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The Best Wedding Gifts for Your Groom

The Best Wedding Gifts for Your Groom

When it comes to the man you're going to marry, no wedding day gift could be better than walking down the aisle to the one you plan to spend the rest of your life with. You remember the first day you saw him and every moment since β€” however your love story happened, you're about to take the next step towards happiness together by exchanging those "I do"s and building a life filled with love.

With your big day around the corner, everything is almost perfectly in place β€” the venue is booked, the invitations are sent, the decor and dishes are selected, and you're all set to exchange rings for your forever. But if you're tying the knot with style and honoring the tasteful tradition of the bride and groom gift exchange, you have one last important task to attend to β€” finding that perfect present to show your groom how much of a difference he makes in your life.Β 

If you're looking for gift ideas for your groom, you might be stressing over the specifics like the price tag of the present and the way it will reflect on your relationship in his eyes, but don't worry. The best bride-to-groom gift doesn't have to be extravagant, expensive or extraordinary β€” it just has to be personal. When you choose something for its sentimental value or to suit your future husband's style and interests, it shows him just how well you know him and how much you love him β€” and what could be a better gift than that? Whether you're looking for practical presents he can use in your new home or for work, homemade DIY gifts with a heartfelt touch or classic groom gift ideas to impress on your big day, here's some inspiration for giving a gift just right for your man and your marriage.

History of Bride-to-Groom Gifts

Why should you exchange a wedding day gift with your groom-to-be? Weddings didn't look the same in the past β€” in fact, from about 3000 B.C.E. to the Renaissance, brides and grooms shared another tradition. When a couple united, the groom would pay the bride's family a "bride price" consisting of land, money, animals or other forms of wealth for the honor of having her hand. In exchange, the bride would come to join the groom's family with a dowry β€” or set-aside collection of wealth.

Over time, wedding gift traditions evolved from bridal hope chests and mistress-of-the-house key baskets to department store wedding registries, but many couples keep the early tradition of dowry exchange alive in a much more personal, heartfelt way today β€” by offering each other hand-selected gifts that represent the joining of their hearts rather than their wealth.

You can exchange your bride and groom gifts whenever you feel the time is right β€” in the week before the wedding, on the morning of your wedding day, or after you've tied the knot and are excitedly en-route to your happy honeymoon escape. When the time comes, you want to hand your man something special, sweet and suited to him.

List of Best Groom Gift Ideas

Best Groom Gift Ideas

Whether you're hoping to save on your budget with DIY homemade groom gift ideas or planning to go all-out with an elaborate, expensive gesture, you have so many options for making your groom's day β€” after all, it's his wedding, too! Here's a loving lineup of some of the most sentimental gifts for the groom from the bride:

1. Wedding Day Signature Scent

Is there a certain scent you know your man loves? Surprise him with a fresh bottle of irresistible cologne and an assorted set of matching scented lotions, body washes or body sprays. If you don't know what kind of cologne your groom-to-be prefers or you're hoping to start a new tradition, pick a brand new aroma for him to commemorate the occasion. Whenever he spritzes some on in the future, he'll think of you β€” and you'll both associate the comforting scent with your wedding day.

2. Homemade Scrapbook of Love

Looking for a DIY gift that will hold more sentimental value and significance than anything you could buy for your groom? Save your dollars with this present and invest in something much richer instead β€” memories. For a heartwarming gift that reminds him how much you mean to each other, put together a scrapbook commemorating your relationship β€” from the moment you met to the proposal, complete with all the special moments in between. Compile photos together, write down important dates and organize them in chronological order in your scrapbook along with love notes and descriptions to make it personal. Your man will be touched.

3. Family Video Compilation

Hoping to show your groom how special he is β€” not just to you, but to everyone he knows? Recruit all his good friends and family members to assist you in crafting a homemade video compilation for him to watch before or after the wedding. Ask each of his loved ones to record a short video explaining what they love about him or sharing a special memory on camera, and piece the clips together into a personalized expression of affection just for him. Your groom will never feel more loved.

4. Memories Journal

Just like a scrapbook, this DIY present will make a gift of your best memories together β€” but instead of with photos, you can recount your relationship in writing. Whether you've kept a journal during the course of your relationship or you decide to look back over your time together and retell your story, choose some of your favorite memories together and describe them in your own words, detailing how you feel about your soon-to-be hubby and bringing him back to the best times. It's something he can both use to look back and add to as you move forward together.

5. Personalized Art

Need some new decor to adorn your home together as you embark on your married life? Give your groom something stylish and personal by selecting or ordering a personalized piece of artwork based on his tastes, style, interest or a shared memory. Whether it's a photo canvas of the two of you together, a landscape painting of his favorite place or a unique piece in an aesthetic he'll enjoy, artwork is a great groom gift with a unique twist.

6. Sports or Fan Gear

Is your fiance an avid sports fan? Does he have a favorite team? Or perhaps he's a music-lover with a band he admires more than anything. Whatever your man's passion, show him you pay attention by giving him a T-shirt, hat, scarf or sweatshirt in honor of his favorite team, band, artist, show or whatever reflects his interests. He'll be touched by your effort and he'll love his new gear.

7. Thoughtful Tickets

Thinking about gifting your groom with some fan gear from another obsession? Take it one step farther by buying him some tickets to see his favorite team, band or TV show live instead. This gift is more than just an item β€” it's offering him an event and an occasion you can enjoy together, and he'll love that you want to share his interests by making it a date.

8. Engraved Glasses

Hoping for a classy way to mark your relationship and make an impression with a gift you can both use in your new home? Invest in a pair or a set of tasteful, quality wine glasses with your initials on them β€” you can even incorporate your wedding date into the engraving so you remember the occasion every time you share a toast together in the evenings. Cheers!

9. Phone Dock

If your groom is more interested in the practical and has never been too easy to buy gifts for, give him something sleek and functional you're sure he'll be able to use. Everyone has a phone, so why not get him a stylish, simple phone dock to give him somewhere to charge his device, play music and place his phone when he's not using it? It's convenient and just classy enough to show how much thought you put into finding him something he'll have use for.

10. Lovely Luggage

If you see adventurous trips, getaway weekends and time traversing the globe in your and your soon-to-be husband's future, why not drop a hint and give him something he can use for years to come? A luxury luggage set might not be what first comes to mind when you think of groom gift ideas, but it's a functional, stylish, quality present you'll both appreciate when it's time to pack for the honeymoon, future vacations or business trips. Plus, you can choose a material, design and brand you know he'll love.

Liquor is a wonderful way to commemorate the day you tie the knot.

11. Luxury Liquor

Is your groom a wine aficionado or tried-and-true taster of fine brews? Or perhaps the two of you don't get the chance to kick back and enjoy a good glass of wine enough. Whatever the case, a well-aged bottle of the finest champagne, wine or other liquor is a wonderful way to commemorate the day you tie the knot. Whether you let loose after the wedding and enjoy a drink together or he puts it away as a keepsake, letting it age until a certain anniversary in the future, this gift is in perfect taste.

12. Shaving Set

As a gift that's both practical and classy, a quality shaving set for your groom is a thoughtful way to express your love and provide him with something he'll use almost every day. Choose the set and accessories that suit your man's unique needs and match his tastes with a sleek but functional design. He'll think of you every time he shaves.

13. Formal Wear

Special occasions can be few and far between, and not everyone is equipped with the right clothing to wear to formal events or venues. For your groom gift exchange, why not think about investing in a top-quality suit, set of dress shirts or upscale shoes for your man to don on those occasions when he needs to dress up? He'll be gratified by the gesture and impressed by your taste β€” and you'll be preparing for all those special moments ahead in your life together.

16. Classy Cuff Links and Box

If you're hoping for a traditional, tasteful bride-to-groom gift to exchange before your wedding, cuff links are a classic way to go. Not only is this gift classy and functional, but it's versatile and personal β€” whether your man prefers elaborate, upscale designs or has simpler tastes, you can find cuff links in every customizable shape to suit his personality and make them even more personal by engraving initials or dates in the silver, gold or brass surfaces. Choose a tasteful box to give your gift in.

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17. Honeymoon Surprise

Where's your honeymoon? When the wedding is over and you two escape on your blissful getaway, there are certain items you'll be in need of β€” whether you're heading to a tropical location, a European tour or a picturesque alpine lodge. Customize your wedding day gift by making it specific to your honeymoon activities, such as personalized skis for a skiing trip, swimwear or scuba gear for the beach, or even special tickets to a specific tour or attraction in the area your staying. Your soon-to-be spouse will love your creativity and look forward to your trip even more!

18. Sleek Wallet

When you're looking for something simple, sleek and stylish that he'll use for years, a classy wallet is a tasteful and traditional choice for your groom gift. You can have a wallet tailor-made to suit your man's tastes, including the color, material and size he'd most prefer. Take it a step further in personalization by having his initials or your wedding date embossed or embroidered on the wallet. It's a token of your love he can keep in his pocket.

19. Tasteful Briefcase

Are you the bride of a businessman or an especially dedicated worker? Honor his drive by giving him a beautifully tailored and engraved briefcase for his groom gift. Your hand-selected material, style and engravings will give him a unique, useful way to carry your love with him every day.

20. Age-Old Watch

Nothing is more mature, masculine or classy than just the right watch for the greatest groom-to-be. Whether it's leather-banded, electric, vintage or brand new, a beautiful watch is both a signature piece and a treasured reminder of the time you have to spend together. When you're looking for the best quality and style to tell your story in a single wrist piece, a Shinola watch is the perfect gift for your groom. Built only in the U.S. and dedicated to rebuilding communities with a hand-selected collection of American manufacturers, the Shinola brand promises fine, high-quality materials and guaranteed longevity for your treasured timepiece. Like your marriage vows, your gift to your groom will be an investment for life.

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