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Busting the fashion myths … we say you SHOULD wear gold and silver together!

I’m not sure why, but for many Americans, including myself, we seem to get trapped in style rules passed down to us by our Moms. But today, when reflecting on these rules, they no longer make much sense. I’m sure you’ve heard the myth ‘You can’t wear white after Labor Day!”. Or, black and brown or black and navy blue can’t be worn together. Another common myth, “You can’t mix gold and silver!” Rules of jewelry etiquette once dictated that silver jewelry be worn with silver, gold be worn with gold, and never the two shall meet. But these rules have changed. While wearing just one metallic element does give you a more traditional look, mixing them is no longer a no-no. Mountz Jewelers is making an exception to the rule.

Instead, we are mixing wallet-friendly and oh-so-shiny silver with gold for a look that is eye-catching without busting our budgets. Whether  you wear a piece of jewelry that showcases the two metals, or choose shoes or a bag in silver and gold, Mountz Jewelers supports you and this now leading fashion trend.

Some of the easiest ways to jump on the trend is to layer gold and silver bangles or wear a watch that combines white and yellow gold, help pulling your gold and silver pieces together. See some suggestions below, to help us all be fashion forward, not fashion victims.

Charles Krypell

Charles Krypell’s sterling and gold collection is versatile and wearable, complimenting both casual and formal attire. As you’ll see below, Charles combines both gold and silver in these beautifully sculptured pieces, making it very easy to mix metals. Mountz Jewelers will host Charles Krypell in person at our Mountz Jewelers Camp Hill location on Monday, December 2 and Tuesday, December 3. Come out and see these pieces and Charles in person and receive $100 towards your Charles Krypell single item purchase of $500 or more!

Charles Krypell Mothers Day Final_3.19.13.indd Charles Krypell Scroll Band Cuff featuring Sterling Silver and 18K Yellow Gold.

Charles Krypell Dangle Scroll Earrings featuring Sterling Silver and 18K Yellow Gold Charles Krypell Dangle Scroll Earrings featuring Sterling Silver and 18K Yellow Gold

Charles Krypell Scroll Ring featuring Sterling Silver and 18K Yellow Gold Charles Krypell Scroll Ring featuring Sterling Silver and 18K Yellow Gold


MICHELE timepieces combine luxury with glamor, blending timeless elegance with contemporary fashion for a classic and feminine style. In the below Serein 16 Diamond Two-Tone watch, MICHELE keeps trend with the silver and gold combination. MW21B01C5025


Founded in 1999 by Italian artist and designer, Ippolita Rostagno, she has pioneered the concept of cool fine jewelry designed to be worn every day and for all occasions. Below, you’ll see a stack of Ippolita Bangles in which we strongly suggest you mix metals.  Come in and see all the fabulous silver and gold Ippolita collection. Featuring two tone, sterling and blackened silver, 18K yellow and rose gold bangles all in which we say, wear them together! IppolitaBangles

How are you mixing your gold and silver metals? Share your fashion myth busters with us!

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