Slate & Tell

Slate and Tell Charms

Every piece of jewelry you own should be as extraordinary as you are. At Mountz Jewelers, we know a ring is more than a band and a necklace is more than a piece of silver draped around your neck. We believe in providing customers with jewelry that makes a statement — a piece that reflects who they truly are.

We’re honored to now offer our customers an indulgent line of jewelry that makes a statement. Slate & Tell — a line of rings, bracelets, and slates — will help you tell your story and represent who you are.

Etched for Eternity

There’s a special date in your life you’ll never be able to forget — and you don’t want to. Whether it’s the day your daughter took her first breathe of air or the night you asked your wife to marry you, some dates stay with us for a lifetime.

Maybe there’s a word that resonates more deeply with you. Perhaps it’s your one word mantra, or even a childhood nickname. You don’t have to say the word out loud to enjoy the meaning behind it. Slate & Tell etches your favorite words and numbers timelessly into your jewelry. A diamond might sparkle, but it doesn’t shine your light quite like an etched Slate can.

A Gift You Can Both Enjoy

Slate and Tell Bracelets

If you’re shopping for that special woman in your life, you’ll be able to provide her with a piece of jewelry she loves, complete with a message she cherishes. A Slate & Tell birthstone ring not only commemorates the day she was born, but celebrates who she is, too. Whether you forgo a ring for a pendant or bracelet, nothing is more personalized than a piece with sentimental value.Slate & Tell Jewelry is ideal for both men and women. There’s no better way to show your message on a slate than by sharing it with the one who helped give it meaning.

Our jewelry is even ideal if you’re shopping for him, as well. Slate & Tell is simplistic and multi-faceted, which makes it the ideal suit for both him and her. If you’re uncertain about jewelry as a gift for your father, husband, boyfriend, partner or male friend, you can rest assured Slate & Tell suits everyone, despite their age, gender or interests. Everyone has a story to tell, and there’s no better way to make that proclamation than with a personalized fashion statement.

View our ideas for creative ways to present your gift.

Your Slate Tells a Story

We’re all unique, and our jewelry should be, too. Your piece of Slate & Tell is crafted with an exclusive message, leaving you with a one-of-a-kind gift. We all have a story to tell — what’s yours?