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Jewelry has the rare ability to tell a story. Through beautiful gemstones and precious metals, your design can convey a unique message. Whether that’s a celebration, reminder or just a personal expression of style, we’re here to help. At Mountz, we specialize in creating customized jewelry from scratch as well as updating or transforming family heirlooms. The entire process consists of four easy steps and results in a truly special piece that cannot be found anywhere else.

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step 01


What do you want to make? Gather inspiration from designs you see online, browse our custom design gallery or create your own Pinterest board. If you have no idea where to begin, don’t worry. Our design team has decades of experience and can offer their expertise throughout the process.

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Step 02


Meet with our design team for the initial consultation. There, you can share your ideas and inspiration. Our goal will be to bring your vision to life, while also staying within budget. Once everybody is on the same page, we’ll work up a detailed sketch of your jewelry piece.

Photo of custom jewelry designer working on CAD schematics

Step 03


After the sketch is approved, we’ll add even more dimension through computer-aided design (CAD). This technology creates 3D imaging to show each and every angle of your future piece. Once you’re happy with the design, we’ll create a physical wax model. That way, you can examine the piece in person and try it on.

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Step 04


With your final approval, we’ll begin the casting and creation of your piece. Using the highest quality materials and gemstones, our jewelers will diligently craft your creation. Finally, you’ll be invited back into the store for the unveiling of your piece. Through this unique partnership, you will create a completely original work of art. Best of all, this exquisite treasure will last for generations to come, reminding you and your family of the unique sentiment behind the piece.

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