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Groom placing wedding band on bride's ring finger

A Guide to Women's Wedding Bands

Wedding bands symbolize the everlasting commitment you make with your beloved. Finding that perfect band, one which resonates with your unique style and personality, while also symbolizing your union, is vital towards making your wedding day all the more memorable.

Sometimes, shopping for wedding bands can be a little overwhelming, especially with all the choices available. At Mountz Jewelers, our jewelry consultants specialize in educating clients on every possible option. That way, you get a complete look at all the different types and styles before making your pick! So, in order to give you a head start, we've profiled a few of our favorites below.

Classic Bands

If you want a timeless, traditional look, you can't go wrong with a Classic metal band. Simple, yet elegant, the Classic Band is a popular choice to symbolize undying love. This Goldman 4MM Low Dome Wedding Band is a perfect example. Crafted of lustrous 14-Karat yellow gold and with a comfort fit design, this is a fantastic choice for anyone craving a time-honored approach.

Goldman 4MM Low Dome Wedding Band

Eternity Bands

Taking the symbolism of never-ending love one step further, eternity bands are 360 degrees of shimmering diamond adornment. These bands are not only great for weddings, but also to mark special anniversaries and occasions. One of the more popular styles features a single row of diamonds, such as in this brilliant Fana Eternity Band. The diamonds are set in glimmering 14-Karat white gold, giving off a dazzling ring of shine.

Fana Eternity Band

Some eternity bands feature smaller diamonds set closely together, sometimes in rows. This results in a shimmering line of pure sparkle, known as pavé, like the Simon G Pavé Diamond Wedding Band. With 139 round diamonds set in 18-Karat white gold, this band is positively radiant.

Simon G Pavé Diamond Wedding Band

Anniversary / Multi-Gemstone Bands

While Anniversary Bands have their fair share of dazzling diamonds, they don't go all the way around, instead stopping at the halfway mark. The diamonds in an Anniversary Band can vary in size and often feature two to seven larger gemstones. In those cases, the style of band is referred to as a three-stone, five-stone, seven-stone band, etc… Anniversary and Multi-Gemstone Bands are an excellent choice for brides looking to add extra radiance to their engagement ring. Here is one of our favorites from A. Jaffe. The seven center diamonds are haloed, maximizing the brilliance of this piece.

A. Jaffe wedding band

Curved Bands

Curved wedding bands, also known as chevron bands, are made with an elegant curve on one side. They are designed to be worn comfortably alone or curve perfectly around the center diamond of your engagement ring. This Gabriel & Co. “Chambery” Wedding Band is an exquisite example.

Gabriel & Co. Chambery Wedding Band

Stackable Bands

As your relationship changes and grows, you might want your ring to reflect that. Stackable Bands are the perfect way to do so. As their name suggests, Stackable Bands can be stacked in layers and can even be part of an interlocking design. Contemporary, chic and comfortable, Stackable Bands can be purchased individually after the wedding to celebrate other important milestones such as anniversaries or the birth of a child. This stunning Henri Daussi Diamond and Blue Sapphire Band would be an ideal accessory to honor a child born in September.

Henri Daussi Diamond and Blue Sapphire Band

You could also try on this elegant Henri Daussi Delicate Diamond Pavé Band. With 25 glittering round diamonds set in 14-Karat yellow gold, this slender beauty is a wonderful way to add meaning and sparkle to your collection.

Henri Daussi Delicate Diamond Pavé Band

Custom Bands

Have an idea for the perfect wedding band, but can't find anything similar to your vision? Custom wedding bands are a great way to express a truly one-of-a-kind love. Mountz specializes in bringing your ideas to life. Whether you've got a sketch, picture or are just looking to update heirloom jewelry, we can help. Our team will work with you to make sure every piece comes out exactly how you imagined it. Even something as simple as engraved initials or words can add an extra special touch to your wedding band. Looking to incorporate an older diamond or gemstone into a new or existing wedding band? Contact us today and we'll make it happen.

Discover Your Perfect Wedding Band at Mountz Jewelers

Finding the ideal wedding band to reflect your love is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. At Mountz, we're here to make things as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our expert jewelry consultants are here to answer any of your questions and guide you through our extensive selection. So, visit us today at one of our three locations and uncover the wedding band of your dreams.