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Quiz: What’s Your Proposal Style?

Quiz: What’s Your Proposal Style?

Each relationship is unique, with its own delightful quirks and imperfections. So, when it’s time to think about marriage, it makes sense that the proposal would be as singular as the people involved. At Mountz Jewelers, we have the pleasure of meeting new couples every day. We've learned that each couple has their own signature style. We can even guess what kind of proposal they might have based on their style. That's why we've designed this quiz to reveal your one-of-a-kind proposal. Jot down your answers and tally them up at the end to reveal your results.

1. How do you and your beloved like to spend your weekends together?

  1. Hanging out and catching up on our favorite TV shows.
  2. Hitting the trails and enjoying the great outdoors.
  3. Relishing a delicious new dish at a restaurant we’ve never visited before.
  4. Something big and bold, like skydiving!

2. What kind of music do you both enjoy?

  1. Calming music which has a nice low-key vibe to it.
  2. We both prefer to listen to the sound of the wind through the trees.
  3. Something classical is always satisfying.
  4. We listen to anything as long as it’s LOUD.

3. You’re on a trip together and get lost. What do you do?

  1. Use Google Maps to find our way.
  2. Bust out the ol’ compass and navigate using the sun and stars.
  3. Find the nearest cafe and ask the locals.
  4. We don’t get lost. We have a chauffeur.

4. When you order a pizza together, what are the toppings?

  1. We are simple people who like plain old cheese or pepperoni.
  2. Vegan cheese, olives, and onions for us, please.
  3. Pineapple and bacon, what else?
  4. Truffle and caviar.

5. If you won the lottery, what would you do with that money?

  1. Buy a nice little cottage and put aside money for saving.
  2. Donate money to a wildlife preserve or a zoo.
  3. Buy a restaurant.
  4. We’d totally splurge on a private jet.

6. Favorite movie genre to watch together?

  1. Oh, anything really. We’re kind of TV and movie junkies.
  2. We don’t watch too many movies. We can’t stand still that long to be honest!
  3. Mostly dramas but sometimes comedies hit the spot.
  4. Anything with lots of action and shiny things to look at.

7. Which pet do you prefer?

  1. Fish. They’re pretty low maintenance.
  2. Dogs. We could load them in the car and take them on adventures with us.
  3. Cats. They’re majestic yet self-sufficient. Plus, they’re picky eaters.
  4. All of the above, as long as it’s exotic or has a fantastic pedigree.

8. What’s your dream honeymoon?

  1. Something simple, like a quiet weekend getaway.
  2. Skiing in the mountains.
  3. Eating our way through every restaurant in Paris.
  4. Sipping Mai Tai’s on the beaches of Fiji, baby.

9. What’s your opinion on sandals and socks?

  1. If it’s comfortable and you like it, why not?
  2. Hmm, not the best combination for camping and hiking.
  3. That seems a little too casual for us.
  4. Are you JOKING? We wouldn’t be caught dead wearing socks and sandals.

10. Pick the fortune cookie quote that best defines your relationship.

  1. Your love will always be in the place where you left it.
  2. An adventurous heart will sweep you off your feet.
  3. Your romance is destined to be deeply satisfying.
  4. Always gamble everything when it comes to love and life.

All done? Okay, drumroll please! Here are your answers.

If you answered mostly A’s: Your proposal style is low-key and down-to-earth. You’re definitely NOT into grand gestures, but about small, intimate shared moments. Think about taking your lady on a picnic to the park and popping the question when it’s just the two of you. Why not try this gorgeous Gabriel & Co “Robin” Ring on for size?

If you answered mostly B’s: Boy, you two LOVE the outdoors, don’t you? From hiking to kayaking, you can’t get enough of mother nature. Your proposal should definitely be from the top of a mountain, taking in all the beauty and wonders of nature as you take your relationship to stunning new heights. Let this brilliant Scott Kay Blue Sapphire Diamond Bypass Engagement Ring reflect the moment forever.

If you answered mostly C’s: You are both foodies at heart and you love a splash of culture. The perfect place for you to propose would be in your favorite restaurant over a delicious meal. There’s nothing like infusing the enchantment and excitement of a proposal with flavors that make the palate rejoice. This Hearts on Fire Transcend Single Halo Semi-Mount Ring would make a delectable accompaniment.

If you answered mostly D’s: You are definitely a “go big or go home” couple. Everything you do is grand and that’s the way you like it. Your proposal must therefore be EPIC. Think: proposing under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, doing a private helicopter tour of Hawai’i, or hiring a private chef for a romantic dinner. The sky’s the limit. If you want a sparkler to match, check out this sensational Henri Daussi Cushion Halo Split Shank Engagement Ring.

Find Your Mountz Moment

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