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Sell Gold at Mountz Jewelers


At Mountz Jewelers, we understand that everyone does not have the same taste in jewelry. Prices of gold have recently been at record highs, and if you're considering selling your unwanted gold, call Mountz Jewelers or stop in to one of our three Mechanicsburg-area locations for an assessment.

What to Know About Selling Gold, Precious Metal and Diamond Jewelry

Doing your homework in advance is the best way to begin the process of selling gold or gold jewelry. Although gold sale parties and some local stores or pawn shops may offer an easy or convenient way to sell, not every buyer has your best interest in mind. Check the current market price, and separate your gold by karat weight. Higher karat weights equal higher value, so don't allow anyone to weigh your jewelry together if the pieces indicate varying gold content. It's important to keep your 10k jewelry separate from your 14k jewelry or 24k jewelry, and watch carefully during the weighing process.

For the fairest prices, always choose a reputable buyer such as Mountz Jewelers. As the Harrisburg area's leading jeweler, we've been named Simply the Best by the readers of Harrisburg Magazine for 15 straight years. Keep apart any important signed jewelry by a premier designer, as those pieces may have intrinsic value beyond the price of the metal or gemstone, and negotiate a separate price. Avoid mail-in services, as the risk of fraud is great, and don't be afraid to shop around. Legitimate buyers are not afraid to pay a fair price, nor are they afraid to ask you for government-issued identification.

GIA Graduate Gemologists and AGS Certified Gemologist Appraisers at Mountz Jewelers

Mountz Jewelers has served the needs of the Harrisburg and surrounding communities like Carlisle, Camp Hill, and Mechanicsburg for over three decades. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff includes both GIA Graduate Gemologists and AGS Certified Gemologist Appraisers at all three area locations. We're uniquely qualified to correctly price and appraise your valuable jewelry, whether for sale or for appraisal. Schedule a consultation or stop by our store to discuss your options.