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How to Match Your Jewelry to Your Dog

If you are like most dog lovers, you obsess over your pooch more than you’d like to admit. Or perhaps you love letting everyone know how your pup is the best thing in the world. You wake up together, play outside, cuddle, go for walks, eat dinner at the same time and even eat a few extra treats when no one is looking.

You know all their secrets, and they know all yours — just how BFFs should be! You could say they are an extension of your family, but we all know they are closer to you than your aunt who lives across the country.

The only thing that could make the relationship better for you and your furry best friend is if you wear jewelry that matches him or her. Yes! Whether you want to accessorize with a ring that looks like your dog or wear a bracelet to remind you of your unconditional love, Mountz Jewelers has what you need.

No matter what you and your four-legged friend love to do, we can guess they are a bright ray of sunshine in your life. You can wear our Dog Fever brand of jewelry in public to show your love and devotion to your puppy. Matching jewelry is a charming and endearing twist on best friend jewelry. You can take on the look of your pooch in the form of a pendant or as a money clip. You can even accessorize with one of our bracelets to match their collar.

Matching Dog-and-Owner Accessories at Mountz Jewelers

Mountz Jewelers offers a full line of owner accessories that can match various breeds — ranging from beagles and boxers to German shepherds, Labrador retrievers and French bulldogs. We craft jewelry such as:

  • Bracelets
  • Earring studs
  • Money clips
  • Pendants
  • Rings

No matter if you love to wear rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets of your pooch, Mountz professionals can create the cutest jewelry so you can always be matching with your dog.

Every Dog Has a Special Place in Your Heart

Big or small, long-haired or short, slobbery or maintained, every pooch holds a piece of their owner’s heart. But nothing is worse than when you have to leave the endless snuggles and playtime because you’re working, running errands or taking a trip.

Mountz Jewelers' Dog Fever brand can remind you of your best friend no matter where you go.

However, Mountz Jewelers’ Dog Fever brand can remind you of your best friend no matter where you go. Take a look at the different breeds of dog jewelry we offer and start thinking of how you want to show off your pup to your friends, family and co-workers!


Beagles sniff their way through life — and into your heart! Often bred for tracking small game like rabbits, beagles are adorable companions for adults and children. While they are super fun and loving, they also require a little more TLC with training techniques because they can be quite stubborn — but not so stubborn you won't fall for their puppy-dog eyes each time.

Remind yourself of their sniffing noses and cute cuddles by wearing our beagle ring designed to fit your lifestyle. Our hug ring made of sterling silver will have everyone asking about your precious pooch.


Known as a working dog, Bernese pups love to take on the dirty work. But if they aren’t doing that, they are the perfect, loyal companions who also serve as excellent watchdogs. Bernese have a calm disposition which makes them ideal for families with children or if you need a loving pooch to snuggle with each night.

Mountz Jewelers offers Bernese rings made of sterling silver. Even though your four-legged friend can do well working out in the field, they do an even better job working their way into your soul.

Boston Terrier

Have you ever heard of Boston terriers referred to as an “American gentleman”? Well, it’s for a good reason, because they have markings similar to a tuxedo that will melt you to pieces. With their huge puppy eyes and debonair style, you would never imagine their early origins as fighting dogs. Today, they are more known for their gentle affection.

Wearing a Dog Fever collection ring is an excellent way to share your affection for your dog.

Boston terriers are fantastic companions, so wearing a sterling silver ring from our Dog Fever collection is an excellent way to share your affection toward your classy pooch.


Boxers are one of the more rambunctious breeds that often require a lot of attention and exercise. They are playful pups who love to romp around, but can become more mature as they grow into their middle ages. At that point, they are more calm and dignified. Boxers are loyal companions and are often protective when another dog of the same sex is around.

Playing and jumping through the house will have them bouncing their way into the best friend zone of your life. You can choose between a Mountz ring or money clip styled to match your protective canine. Both made of sterling silver, they are the perfect accessory pieces.

Bull Terrier

Distinguished by their egg-shaped head, bull terriers have a sweet temper, but can also clown around to have fun and are a bit rowdy at times. They are strong dogs that are forceful and muscular since they were first bred as fighting dogs. Today, they fit well into active families, because they always have a high level of energy. Taking a walk or playing with their favorite ball will keep them entertained.

It’s easy to see how bull terriers find their way into your everyday lifestyle, and do so even more with Mountz Jewelers’ Dog Fever ring! You can admire your four-legged friend all day with our sterling silver wrap ring!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

While the Cavalier King Charles spaniel sounds dignified enough to live in a castle, the pup loves to get outside and be athletic. From chasing birds to hiking and playing agile sports like flyball, this breed of spaniel also acts as a companion to any owner. They are incredible family pets and make excellent therapy dogs, as well.

If you want to remember their cute personality and loving affection on a daily basis, a Mountz ring is a perfect option. Wrapped around your finger as a ring and in real life, your Cavalier King Charles spaniel will be with you no matter what.


Small, yet bold, is the best way to describe a chihuahua. With their charming tiny size and audacious personalities, the breed comes in a variety of coats and colors. Surprisingly, chihuahuas are one of the top 10 watchdogs because of their spunky characters. They require minimum grooming, which may be a plus in your eyes, too! They can’t stand being alone, so they will be the perfect cuddle buddies whenever you need.

Our Chihuahua rings serve as a cute reminder of how precious your tiny tot can be.

Check out our chihuahua rings, which serve as cute reminders of how precious your tiny tot can be.


Known as the classic “wiener dog,” dachshunds have the cutest charm to their personalities and are braver than one may think, compared to their petite size. The pooches are curious and often love to know what’s going on at all times of the day. Dachshunds enjoy playtime and have a spunky sense of humor. They devote themselves to their family and enjoy another dog companion.

Choose between a fashionable Mountz ring and bracelet to show off your adorable wiener dog so everyone can ask to see real-life pictures and gawk over their cuteness.

English Bulldog

Although you may often see an English bulldog taking a snooze on the couch — perhaps with a bit of drool coming from their mouth and some snoring — you can’t help but fall in love with their face full of wrinkles. The dogs are gentle and loving companions and are wonderful with children. They are one of the most friendly and pleasant breeds. English bulldogs enjoy an occasional walk and are frisky at a young age.

Despite their gloomy face, the bulldog will have you tied around their finger — or should we say paw pad? Either way, you can show off your cuddly pooch with our Dog Fever jewelry by wearing a ring, pendant or earrings.

French Bulldog

People sometimes refer to bulldogs as "stud muffins," and it’s easy to see why — especially when it comes to Frenchies. With their adorable scrunched-up faces and spunky demeanor, French bulldogs are an excellent companion. Also known as a show dog, the pooches are ideal for families because they are kind to everyone. Puppies are frisky, while playful, and more mature pups are still comical and entertaining.

Despite their extra layers of chunk, you will have to keep up with your adorable Frenchie. Take a look at our rings, pendants and earring studs to remind you of how cute your furry best friend is.

German Shepherd

German shepherds are one of America’s most famous dog breeds for their obedience, focus, courage and lifelong devotion to their owners. As your faithful companion, German shepherds have the unmatched courage to protect you and are intelligent enough to be an outstanding working dog. Whether you ask them to be a family friend or take a job in search and rescue, military service, police or drug detection, shepherds remain devoted to you no matter what.

Remind yourself how incredible your pooch is with Dog Fever cuff links.

Remind yourself of how versatile and incredible your pooch is by wearing a Mountz ring, pendant or earrings. You can also flaunt a German shepherd money clip with a few pics of your loving pup, too.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. They make wonderful family pets that are friendly and tolerant around young children. Originally bred as hunting dogs, these intelligent pooches also make outstanding working dogs and excel at retrieving anything you throw, hence their name. And let’s not forget how good they are at retrieving your love! Golden retrievers are natural athletes, good at sniffing and tracing and also make excellent therapy dogs due to their sweet personalities.

Retrieve a Mountz Jewelers ring from our Dog Fever brand to keep your best friend close throughout the day.

Labrador Retriever

Nothing says “man’s best friend” like a Lab. Happiest when they are with their family, Labrador retrievers are friendly companions and are also loving, happy and patient with children. They are by far America’s most famous breed of dog and are good-natured at heart. Known as a fisherman’s helper and working dog, Labs can retrieve fish, ducks, nets, ropes and other items. The canine can also work as an assistant to disabled people and as a search-and-rescue dog.

Not only will Labradors run to the door and greet you each time, but they will also run into your heart with a ton of love. With our rings, pendants or bracelets, you can keep your BFF close with you at all times.


Maltese are gentle creatures, but are also fearless. With their spectacular white coats, they look like they belong to royalty. The canines are happy to meet everyone and like to make friends because socializing is vital for their upbringing. The Maltese breed is vigorous and excellent at competing in agility sports, and they enjoy clever games. Some are confident, while others have a more cautious personality.

In the most likely case you’re already wrapped around their fingers, invest in a Mountz sterling silver wrap ring to remind yourself of your cuddly BFF.


Elegant, proud and bright, poodles don’t stand up to the stereotype of being a sissy breed. In fact, the canines are bright and eager to excel in different obedience training techniques. They are best-in-show winners and one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Poodles are an affectionate family dog that is easy to train because they pay close attention to their owners and learn fast. They even have the most hypoallergenic coat, which is a plus if anyone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma.

Share your obsession with your fluffy poodle by wearing a ring or bracelet from Mountz Jewelers’ Dog Fever collection. Choose between sterling silver or enameled sterling silver ring, or even pick our adjustable pull-cord bracelet.


Pugs have a lot of dog in such a small body! With their sturdy and compact size, they also have no fear of showing off and being playful. The pups have a great sense of humor and are often childlike. But with their large eyes and short face come plenty of cute snorts and grunts. Pugs thrive on human companionship, which makes them perfect for any family.

Matching dog and owner accessories allow you to keep them close to your heart.

If you adore their playful personalities and cute, stubby legs, you will love our bracelets, earring studs, pendants and rings. All made of sterling silver, our accessories will keep them close to your heart.

Shih Tzu

Also known as the “little lion,” Shih Tzus are major lovers who are the opposite of any hunting dog. Their breed doesn’t uphold too many fierce qualities, as they are bred to be your sole BFF. Shih Tzu dogs are affectionate, as well as outgoing and happy. They will adore you to the point of following you from the kitchen to dining room.

When your dog is your best friend, the relationship calls for unique jewelry such as our bracelets and rings.


Weimaraners, also known as the “silver ghost,” can handle big game such as deer and love hunting — they can especially hunt down your heart! With their elegant coats and high energy, the breed is ideal for families that like to stay active. Whether you go for runs or hikes, the exuberant pups love to get outside. Weimaraner dogs don’t like being left alone and need an owner who can be a strong leader, since the pooches can be a bit headstrong at times.

Capable of learning an array of things, your four-legged friend would be happy to know you have a ring of him or her from Mountz Jewelers. Made of sterling silver, our rings are the perfect reminder of how much you love your companion.

West Highland Terrier

Westies are the perfect combination of bold spunk and happiness to keep you cheerful at all times. They have a sense of confidence and are full of self-esteem. Although they regard themselves at a high level, West Highland terriers are easy to handle — except when it comes to chasing rats and rodents! The breed is also a bit stubborn, but that’s the nature of a terrier.

Wear our sterling silver ring to show off your pooch to all your friends, family members and co-workers. They will be gawking at the beautiful design, as well as your adorable puppy pics.

Yorkshire Terrier

With the nickname “Yorkie,” these canines have significant personalities for such a little body. Although they can be a tad bossy and feisty at times, Yorkshire terriers can be a loving friend to any owner. They love to trot around the yard, check out new smells and chase small insects — because anything bigger may not be a good match! The pups get along well with other pets and are the perfect lap dog.

A Yorkie ring is the perfect accessory to show off your four-legged friend!

Mountz Jewelers offers Yorkie rings you can wrap around your finger. It’s the perfect accessory to show off your four-legged friend, and the perfect reminder of how much you adore them!

Mountz Jewelers’ Dog Fever Collection

Mountz offers custom jewelry designed to fit your lifestyle, whether you have a few loyal companions or one fury best friend. Not only do we provide extraordinary products and services, but we also strive to give you unprecedented value and an outstanding in-store experience. Mountz Jewelers professionals offer you the finest quality for your money and listen to your exact needs.

Buy matching jewelry from our Dog Fever brand today, and trust your special moments to Mountz!