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  • Mountz Jewelers Spring Bridal Bash

    Spring is the time to absorb the fresh crisp weather, admire unique, multicolored flowers, and embrace a new season with new opportunities to make lasting memories!  Spring is also the perfect time to propose to the one that truly matters the most to you. Picture getting down on one knee with a... View Post
  • Valentine’s Day Moments With Mountz Jewelers

    A moment is just a moment until we tie a sentimental value to it. Love is shared in little moments. It’s the courtesy of holding the door open for someone; for greeting a loved one with a hug after a long day. It’s the thoughtfulness behind emptying the dishwasher or standing behind your loved on... View Post
  • Top 20 Winter Proposal Ideas

    With the holidays as your backdrop and cold weather to bring you closer together, winter is the perfect time to propose to your sweetie. There are so many ways to propose in the winter. How will you pop the question to your special someone?  How to Propose in the Winter Create a winter wonderland... View Post