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The monthly stats … July!

Pandora St Nick Charm The hottest month of the year is upon us, as is the completion of the first half of the year. I don’t know about you, but time flies when you’re having fun! So, as you sit by the ocean, pool, sprinkler, slip and slide or whatever method you have for keeping cool, you may want to contemplate your fall and holiday plans. They are quickly approaching and before you know it we’ll be wishing people Happy Holidays. But till then enjoy the delicious food and fancy fireworks that summer brings … Happy July!
  • July was named by the Roman Senate in honor of the Roman general, Julius Caesar, it being the month of his birth.
  • On average, July is the warmest month in the Northern Hemisphere and the coldest month in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • For all the Ice Cream lovers out there, July is National Ice Cream Month! To me, to honor this delicious delight, I will eat ice cream guilt free for the entire month of July. Who’s with me?!
  • Did you know, that July 2 is the halfway point of the year and therefore has been designated ‘I forgot day’. That’s right, for all the birthdays, anniversaries, new birth and graduations you’ve missed up to this point, you have a second chance! We encourage you to stop in and let us help you make amends for the minor oversights you’ve made in the first six months of this year!
  • Independence Day is celebrated on July 4! Be sure to show off your patriotism for our country and wave, wear and display the red, white and blue proudly.
  • Alex and Ani Boston Red Sox Primary Logo Charm BangleHey Red Sox fans, July 7 is the day Babe Ruth made his debut as a pitcher 100 years ago. The switch to outfield slugger came a little later so that he could play every single game. Ruth is quoted stating “home runs don’t come every day, but every strike brings you a little closer.” Words which I believe can apply to more than just home runs.
  • July 20 will be the 45th anniversary of the first lunar landing and the day that Neil Armstrong took the most famous walk in the universe.
  • Do you celebrate Christmas in July? Let us know if you have any special celebrationsplanned for Christmas’s other half July 25.
  • John Hardy Naga Lava Dragon Ring with Ruby Red Eyes and Black Sapphires above the Eyes Scales and TailThe Ruby, the birthstone for the hot month of July, is considered the gem of passion, smoldering desire, and life itself. The ancients thought its glowing red color was due to an inextinguishable inner fire, making it an appropriate gemstone to signify courage back then and marital longevity today. Ruby is also suggested for 40th wedding anniversaries.
  • July’s flowers are Larkspur or the Water Lily.
  • July’s Zodiac signs are Cancer (until July 21) and Leo (July 22 onwards).
  • July celebrity birthdays: Pamela Anderson and Dan Aykroyd (1), Tom Cruise (3), Sylvester Stallone and George W. Bush (6), Ringo Starr (7), Kevin Bacon and Toby Keith (8), Tom Hanks (9), Sofia Vergara and Jessica Simpson (10), Bill Cosby (12), Harrison Ford (13), Jane Lynch (14), Forest Whitaker (15), Will Ferrell (16), Luke Bryan, David Hasselhoff and Donald Sutherland (17), Van Diesel (18), Carlos Santana and Julianne Hough (20), Robin Williams (21), Selena Gomez, David Spade and Danny Glover (22), Daniel Radcliffe (23), Jennifer Lopez (24), Matt LeBlanc (25), Sandra Bullock and Mick Jagger (26), Triple H and Alex Rodriguez (27), Josh Radnor and Martina McBride (29), Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lisa Kudrow (30) and J.K. Rowling (31).
What are you celebrating as you look back to the first half of the year? Will you be looking for redemption on July 2 ‘I forgot day!”? Let us know how we can help.