Whether you are hard at work on a job site, pounding the pavement on your morning run, or simply looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding band, QALO offers a unique variety of silicone wedding bands perfect for couples on the go!

Working hard, leading an active lifestyle, and sharing your commitment to your significant other are admirable and deserve to be celebrated. QALO bands are simple, comfortable, affordable, and most importantly, offer an opportunity to show your devotion no matter how vigorous your lifestyle can be.

Additionally, the QALO line has several different lines which support first responders, EMS, firefighters, law enforcement and more. A portion of the sales from these lines are donated to these organizations.


Perfect for Any Profession

Made of 100% medical grade silicone, QALO rings are perfect for any profession. Whether you work in construction, as a first responder, or even as a professional athlete; QALO rings are specially designed to be a comfortable, durable, and safe alternative to traditional metal bands.

Safety is essential, which is why QALO bands are flexible enough to withstand elements like heat, water, and electricity. Silicone is water resistant, acts as an electrical insulator, and is flexible enough to move when you move, making it an ideal material for active lifestyles.

Backed by NFL players like Derek Carr and Dan Orlovsky, QALO rings are perfect for anyone looking for a convenient way to show your commitment while leading an active lifestyle.

Share Your Commitment

QALO believes in the power of commitment. Proven by their dedication to creating a ring perfect for people in any profession, QALO offers a wide range of products to show that you are committed to your family, work, and health.

Perfect for Any Budget

Affordably priced, QALO rings offer you the opportunity to pick the ring best suited to your lifestyle. Stop by Mountz Jewelersto explore our QALO collection today!