Silver Jewelry

Silver is a precious metal that is perfect for rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Silver’s shine and luster makes it the perfect metal to enhance a design or frame a gemstone. When paired with silver, diamonds look classic and beautiful. Bright colored gemstones seem brighter and more colorful when contrasted with silver. If taken care of properly, silver jewelry can last a lifetime—and even generations!

If you're buying silver jewelry for a loved one, view our ideas for making your gift stand out.

Care for Silver Jewelry

Silver is a soft metal and is often combined with other more durable metals to ensure that your jewelry lasts for many years. Sterling silver is combined with copper to improve its longevity. However, it does still require some care to maintain its original smooth surface. To maintain like-new condition, Mountz Jewelers suggests storing silver jewelry in a soft fabric bag or velvet lined jewelry box. Also, avoid wearing silver jewelry during house hold cleaning and swimming. Chlorine and house hold cleaners can damage silver and eventually weaken it, making it susceptible to damage.

Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry

The safest way to clean your sterling silver is with silver polish and a soft cotton cloth. Make sure the polish is acceptable for any gemstones on the ring, as some polishes can damage gemstones. Clean your jewelry with gentle pressure to avoid scratching or damaging the surface.

Cleaning on a regular basis will keep your silver jewelry shining bright!

Why Choose Mountz Jewelers

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