Diamond Ring Style Guide

Planning for a wedding can be one of the most exciting times of your life. All your family and friends unite for one day to witness the life-changing moment when you and your significant other say your “I dos.” Before you arrive at the altar, you have to get down on one knee first and propose. How can you pop the much-anticipated question without a beautiful ring that will caress your loved one's finger for the matrimonial journey ahead?

When shopping for an engagement ring, it's important to keep in mind that it’s more than just a mere piece of jewelry. As you get ready to reach for your coat pocket and emerge with a neatly packaged box, your girlfriend will know this is the moment. When you finally kneel down and uncover the box, let her glee turn into a bursting moment of excitement with a ring she’ll cherish forever.

So you’ve made the big decision and now you’re ready to take the next big leap. You’re sure she’s the one, but you’re still not ready to make a final commitment to the perfect ring. Make your decision a little easier by checking out our wedding ring styles guide below.

Diamond Ring Style Guide

Setting Over Size

You may be familiar with the age-old expressions bigger is better and size matters, but when it comes to your engagement ring, the setting should always be priority No. 1.

The actual diamond may be the cherry on top, but we’d say what the cherry is actually on top of matters, too. The setting of the ring is the centerpiece that will display your ring’s jewels and take the piece to the next level.

Different Types of Engagement Rings

When it comes to your bride-to-be, we’re betting you’re the individual who knows her best. You’ve familiarized yourself with her deepest passions, preferences and most importantly –– her style. Use her current fashion sense as inspiration for the ring you choose.

If you’re still unsure which type of engagement ring setting is best suited for your significant other, check out our breakdown of the various fits below:

  • Bar Setting: As the name implies, the bar-setting style places the band's stones in between two bars with multiple accent pieces in between. The bar setting is the perfect fit for anyone desiring an added stylish spin on the classic wedding band.
  • Bead Setting: If you’d consider your lady a classic-type woman, the bead setting may be just for her. With small diamonds accenting the center stone, the bead setting mimics the traditional engagement ring.
  • Bezel Setting: Bezel settings offer a chic and modernistic look with a glistening center stone held in place with a sturdy and secure bezel setting. This setting provides a snag-free design that makes it the perfect fit for any active or on-the-go woman.
  • Cathedral Setting: This setting elevates the center diamond off of the finger and resultingly draws all attention to the central diamond. The elevation can make the diamond appear larger and allows for a greater sense of grandness without the added price.
  • Chanel Setting: Chanel settings offer smaller gems embedded in the ring of the band. Because the diamonds do not protrude, this fit is best suited for any individual who desires a ring that will never disappoint.
  • Cluster Setting: A diamond doesn’t have to be huge to make a statement. Get the same wow factor with a cluster setting that mimics a flower arrangement –– the perfect fit for any style.
  • Fishtail Setting: You can never go wrong with a classic vintage-styled ring. The fishtail setting displays a quality look that’s timeless and ageless at the same time.
  • Halo Ring Setting: There’s no better fit for an angelic lady than a halo ring that complements her personality. The halo setting centers a large diamond in the middle with smaller accent pieces on the side.
  • Knife-Edge Setting: When you need a sense of classiness with a little-added flair, opt for a knife-edge setting that displays a sleek aesthetic with a tapered band.
  • Pave Setting: Taken from the French verb "to pave," the pave setting displays the ring's jewels across the band in a manner that mimics a path. Often, a more defined diamond sits in the center, which makes this cut the perfect bold statement.
  • Sidestone Setting: When you need a ring with variety, the sidestone setting is your go-to choice. Add a little panache with varying three-stone settings.
  • Solitaire Setting: Solitaire settings are guaranteed to please any bride-to-be –– they are the more popular setting, after all. This set features a thin band with a larger center diamond.
  • Twist Setting: Add a little twist with a twist setting! This band features an entwined formation that is ideally suited for anyone desiring a modernistic look.
  • Vintage Setting: Sometimes, nothing beats the artistic form of a vintage piece. This setting is perfect for any woman with a classic fashion sense.

Remember that when it comes to ring shopping, always keep your bride-to-be in mind. Once you choose the perfect setting, take the next step by selecting a quality band that will last a lifetime. At Mountz Jewelers, we offer luxury and top-quality rings that your fiancée can wear with pride. You love is for eternity, and your ring should be, too. To learn more about our products, browse our selection online or visit one of our locations today.

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