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2023 Le Vian Jewelry Collections Coming Soon to Mountz Jewelers

2023 Le Vian Jewelry Collections Coming Soon to Mountz Jewelers


For centuries, Le Vian has enchanted the world with their fine collections of timeless treasures. From ancient royalty to today’s red carpet, this trendsetting jewelry brand has proven that they have something for everyone. Since the beginning, Le Vian has been renowned for beautiful innovation, vivid colors and luxurious designs… So when the Le Vian Trend Forecast for 2023 was released, we couldn’t help but fall head over heels for the latest designs. In Mountz fashion, we’ll be bringing the latest Le Vian jewelry pieces to Central PA during an exclusive two-day Le Vian Trunk Show. Before the event starts on February 1st, explore some of our favorite collections that will be on display. 





14K Honey Gold™ Pendant The Optimism collection by Le Vian


In recent years, we’ve been reminded that many things in life are beyond our control. However, remaining hopeful and confident can make a big difference during the darkest hours. The Optimism collection by Le Vian radiates with that energy, shining light towards a promising future. Each delicate design is decorated with stunning Le Vian Sunny Yellow Diamonds, reminding us of perseverance and strength. One of our favorite pieces from this collection is the 14K Honey Gold™ Pendant. This piece highlights the hard working honey bee and features Chocolate Diamonds®, Nude Diamonds™ and Blackberry Diamonds® that are set in 14K Honey Gold™.





Le Vian Ring featuring Chocolate and Nude Diamonds in 14K Honey Gold

Euphoria can be found in many ways, but there’s nothing better than indulging in rich dark chocolate. Through their collaboration with Godiva, Le Vian celebrates the luxury of chocolate and diamonds. In their Chocolate Shavings Euphoria collection, ribbons of Chocolate Diamonds® are intertwined, replicating lavish chocolate creations through an innovative approach. This extraordinary Le Vian Ring showcases this technique beautifully, highlighting their signature Chocolate and Vanilla Diamonds®. 





Le Vian Creme Brulee Earrings featuring Blueberry Tanzanite and Nude Diamonds in 14K Vanilla Gold

Practicing inner peace is vital, especially when life gets busy. Luckily, this state of calmness can be found in Le Vian’s Tranquility collection. Through an alluring mix of Periwinkle, pink and purple hues, these styles shine with gentle reminders of serenity when we need it most. One of our favorites in this collection are these Creme Brulee Earrings featuring Blueberry Tanzanite and Nude Diamonds. They’re perfect for both everyday wear and fancy occasions. 



Feel Good With Le Vian Jewelry

Looking for a little piece of heaven? Join Mountz for our exclusive Le Vian Trunk show. It’s your chance to check out the new, 2023 Le Vian collections at Colonial Park/Harrisburg on February 1st and Carlisle on February 2nd. When you make an appointment, you’ll receive a FREE 1 Carat Chocolate Quartz® gemstone. Best of all, you’ll save $500 on your purchase of $5,000 or more and $200 on your purchase of $2,000 or more. Plus, we’ll have special financing available. We can’t wait for you to discover euphoria, optimism, tranquility and more of the latest Le Vian collections during this incredible event!