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Men’s Wedding Bands 101

Ladies, please remember it takes two to make that long awaited trip down the aisle and to ensure the happiest day for both bride and groom, your gentleman should be wearing a wedding band that he’s also happy to commit to for decades to come. Just like women, what men wear makes a statement and as men’s styles in clothing, shoes and jewelry become more fashion forward there are many options for men in the wedding band department.

To help narrow the field of choices, consider your guy’s everyday style. Is he laid-back and reserved or is he a little more flashy and outgoing? Not all wedding bands are created equal and therefore different bands for different men. So before you start the hunt we have compiled a list of what we believe are some of the most popular men’s wedding band styles and the personalities they may best suit.

Dome Bands

Dome BandThis ring will be the only piece of jewelry my guy will wear till death do us part! If the man in your life just isn’t into wearing jewelry for any occasion, we suggest you consider a domed wedding band which is a very classic and traditional choice. You can select a domed wedding band in a variety of metals, widths and weights.

Flat Bands

Flat BandMy man may not wear a lot of jewelry but he’s open to something unique within reason! Another nice choice for the traditional guy who may be a bit more modern is a flat wedding band. With squared-off sides, these bands look sleek and modern and fit a man who may have a little more edge. Flat bands are also available in a variety of metals and widths.

Patterned Bands

Patterned BandMy soon to be hubby likes to stand out and will want to flash a little bling in his ring! Staying traditional, with a twist, is a nice option for a man who is looking for something a little different. Two-toned rings are made from two different metals or an oxidized look like the ring featured below can create a number of patterns and therefore a different look.   

TACORI is available at our Colonial Park store. To see other TACORI men’s wedding bands visit TACORI’s website and let our Colonial Park store know what you like. They can help get it for you!

Gemstone Bands

Gemstone BandDiamonds are of course the most popular gemstone to be featured in a man’s wedding band but sapphires, rubies and other precious stones are also available as well. We do want to note, that Gemstone Bands do require more care then the bands previously mentioned. Stones can be easily damaged and therefore if your future hubby works with his hands, they may not be the choice for him.      


Men’s Wedding Band Metal Review

For some men, the metal of their wedding band is actually the top priority and to help decipher what might be best suited for his wallet and everyday activities, here’s a quick metal overview.

Sterling Silver (precious metal)

Sterling Silver is the least expensive of all the metals but by itself is a fairly soft metal, so it’s often mixed with other metals to make it more durable. Regardless, sterling is still prone to dents and nicks and requires regular polishing.

Platinum (precious metal)

Platinum is a silver-colored metal that’s often described as white and holds the distinction of being the most valuable of all the precious metals. Platinum wedding bands are fashionable, more durable and more valuable than sterling silver also making them more expensive. Platinum rings are also more prone to scratches that can be buffed out if needed.

Palladium (precious metal)

Palladium is a precious metal that is known as Platinum’s cousin. It shares many of the same characteristics as Platinum but often costs less.


Tungsten is a highly durable, scratch-resistant metal that is also inexpensive. Its dark gray color is appealing to men who don’t truly prefer silver or gold but it is a little heavier then silver and could be uncomfortable for men who don’t often wear jewelry.


Titanium is a light weight metal that is also unbreakable which makes it a nice choice for active men who don’t want to be concerned about hurting their wedding band. It has an industrial finish which causes it not to be too shiny while being an affordable metal.

Gold (precious metal)

Gold has long been the traditional choice for men’s wedding bands and therefore offers many style options in rings. Gold can be easily polished to a shiny finish and is a relatively valuable precious metal but still affordable and is easily maintained even on active hands.

Ask any one of our Mountz associates about styles and metals and they will help you find the perfect men’s wedding ring.

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