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Assorted sapphire gemstones

The Celestial Sapphire

September is a month of change. Year by year, it ushers in the shorter days and the promise of cool autumn weather to come. During this time, the vibrant blue skies of summer collide with the turning leaves to create an atmosphere of serenity. It’s no wonder why sapphire is September’s brilliant birthstone. This gemstone exudes elegance, strength and a beauty that has been enjoyed for centuries.

Ethereal By Nature

Gemstones have been used in spiritual practice since the dawn of time. Across different cultures sapphire was seen as a gift from the heavens and believed to ward off evil spirits, bring the wearer wealth, good health and prosperity. But, no matter what you believe, sapphire is a dazzling gemstone to own. It comes in many different colors but the deep blue hue is the most reputable variation. So, if you’re looking to draw a little more abundance to your life, consider adding sapphire. A dainty pendant, like this Fana Blue Sapphire and Diamond Drop Pendant, is a light and casual way to give yourself a daily dose of mindfulness.

Easy on the Eyes

Beyond aesthetics and spirituality, sapphires were once thought to provide relief from medical ailments. Ancient Egyptians ground the gemstone into an eyewash, believing that the mystical stone could enhance their vision and promote great eyesight throughout the duration of their life. This belief continued into the Middle Ages when a Dominican Monk, Albertus Magnus, claimed a sapphire could remove an object that had been stuck in another person’s eye. While magic and awe has surrounded these striking gemstones for ages, we don’t suggest relying on them to keep your vision healthy. However, you can expect their lovely blue hue to compliment your natural eye color. This pair of serene Mountz Collection Sapphire and Diamond Halo Stud Earrings in 14-Karat Yellow Gold will add a pop of intrigue to any look.

Back by Popular Demand

Since its discovery thousands of years ago, sapphire has been revered by royalty for its rich and elegant color. To this day, the Stuart Sapphire, an impressive 104-carat gemstone, is one of the most notable deep blue pieces featured on the The Imperial State Crown owned by the British Royal Family. While the Royal Family has always been fond of these breathtaking gems, their popularity increased across the world following Princess Diana’s famous engagement. In 1981, she chose a 12 carat blue Ceylon sapphire ring after Prince Charles proposed, propelling the gem’s demand into the mainstream. Now, you can have your own Princess Diana moment with this Le Vian Ring featuring a stunning Cornflower Ceylon sapphire.

Find Your Stunning Sapphire at Mountz

While sapphire may not have mystical powers, there’s always fun to be had with this glittering gemstone. Add a little color to your jewelry collection with incredible sapphire pieces from Mountz. Whether you're shopping for a friend, loved one or just yourself, you can take the spirit of September everywhere you go in style. Browse our online collection of blue sapphire jewelry or come visit us in Carlisle, Camp Hill or Colonial Park/Harrisburg to make a stunning statement.