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  • What's Great About Estate!

    With so many popular designers to choose from, you may start to see others wearing the same pieces that you once felt were yours.   Why not go for something that has a bit more history and is a little bit more unique? Estate jewelry is previously loved and owned jewelry and is treasured for its u... View Post
  • How to Buy A Diamond from Mountz Jewelers

    Wedding season is right around the corner, and all the excitement may be giving you thoughts about having your own! Your wedding will be a special day to celebrate your love and commitment to each other…and it all starts with the ring. Shopping for the perfect diamond engagement ring takes mor... View Post
  • Love Is Essential at Mountz Jewelers!

    During times of hardship, or when facing the unknown, having someone there that has your back is something that we should not take for granted.  There is meaning in the words “I Do.” There is sentiment behind the round diamond band signifying forever. Mountz Jewelers recognizes the commitment of... View Post