precious jewels she’ll take with her throughout her journey. The PANDORA collection is one-of-a-kind jewelry that celebrates sparkling moments she won’t want to forget. Mountz Jewelers is proud to carry this collection of fine jewelry at every one of our locations.

You’re excited to be part of her story and don’t want to overlook even a moment of the time you spend with her. The PANDORA collection can tell her story and evolve with her as she continues to grow, succeed and experience new things. As your narrative develops together, the PANDORA collection helps you both recall every special event, meaningful moment and years of happiness.

The PANDORA collection includes beautiful rings, earrings, necklaces, charms and bracelets that document special moments and the love you share. PANDORA’s bracelets are beloved the world over. Each charm is a testament to a life well lived. Commemorate special events — anniversaries, birthdays and important firsts — with a delicately crafted PANDORA charm. The PANDORA collection also includes many whimsical charms that celebrate everything from her love of baseball to your trip to Paris.

The PANDORA collection of jewelry has expanded to include intricate rings, necklaces and earrings. Each is expertly designed to suit even the most discriminant tastes. They make the perfect gift for any occasion and will serve as a constant reminder of how far the two of you have come together.

Enduring Artistry by PANDORA

Every piece of PANDORA jewelry is hand-finished by skilled artisans who labor tirelessly to create jewelry worthy of telling her story. From hand-crafted motifs to precious stones and metals, the company’s craftspeople use only the finest materials to make jewelry that will stand the test of time. All PANDORA charms are handcrafted using gold, solid sterling or a combination of the two. Each stone is inlaid by hand, ensuring her precious charm will last throughout the years.

PANDORA artisans combine centuries-old craftsmanship with today’s design trends to produce PANDORA charms that represent everything that’s important to her. You, the love of her life. Meaningful experiences you’ve shared. Her goals and ambitions. The person she is and the one she wants to become. There is a hand-finished PANDORA charm that symbolizes each of the things that tells her unique story, each of the things that make her story and the story of your shared love truly unique. PANDORA has also created an assortment of simple and beautiful charms to complement the meaningful ones, each as carefully crafted as the others.

PANDORA bracelets and charms accessorize beautifully for any occasion. They’re suitable for daily use and can add a touch of panache to any formal affair. Each charm is interchangeable, so she can change them out for different occasions or to suit her mood. Besides its selection of memorable charms, you can also give her lovely colored glass beads. Pick her favorite colors so she can accessorize her wardrobe. She will love the endless possibilities of her PANDORA bracelet with its charms and beads.

Unlike many charm bracelets, the unique design of the PANDORA bracelet ensures its beads and charms don’t just hang down at the bottom of her wrist. Two immovable beads, called clips, clamp onto the bracelet, dividing the charms into three sections. The clips are practical, keeping the beads in place, but are still beautifully designed, making a lovely addition to her PANDORA bracelet.

Her Story and Yours – Together at Last

With distinctive rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and charms, the PANDORA collection can tell her story as well as the story of your life with her in a manner unlike any other.

If you want to tell her story and the tale of the love you share, the experts at Mountz Jewelers can help you express yourself by helping you handpick the jewelry pieces and PANDORA charms that communicate exactly what you want with breathtaking beauty and exacting detail. We will help you choose a piece of jewelry from the PANDORA collection that reflects the beauty of your love.

If you’re not sure what to get her, why not start building her story with a PANDORA bracelet? First, choose her bracelet. The most popular selection is the sterling silver, which includes the patented clasp. Bracelets are also available in vibrant gold and supple leather. Next, choose the charms that showcase the life she’s led, the person she is and the amazing story you both have shared. Be sure to pair these memorable charms with simply designed beads. We carry PANDORA charms for every price point. Because of their incredible craftsmanship, each is a tiny work of art.

Make her story and your fairy tale romance legendary with PANDORA.

Say Everything by Saying Nothing

When you give her PANDORA jewelry, you’ll say everything without having to say anything. Whenever someone admires her hand-selected jewelry and PANDORA charms, she’ll tell her story and the narrative of the love she shares with you without saying a word. As the years go by and your family continues to grow, each charm will become more meaningful, reminding you both of sweet memories.

The woman you love deserves the best the world has to offer. PANDORA uses only the finest materials to make jewelry that can tell her story and relay all of the moments you’ve shared. No words necessary.

Say everything by saying nothing. PANDORA jewelry is now available at every Mountz Jewelers location. The entire collection makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Our friendly associates would be happy to help you start building her story with a PANDORA charm bracelet. Let PANDORA tell her story and the one you continue to experience with her through the jewelry’s natural beauty and expressive craftsmanship. Trust your special moments to Mountz today and every day.