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Spring Bridal Ideas

Pretty pastels, delicate florals, budding nature: spring comes to life with nearly endless inspiration for your wedding. A spring wedding lets you take advantage of the warming weather while enjoying the slightly lower costs that come with having an off-season wedding. Since “wedding season” usually runs from late spring to early fall, you can find deals on vendor pricing if you get married earlier in spring. Check out these spring wedding ideas to start coordinating your look, from the flowers and centerpieces to the bridal gown and wedding jewelry.

Wedding season typically runs from late spring to early fall.

Wedding Color Schemes for Spring

Think pastels and metallic when it comes to your spring-wedding color scheme. Light shades of yellow, pink, lavender, green and blue fit perfectly into the spring months. If you’re not a pastel person, don’t worry — bold colors can look just as good for a spring wedding. After all, Mother Nature creates many vivid hues in spring blooms. Bright jewel tones often steal the show at spring weddings. You don’t have to stick to just one bold color. Pairing two pastels or two bold colors often creates a stunning look.

If you like a little shine in your life, sprinkle in some metallic accents to balance out the main pastel color. Tones like copper and rose gold fit a modern wedding theme and add a glam edge to the affair. If you prefer to stick with tradition, add touches of gold or silver. Incorporate the metallic tones in foil on your invitations, decorative elements in the centerpieces and your jewelry. For brides who want a little less glitz, neutral colors like cream, grey and taupe offer the same balancing effect without being too sparkly.

Spring-Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations set the stage for the event. Reflect the spring theme in the color palette and designs you choose for the invites. Pastel colors from your color scheme help tie the invitations to the event. Watercolor backgrounds and designs are fitting for spring weddings. If you go with the always-acceptable floral theme, choose lighter blooms for a springy feel. For a creative incorporation of flowers and newly growing plants, print your spring wedding invitations on seed paper. After the big day, your guests can plant their invitations to grow flowers.

The envelopes can also add to the spring look. Foil-lined envelopes pull in the metallic tones from your color scheme. Another option is to include the watercolor idea on the envelope lining or go bold with colored envelopes instead of the classic white or cream.

Spring Bridal-Gown Trends

Choosing your bridal gown is all about expressing your style with something that makes you feel beautiful on your special day. While anything goes for bridal gowns, some common trends go well with springtime weddings. When you think of spring, you often think of breezy and beautiful, so incorporating those details into your dress makes it perfect for your spring wedding.

One way to achieve the look is with a flowy, romantic dress style. Look for a dress with elegant detailing, such as delicate crystals, with a flowing skirt that gives the dress some movement. Cascading ruffles add feminine detailing with a flowing look.

Floral detailing also works well for spring weddings. If you’re looking for something unique and modern, consider a floral-print dress for your big day. If you prefer something more traditional, look for a dress with floral detailing in the lace overlay or bead detailing. Three-dimensional floral details pop and give your dress a bit of texture. You can also incorporate floral details in your hairpiece or veil.

Illusion necklines that feature lace or sheer fabric also fit the spring-wedding-gown style. Other trendy accents for spring wedding dresses include pearl accents, sheer gloves, allover beading, fluttery sleeves and large statement bows.

Depending on the climate where you live, you may want a coverup for your arms, especially if you go with a strapless or sleeveless gown. A bridal shawl or wrap to cover your shoulders takes the chill off if your wedding falls on a cool day.

Jewelry for a Spring Wedding

Your bridal gown is, of course, the star of the show, but your wedding jewelry is the icing on the cake, and it sets off your look. The perfect jewelry pieces show off your style and add extra little touches that make you feel beautiful. Wedding jewelry typically involves one or two signature pieces that stand out. If you go too big, it can take over your look. Consider the following jewelry options:

The wedding ring is the most important piece of wedding jewelry.

1. Wedding Rings

One of the most important pieces of wedding-day jewelry is the wedding ring. You likely already have your engagement ring, but you may still be wondering what to pair with it for your wedding band. Consider something unique and trendy by choosing a wedding band with colored stones. Go with all colored gemstones, or opt for a mix of traditional diamonds and colored stones.

2. Bridal-Gown Accessories

Once you secure your wedding bands, it’s time to think about accessorizing your bridal gown. Floral designs are a common thread throughout spring wedding planning, and jewelry is no exception. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets with flower-like designs add a fun, spring-like look to your gown. Leaves and vine detailing are other options. Go for classic diamonds, or opt for floral jewelry in hues from your wedding color palette. Stones that work well in spring wedding jewelry include pink tourmaline, citrine, amethyst and aquamarine.

3. Pearls

Pearls are always classy and appropriate for a spring wedding. They work well with the softer color palettes common in spring weddings. You can go with a traditional strand of pearls or something more modern with pearl accents on the earrings, necklace or bracelet. Traditional white or cream-colored pearls pair well with almost any clothing. For something unique, consider pearls in other colors like black, chocolate, pink or gold.

4. Statement Jewelry

If you want a bold jewelry look on your wedding day, choose a pair of statement earrings that complement your dress. Statement earrings are big and bold with lots of detailing, and they draw attention to your face. Chandelier-style earrings work well for accenting your bridal gown. If you’re worried about the weight pulling on your ears, choose a statement necklace instead. A chunky necklace with gorgeous baubles draws attention to the neckline.

Use statement earrings to create a bold look.

Minimalist brides don’t need to give in to the big, bold statement pieces if it doesn’t feel natural. Simple, dainty jewelry pieces work just as well for spring-wedding appearances. Choose a simple chain with a unique look to accent your neckline, or stick with traditional stud earrings. A perk of going with a minimalist wedding-jewelry approach is the ability to wear the pieces again with everyday style.

No matter what type of jewelry pieces you choose, consider the metal option for a spring-like air. Rose gold is a suitable option because it offers the rosy tone that makes you think of spring. You can still choose rose-gold accessories for your wedding day even if your wedding band is a different metal.

Spring Wedding-Party Fashion

The bride’s look usually takes the stage, but you want your leading ladies and men to look just as sharp for your spring nuptials. The bride normally chooses the overall color scheme and her dress first before moving on to the bridesmaid dresses. Having those decisions in place makes it easier to select dresses that coordinate well.

Pastel colors often show up in the bridesmaid fashion. You can choose one color for all the bridesmaids, alternate between two colors or let the bridesmaids each decide on their own color from an approved palette. One way to have a unified look while still giving your best ladies some choice in what they wear is to choose the color and let them decide on the style.

The beautiful blooms that make an appearance in springtime also lend inspiration to spring-wedding fashion. While brides often stick to traditional white, cream or other solid-colored dresses, you can bring in your favorite floral prints on the dresses for your bridesmaids. Even the men can get in on the floral action with floral-print ties, pocket squares or vests.

Spring begs for lighter fashion for the groom and his groomsmen. You can go with the traditional black tux for a formal spring wedding, but lighter suits or tuxes pair well with the season’s brighter color scheme. Tan and light gray work well for spring weddings. Add some color to the men’s outfits with pastel bows, ties, vests or pocket squares.

Another option for a casual spring wedding is the seersucker suit. The subtle patterning on the seersucker suit gives the groomsmen a fashionably modern twist with a bit of a playful touch. Plus, seersucker is a lighter fabric that keeps the groomsmen comfortable throughout the wedding activities on a warm spring day.

Spring Flowers for Weddings

Spring and flowers go together naturally, so many spring brides go over the top with pastel blooms and greenery. Opting for flowers that are in season not only emphasizes spring, but it also keeps your wedding flowers more affordable. Couples typically spend about eight percent of the wedding budget on flowers, so choosing ones that grow locally in the spring can make that budget go further. Good in-season choices for bouquets and table decorations include lilacs, tulips, peonies and hyacinths. Traditional roses also go well with the spring blooms.

Use local flowers to help your budget go further.

Spring wedding bouquets are often full of large, vivid blooms. Mix several types in different colors like pink, lavender and coral. Greenery tucked into the bold blooms adds some contrast. If you prefer a monochromatic look, choose one primary color for all the flowers.

Spring-Wedding Centerpieces

The centerpieces anchor your table decorations, so don’t be afraid to go bold. Low centerpieces work well because they make it easy to have conversations. If you want drama, opt for tall, skinny vases with tall flowering branches so your guests can still see each other across the table. Cherry blossoms, forsythia and other blooming branches make a beautiful accent on long dining tables. For a bold impression, drape greenery along long tables, and tuck the colorful flowers in it.

Work with the floral and gardening theme in your presentation by using planter-style containers for the blooms. Another option for a casual or rustic wedding is to gather blooms in mason jars or groupings of eclectic glass vases. Doing so makes a whimsical impression, as if you just plucked the blooms from the garden. Use a wood slice as a natural element in the centerpieces.

Eliminate the worry of blocked sight lines by using hanging décor, a growing trend with dangling blooms, vines, lights, greenery wreaths and other decorations hanging above the tables in lieu of bulky centerpieces. You can still have small groupings of blooms or candles on the table if you prefer.

Wedding-Cake Ideas for Spring

Look up with your spring wedding-cake design — tall cakes with lots of tiers are popular for brides. Get more height by ordering a cake with columns between the layers. Don’t like the look of columns? Ask your baker to tuck fresh spring blooms between the layers to hide the supports.

When it comes to designs, anything goes, as long as it fits with your spring-wedding palette and general theme. Some brides go traditional with loads of sugar blooms and thick fondant. Spring wedding cakes usually stick with the pastel palette to reflect the season.

Anything goes when it comes to wedding cake design.

Another growing trend for spring weddings is the naked cake. It’s not as scandalous as it sounds. Naked wedding cakes feature exposed cakes with just a bit of frosting between the layers. They often have simple decorations along the layers, such as sugared fruit or flowers. This wedding cake option has a natural look that fits in well with a spring wedding.

Choosing the flavor is another fun part of ordering your spring wedding cake. You can always go with traditional vanilla or chocolate, but it’s also fun to pull in the flavors of the season. Fruity cakes work well. Choose a berry-flavored cake, or use the in-season berries as a fruity filling between cake layers. Lemon cake pairs well with berry fillings. Try raspberry filling with a chocolate cake for a mix of traditional and trendy. If you can’t decide, opt for different flavor combinations on each layer.

Spring-Wedding Decoration Ideas

You don’t have to look far to find spring-decoration inspiration. We already covered flowers, which do a great job of making your reception look and smell amazing. Spring offers some other touches that fit well with your wedding décor.

One option is to take the spring-showers theme literally. Decorative umbrellas suspended from the ceiling create a gorgeous canopy for your wedding reception. Choose umbrellas or parasols in pastels from your wedding color scheme, or go for a floral theme. Add battery-powered lights inside the umbrellas for a romantic glow.

Another growing trend for spring weddings is the floral wall. Think of it as the ultimate wedding-photo backdrop. Many brides want dramatic focal points in the wedding decorations, and natural elements are a perfect fit for spring. Combine the two into a large wall covered in moss and flowers.

Arches also work well for spring weddings. Whether you have your ceremony indoors or outdoors, stand beneath a decorated arch as you exchange vows. Add seasonal flowers and greenery to decorate the arch.

Coordinate Your Spring-Wedding Look

With pastels, florals and decorative inspiration, spring is an ideal time to get married. The season offers so much inspiration that it’s easy to find décor, fashion and other wedding details that fit your personality. When it comes to your wedding jewelry or your bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts, Mountz Jewelers is an ideal choice for quality pieces that fit everyone’s style. Find a Mountz Jewelers location near you and get assistance from our team of specialists. They can help you select the perfect spring-wedding bands and wedding-day accessories that fit your style. Trust Your Special Moments to Mountz!