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The Perfect Gift For Mom

History of LAGOS

Just like Mountz Jewelers, LAGOS was founded in Pennsylvania over 40 years ago. The mastermind behind the stunning designs, Steven Lagos, always knew he wanted to be an artist. He started designing flatware jewelry in high school and worked at a jewelry store in Wayne, PA. There he met a Russian master jeweler who taught him about the tradition of jewelry. This sparked inspiration and led him to launch his brand in 1984.

During this time, designer jewelry and consumer-facing brands were somewhat rare. Retailers presented jewels without unveiling a designer behind the curtain. Fashion brands like Calvin Klein influenced Lagos and proved there was a path for LAGOS to stand out in the jewelry industry.

LAGOS was one of the leading brands in the world to bridge fine jewelry and accessibility. The brand introduces over 300 new designs every year and has a strict dedication to craftsmanship and quality. No matter your taste, Lagos jewelry will add an element of flair to your style!

The Art of Caviar

The iconic Caviar Collection is instantly recognizable. LAGOS artisans take over one hundred steps to bring these pieces to life. The luminous caviar beading creates texture and invites luxury. Besides being stunningly beautiful, the Caviar Collection is comfortable, versatile and wearable. You can stack, layer, and easily transition from day to night.

The Art of Caviar

Smart Watch

Some of the most popular creations from LAGOS are the Smart Caviar bands for the renowned Apple Watch. They are easily identified by the small orbs that run around the band. These bracelets allow women to enjoy the functionality of the Apple Watch without sacrificing their personal style. LAGOS Smart Caviar is available in different metals and ceramic colors.

Smart Caviar bands

The Perfect Gift for Mom

We are excited to announce that LAGOS jewelry is now available at all of our Mountz locations! Make this Mother’s Day extra special for the woman who has given you everything. Learn more about our Mother’s Day event by visiting