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10 Best Push Present Jewelry Ideas

Best Push Presents Ideas

Gifts start rolling in long before the new bundle of joy makes a debut. Cute little booties, perfectly matching layette sets, adorable crib sheets. Gifts for pregnant women are often more for the baby than the mom-to-be. A push gift puts the focus back on the new mom. After all, she just went through nine months of pregnancy and childbirth. She deserves something special that makes her feel cherished.

Jewelry makes the perfect push gift for a new mom. You have many choices, so you can find something that she loves regardless of her typical jewelry style. Jewelry offers a tangible reminder of the childbirth — and of your thoughtfulness — that she can wear every day. Jewelry is also easy to customize, with special touches such as birthstones and engraving to commemorate the birth. Keep reading to explore the best push present jewelry ideas for the mom-to-be in your life.

Push Presents Defined

What is a push present? Simply put, it is a gift given as a token of celebration over the birth of a baby. The gift is just for the new mom. It is something that makes her feel special and appreciated after just going through one of the most challenging and most rewarding tasks in life. Push presents, sometimes called baby baubles, aren’t a requirement, but they are a sweet surprise for the new mom after going through childbirth (plus nine months of weight gain, heartburn, nausea and exhaustion).

A push present should be heartfelt and something you want to give the new mom. Push presents often come from the new dad. After all, she did carry and deliver his child. It’s natural to honor that experience with a meaningful gift. The new grandparents may also choose to present a push gift after the birth of their grandchild. No matter who gives the push gift, the goal is to make the new mom feel loved and appreciated.

1. Birthstone Jewelry

Push present birthstone jewelry offers a personalized touch to the push gift concept. It commemorates the birth month of the newest member of the family. Each time she looks at the birthstone jewelry, she remembers the time when she became a mom. Birthstone options come in all categories of jewelry, including earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Push Present Ideas: Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry also starts a tradition for future babies. Add to her collection of birthstone jewelry to represent all of her children. If you’re buying a push gift for the last baby in the family, choose one jewelry piece that includes the birthstones for every member of the family — a necklace with small birthstone pendants for each family member or a bracelet with each person’s birthstone set in it, for example.

2. Baby-Themed Charms

Charms capture special moments throughout a mom’s life, and childbirth is no exception. It provides the perfect opportunity to add one more piece of bling to the expectant mom’s charm bracelet. If the mom-to-be doesn’t have a charm bracelet yet, now is the perfect time to get her one.

These popular bracelets hold many charms, each with special meaning. It’s like a wearable scrapbook, with each charm taking her back to the moment it represents. Plus, charm bracelets are beautiful and fun to wear. You can find a number of charms to represent the birth of a child. Some charm design ideas that work well as push present jewelry include:

  • Birthstone Charms: Charms with birthstones come in a variety of shapes. Just like general birthstone jewelry, a birthstone charm reminds the new mom of the month that changed her life. Choose a birthstone charm that fits the recipient’s style.
  • Child: To focus on the new member of the family, choose a charm in the shape of a child.
  • Initials: Represent the new member of the family by choosing a charm with the baby’s first initial. While you’re at it, give the new mom initial charms for everyone else in the family, so each member has a special place on her charm bracelet. It’s a great way to remind her that the family is growing and you’re all in it together
  • Hearts: The birth of a child multiplies the love in a family. Hearts are the perfect way to represent that love in a tangible way.
  • Baby Symbols: Look for a charm that represents the idea of babies in some way, such as a carriage.

3. Sparkling Earrings

Earrings work well as a push present because they are something the new mom can wear every day. Diamond solitaire earrings offer a classic, versatile option, but push present earrings can be any style or shape. The earrings don’t need a special connection to the birth itself. Simply receiving the earrings on the day her child is born is enough to make them special. Each time she slips them into her ears, she’ll fondly remember your love and the birth of her child.

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Push Present Ideas: A Push Necklace

4. A Glamorous Necklace

A necklace is another option that the new mom can wear frequently. Opt for a necklace with versatile styling, so she can wear it with a mix of outfits. Her personal style is an important factor in choosing the necklace push present. Imagine her reaction when she opens the necklace box to see a piece that speaks to her style. If you want to make the gift all about mom, choose a special necklace that will make her feel glamorous and loved. After changing hundreds of diapers and waking up for countless midnight feedings, she’ll want something to make her feel special.

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5. An Additional Band to Complement Her Wedding Ring

The wedding ring she wears every day represents your love and takes her back to your wedding day. It is a very important symbol to show your strength and commitment to one another. The birth of a child is just as monumental as getting married. With a new baby in the picture, that love you share continues to grow. Why not add another ring to her finger to represent that new family dynamic? Choose a band that fits beside her wedding ring, paying close attention to the style of the original band to ensure they look good together. An experienced jeweler can provide suggestions for bands that will work well. Each time she gazes at her hand, she’ll not only remember her love for you but also the growing love your family has, thanks to the birth of your new baby.

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6. Personalized Jewelry for Mom

“Mom jewelry” comes in many different styles and types, meaning you can find the perfect piece for your favorite expectant mother. Mom jewelry is basically any type of jewelry that represents a woman’s children. Examples include a necklace with a pendant for each child, a ring with a birthstone representing each child’s birth month or a bracelet with the kids’ names engraved. Many types of personalized mom jewelry let you easily add on as your family grows. Get a new personalized pendant to add to the existing necklace each time a baby is born, for example. Stacking rings also work well. This allows you to easily add to the gift with the birth of each new addition to your family. Have each ring engraved with the child’s name, or choose a ring with each baby’s birthstone. As the rings stack up, she has a special reminder of each of her children.

7. A Keepsake Locket

Lockets come in different shapes, sizes and styles, from classic and traditional to modern and edgy. Some lockets even come attached to bracelets instead of the traditional chain. A locket comes with an inherent sentimental value. It begs for a lock of the new baby’s hair or a sweet picture of the new family to hold securely inside. Another reason lockets make the list of push present ideas is the potential for engraving. A locket provides plenty of space to engrave a sentimental message, name or date. If you want to add your baby’s birth date, present the locket at the time of birth with the promise of adding the date later. If you don’t want to present an empty locket to the new mom, slip in a picture of her while pregnant. Once you get those first perfect photos of the new baby, add one to the locket. Many lockets feature a two-sided design, which allows two photos to fit inside the pendant.

8. A Designer Watch

Cell phones may be the go-to way to tell time, but an elegant designer watch is still a relevant and useful accessory in a new mom’s life. Not only will a new watch keep her on time for those pediatrician appointments and play dates, it also decorates her wrist with a sophisticated style. Choose a watch that fits her style and the way she might use it. Luminescent hands and easy-to-read numbers make the watch visible even in a dark nursery or under sleep-deprived conditions.

Push Present Ideas: Designer Watch

9. Initial Jewelry

Like a birthstone, an initial on a piece of jewelry adds a personalized touch that represents the new family member. If you already know the baby’s name, you can easily purchase a piece of jewelry with the first initial before the birth. If you want to symbolize the changing composition of your family, incorporate the initials of mom and dad as well.

10. Family Heirloom Jewelry

The birth of a child is the perfect occasion for passing on a piece of family heirloom jewelry. It is a milestone event for everyone in the family, bringing generations together to celebrate the newest addition — what a perfect time to connect to the past. A family heirloom suitable for the purpose might be a piece of jewelry a mother or grandmother received after giving birth. It could be a piece of family jewelry the mom-to-be has always admired. The specific type of jewelry isn’t as important as the sentiment behind the gift.

If the family heirloom jewelry has sentimental value, it’s sure to be a prized push gift to the new mom. Before wrapping up a family heirloom as a push gift, take it to a trusted jeweler for cleaning and any repairs that may be necessary. Jewelers can repair broken chains, damaged clasps, loose stones and any other damage to your treasured jewelry. Taking this step ensures the new mom receives a meaningful gift in pristine condition.

Bonus: A Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

Don’t forget to sweeten the deal with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. There’s nothing like beautiful blooms to brighten a hospital room. Flowers are the perfect accompaniment for a jewelry gift — unless, of course, the new mom is allergic. If she can handle the pollen, present her with a bouquet of her favorite flowers along with a beautifully wrapped box to hold her jewelry push present.

Surprise Her With a Jewelry Push Present

The key to choosing a cherished push present that gets an amazing reaction is personalizing the gift to the expectant mother’s preferences. Giving her something that truly fits her style, has a sentimental factor or represents her kids in some way shows her you are in tune with her. It makes the gift much more special, and it becomes something she can treasure for years. It may even become a family heirloom, one that is passed down when her grandchild is born.

Push Present Jewelry Considerations

An easy way to customize almost any piece of jewelry is by having it engraved. Check with your jeweler about having a custom saying, the birth date or the baby’s name engraved somewhere on the piece. When choosing a piece of jewelry as a push present for your wife, consider these factors:

  • Her Typical Wardrobe: Does she stick with a casual routine? Does she like to dress up? If she plans to return to work after the baby is born, what type of jewelry does she wear to the office? Choose a jewelry style that fits her typical clothing so she can get the most use out of it.
  • Her Jewelry Preference: Not all women wear earrings. Some women don’t like bracelets. Others love it all. If the mom-to-be in your life has a preference on the type of jewelry she wears, honor that preference when you choose her push gift. A necklace is a kind gesture, but it doesn’t have the sentimental punch if she never wears them.
  • Her Metal Preference: Is the new mom a yellow gold girl or a sterling silver fan? Perhaps she prefers white gold. Whatever her preference, stick with it when you choose her jewelry push present. If you’re not sure on her preference, peek into her jewelry box to see which metal is more plentiful.
  • Her Gemstone Style: Does your partner like gemstones, or does she prefer a stone-free design? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but only if she likes the look of the gems.
  • Her Design Preference: When you think about your significant other’s  usual jewelry selection, is it ornate or simple?
Whatever your role in the expectant mother’s life, make her baby’s birth special with a push gift. A thoughtful jewelry gift gives her a keepsake she’ll always cherish that reminds her of you and of the day that changed her life forever. Now that you know what a push present is, you’re ready to pick out the perfect gift! Head on over to any Mountz Jewelers location, and our experts will be happy to help you pick out the perfect push present. Alternatively, call us to make an appointment or contact us online!
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