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Top 15 Spots to Take Engagement Photos Around Harrisburg, PA

Top 15 Spots to Take Engagement Photos Around Harrisburg, PA

You and your partner are ready to take the leap into marriage. To celebrate your engagement, you'll want to plan a photoshoot. Engagement photos provide the perfect way to commemorate this milestone and share the wonderful news with everyone. Since you'll look back on these photos and send them to friends and family, you want them to be stunning.

You want somewhere scenic, beautiful or special to you and your partner for these moments, but that doesn't mean you have to stress figuring out where to take engagement photos. No matter what you prefer, you'll find great spots to take engagement photos in Pennsylvania.

Harrisburg and surrounding areas have some of the top locations in Pennsylvania for engagement photography. Whether you go to Carlisle, Hershey or the neighborhoods of Harrisburg, you'll find plenty of spots for engagement photos in PA. Below you'll find a list of 15 favorite PA photography locations, which all feature gorgeous scenery.

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1. The Capitol Building

As Pennsylvania's capital, Harrisburg offers many historical sites for engagement photos. Among the most impressive spots is the Capitol Building. Whether the building has significance to you and your partner or you both enjoy historical sites and architecture, the Capitol Building makes an excellent choice. As a bonus, a visit to this one site provides a variety of backdrop potentials. At this PA photography location, take photos:

  • Inside the building
  • In front of the building
  • Behind the building in Soldier's Grove

From the back of the building, you can time your photos at sunset for a stunning sky behind you, your partner and the Capitol Building. Any time of day will get you a stunning shot though. Pose with nature in the city in Soldier's Grove, or embrace each other in front of the fountain. Use the steps and landscaping to your advantage and give your pictures something extra. Your photos will look light and airy thanks to the building's white walkways and architectural features.

Whether you and your partner hail from Harrisburg, met in the city or simply want an impressive backdrop for your engagement photos, you should start your shoot at the Capitol Building. Visit in the spring or summer for bright greenery.

2. Negley Park

When you scout the top locations in Pennsylvania for engagement photography, you can't go wrong with an option out in nature. This state offers plenty of natural spots, and Negley Park is one of the best places to take engagement photos in Harrisburg. The panoramic views throughout the park provide scenery that will make you and your partner look like you're on top of the world. It's a perfect metaphor for how the two of you feel about your engagement.

Negley park harrisburg engagement photos

Pose together and share your love in Negley Park, where you can take photos:

  • As fireworks fill the sky
  • At sunrise for a beautiful background
  • With the Harrisburg skyline behind you and your partner

The city skyline behind the two of you will add depth to your engagement photos. If the city of Harrisburg is special to you and your partner, you'll find that the view at Negley Park is as sentimental as it is stunning. Even if you and your partner don't have a particular reason for a photo session in Harrisburg, the panoramic views at this park are too amazing to miss. Explore the park any time of day or year to find new backgrounds for your engagement photos.

3. Riverfront Park

Another park in Harrisburg, this location gets you closer to the Susquehanna. If you wonder where to have engagement photos taken along the river, opt for a background that features an impressive bridge. You'll find a lovely background between the Market Street and Forester Street bridges, but there's plenty more along the trail to see.

Park in harrisburg to take engagement photos

Since Riverfront Park is popular for a bike trip, a scenic walk or a quick run, you and your partner can always scout the location before your photo session. A local photographer may also have suggestions on where and when to get enchanting engagement photos.

To get close to the river, walk along Riverfront Park's lower pathway, or choose the upper path for a different angle. Visit at sunrise or sunset to see the colorful sky reflect on the Susquehanna River and add some natural beauty to your engagement pictures. Any season will provide eye-catching scenery for your photos at Riverfront Park. Whether you want bright greens from spring and summer, warm hues of fall or enchanting snowy scenes in winter, the walkways at this park are sure to impress.

4. City Island

From Riverfront Park, walk the Walnut Street Bridge pedestrian pathway to City Island. In this area, you'll get a truly panoramic view of Harrisburg and the Susquehanna River. City Island provides more flexibility for a session at any time of day since you can move around the island for the right angle.

City island harrisburg engagement photos

If you have trouble finding where to take engagement photos in Harrisburg, start with City Island. The area combines all the potential scenery you'd find at other Harrisburg venues. If you only have time for one stop, this island is an excellent choice. City Island offers views of:

  • The Harrisburg skyline
  • Natural scenes
  • The Susquehanna River
  • The Walnut Street Bridge

Pose on or in front of the bridge for a bit of architectural detail. Get sunrise photos on one end of the island, then sunset views on the other. Vary your shots with urban backdrops and natural settings. No matter where you pose on City Island, you and your partner will have lovely engagement photos.

With its proximity to other photogenic areas throughout Harrisburg, this island ensures that you and your partner can easily location-hop during your photoshoot if you do have the time. No matter what time of day or year you visit, the array of photo possibilities on City Island is sure to please you both.

5. Wildwood Park

If you don't mind a hike to scout some locations, visit Wildwood Park at the northern edge of Harrisburg. With over 200 acres of land and a 90-acre lake, Wildwood Park offers a variety of amazing scenes for your engagement photos in PA, including:

  • Paxton Creek: The still reflections in the water could make for an array of unique engagement photos. Pose near the creek with your love and reflect on your life and future together. Your photographer is sure to snap some enchanting shots in the crystal clear water.
  • Wooden walkways: Thanks to wooden paths throughout the park, you'll have an easier time finding a spot for engagement photos. In PA, you can't go wrong with natural scenery, but a wooden walkway will add a bit of charm to your photos. Such a path is also more accessible than other natural walking trails.
  • Wildwood Lake: The area around the lake makes a wonderful backdrop. Visit during sunrise or sunset if you want a beautiful sky to complement the scenery. Scout around the lake to find the perfect angle for your engagement photos.

Wildwood Park is among the convenient one-stop locations for engagement photos in Harrisburg thanks to its array of scenic spots. You'll get different photos with charming water backdrops along with enchanting scenes filled with wood. Bundle up and take pictures during the winter for snow-covered grounds that only enhance the moment. Of course, every season will give you unique scenery, so choose whatever you and your partner enjoy the most.

6. Fort Hunter Mansion and Park

Park to take engagement photos in pa

Less than a 10-minute drive north of Wildwood Park, you'll find yet another stunning natural area that's one of the best locations in Pennsylvania for photography. Fort Hunter Mansion and Park are a popular choice for pictures, including engagement photos. The park is full of lush greenery during certain times of year and charming historic sites that make an unforgettable backdrop. With a walk around the park you'll find:

  • About 40 acres of grounds to explore
  • 10 sites on the National Register of Historic Places
  • The stunning grounds of Fort Hunter Mansion
  • The old Pennsylvania Canal Trail
  • Views along the Susquehanna River

Whether you and your partner have a fascination with historic sites or you enjoy charming scenery, an engagement photo session at Fort Hunter Mansion and Park will give you stunning results. The mansion and park are popular places for engagement photos in Harrisburg, so be sure to visit and see why.

Fort Hunter Park welcomes couples to take engagement photos just as other visitors are welcome to take pictures in the scenery. Plan your session in the fall for the ultimate rustic charm as you pose in front of historic structures. You can also get photos that feel like a fairy tale with a winter visit, or soak in the greenery during spring or summer.

7. Rockville Bridge

If you want more historical spots for engagement photos around Harrisburg, you have plenty of options. Consider Rockville Bridge, about 15 minutes north from the center of Harrisburg. You can get a great view of the bridge from Fort Hunter Park or head there for close-ups.

This architectural feat took over two years to build with 220,000 tons of stone. Rockville Bridge spans the Susquehanna River and, as a result, is the longest stone arch railroad bridge in the world. Wait until a train passes over for an eye-catching photo, or use the bridge itself as a backdrop. Either way, you'll get some amazing engagement photos from a session near this structure.

Bridges for engagement photos pa

For even more historical architecture throughout central Pennsylvania, head to more bridges. Covered bridges specifically are another addition to the list of historic, rustic and charming locations for engagement photos around Harrisburg, PA. You'll find covered bridges in several counties near Harrisburg, like:

  • Lancaster
  • Dauphin
  • Cumberland
  • Berks
  • Franklin

Covered bridges make a charming backdrop that's just right for couples who want something other than urban scenery. Drive out to the covered bridges of PA for amazing engagement pictures, and get countryside-inspired photos with added charm in fall and winter.

8. Strites' Orchard

With rustic barns and charming orchards and fields, Strites' Orchard is among some of the most lovely PA photography locations. Visit during the fall for the perfect engagement photo backdrop. Don some plaid and a pair of boots to go all out with the theme, or just let the scenery speak for itself.

If you'd like to pose with props, head to the pumpkin patch or grab a bushel of apples. The orchard's offerings will help set the autumn scene. Take a 15-minute drive east of central Harrisburg to reach this charming location, or check out other orchards in the area. Paulus Mt. Airy Orchards is half an hour south of Harrisburg. Carlisle offers similar scenery with Clair's Orchard.

For more rustic scenery, check out the nearby town of Lancaster. An hour drive east of Harrisburg will take you to rolling countrysides where you can get charming and pastoral engagement photos. Lancaster is among the most popular locations for engagement photos near Harrisburg, and with its rustic beauty, you'll certainly see why.

9. Shipoke

While you can get urban cityscapes in Harrisburg, Shipoke offers a quaint backdrop within the city. You'll find many views you'd expect to see throughout Harrisburg with the Susquehanna River bordering the neighborhood.

Shipoke is also home to some unique sights, making it one of the top places to take engagement photos in Harrisburg. Since it's the historic neighborhood of Harrisburg, its homes and buildings have the right balance of charm and rustic architecture. Located just south of downtown Harrisburg, Shipoke has plenty of scenery to offer. You can pose in front of colorful historical homes or get yet another angle of the Susquehanna.

Local photographers head to a small dam below the I-83 bridge over the Susquehanna River, which, while noisy, makes for amazing sunset photos. Take a walk around the neighborhood if you want to add some variety to your PA engagement photos, which you can certainly do in Shipoke. Visit any time of year to use charming homes, buildings and streets as engagement photo backdrops.

10. Gifford Pinchot State Park

This state park has over 3,000 acres to scout for your portraits. Gifford Pinchot State Park is about a half hour south of Harrisburg, and the short trip is well worth the views. Pose around the 340-acre Pinchot Lake or among the wooded areas.

If you and your partner like adventure, why not get involved in some activities for unique photos? At Gifford Pinchot State Park, you can get interesting photos while the two of you:

  • Take in the scenery on a hike
  • Head out on a kayak, paddleboard or canoe
  • Camp under the stars or bright blue sky
  • See what you can catch while fishing on the lake

Gifford Pinchot State Park is the perfect photography location for outdoor adventurers or those who enjoy the scenery. Whether you want unique action shots or charming, natural backgrounds, you'll get the dream shot at this Central PA location.

Visit in May for the pink hue of eastern red bud trees. They'll give your engagement photos the feeling of delicate cherry blossoms, but you and your partner won't need to scout the state for blossoming trees. You can also visit Gifford Pinchot State Park other times of the year for equally beautiful photos.

Hershey engagement photos

11. Hershey

Visit Hershey if you want places for engagement photos near Harrisburg. With a half an hour drive east of the capital, you'll be transported to the small and sweet town of Hershey, where you'll find lovely backdrops, such as:

  • Hersheypark: Have some fun in the park or use its charming landscaping for the best photo. If you and your partner have spent a lot of time in the park or you both enjoy amusement parks in general, Hersheypark will be a fun place for you to take unique and pretty engagement photos.
  • Hershey Gardens: With over 20 acres of plants, trees, flowers and sculptures, Hershey Gardens is a must. It's right across the street from Hersheypark, making it a convenient location no matter where you plan to take photos in Hershey. Visit in the spring to pose in front of colorful tulips, the summer for romantic roses or the fall for warm hues of foliage and mums.
  • Founders Hall: Located at Milton Hershey School, this building features mid-century architecture and scenic grounds. You'll find a variety of backgrounds, colors and textures to use for engagement photos here.

While a visit in the spring or summer will help you take advantage of the flowering scenery, there's plenty to see in the fall and winter as well. The grounds of Milton Hershey School will be quiet and snow-covered, and Hersheypark lights up with more than 4 billion lights in the winter. No matter when you visit for a photography session, you'll want to pose in front of countless sights in Hershey.

12. Camp Hill

Camp Hill is a charming town a few miles from Harrisburg. If you like the feeling of Shipoke in Harrisburg, consider visiting this equally inviting town. It's a great option for couples who want to get out of the city to find unique backdrops. You can visit any of the following locations for a photography session:

The parks and gardens throughout Camp Hill present the natural setting you want for your engagement photos in PA.

Camp Hill is also perfect for street photos. Nothing is more charming than the streets of a small town, so embrace your partner or hold hands as you walk down the street into your future together.

Kings Gap Park

13. Kings Gap Park

Head 30 minutes south of Carlisle for another natural expanse. At Kings Gap Park and Environmental Education Center, you can pose with scenery like:

Find the panoramic views with a hike or convenient drive on the winding road that leads to the Cameron/Masland Mansion. At the mansion, take pictures around its grounds for a historical addition to your engagement photos. Kings Gap is open year-round, so you can get great photos any season.

14. Children's Lake

To find more locations for engagement photos in PA, head 15 minutes south of Carlisle to Children's Lake. This man-made lake features clear, sparkling water that's stunning in any photo. With seven acres of lake to work with, your photographer is sure to find the desired angle. Along with providing such scenery, Children's Lake will also give you opportunities to take pictures with:

  • A boat trip
  • A fishing adventure
  • The array of resident birds

Children's Lake, like other parks in PA, offers outdoor adventures that would make for unique engagement photos. Skip the adventure for simple yet stunning outdoor photos surrounded by nature. You can even rent the gazebo by the lake for more photo opportunities. Scout the park for other features, like weeping willows or the appropriately named Lover's Walk.

Children's lake

Your photographer will surely come up with an array of picture ideas with the inspiration at Children's Lake. Since the location is open year-round, you can get lush photos in spring or summer and rustic scenery in fall or winter.

15. Pine Grove Furnace State Park

Less than half an hour from Carlisle, Pine Grove Furnace State Park sits at the northern tip of the Blue Ridge Mountains. With almost 700 acres to check out, the park has something to please any couple. Visit in any season for photo opportunities at sites throughout the park, including:

  • Two different sand beaches
  • Lake Fuller or Laurel Lake
  • Part of the Appalachian Trail
  • A bike ride on the rail trail
  • Swimming in or boating on one of the two lakes

Pine Grove Furnace State Park offers recreational activities for a photoshoot in a natural oasis. With two lakes to choose from, you're sure to get amazing engagement photos at this PA park.

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