Recently I’ve seen stories on national news where someone blessed with success has decided to share their fortune with others by hiding cash around their community. Or more recently, Taco Bell’s country-wide dollar bill scavenger hunt in which 11 people would be rewarded a lifetime of Taco Bell food if they locate 1 of 11 dollar bills with specific serial numbers recorded by the food franchise. The thrill of the “hunt” and the pure delight expressed by the finders of these prizes, up to this point, has seemed unattainable (unless I want to venture into the world of Geocaching, which might be a little too much for me). That was until Mountz Jewelers announced its “Celebrating 35 Years with 35 Gifts” contest today.

Starting this Monday, for the next two weeks, residents of Central PA (us!) will finally have the opportunity to participate in a local Scavenger Hunt for great prizes! In honor of their 35 year anniversary, Mountz Jewelers will hide 35 jewelry prizes valued from $35 to $100 anywhere in Cumberland and Dauphin Counties. Mountz will offer hints as to the location of the prizes on their Facebook page. It’s a finders-keepers contest, and the winners will keep their gifts, no strings attached!

The 35 prizes range from Alex and Ani bangles to PANDORA bracelets, Honora pearls, gemstone earrings and gift cards valued from $35 to $100.

For each person who finds a gift, takes a picture and tags Mountz Jewelers on Facebook or Instagram, Mountz Jewelers will make a $20 donation to the United Way. So, “like” Mountz Jewelers Facebook page, put your sneakers on and get ready to decipher some hints! You never know, you may just be one of the lucky winners. Challenge accepted!

Let us know if you’ll be one of the many to participate in the hunt. What do you hope to find? Here are some of the great free gifts Mountz Jewelers will be giving away during its Scavenger Hunt!

  • Alex and Ani Dune Wrap Bangle
  • Alex and Ani Bamboo Beaded Bangle
  • Honora Freshwater Cultured Pearl Dangle Earrings
  • MetalSmiths Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings
  • MetalSmiths Chakra Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Amethyst Stone
  • PANDORA Vintage Allure Earrings
  • PANDORA Silver Clasp Bracelet

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