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Timeless Diamond Jewelry

Timeless Diamond Jewelry Trends

While many trends come and go, diamonds are forever. And it’s little wonder why. For centuries, these natural treasures have fascinated the world. From royalty to newlyweds, these precious pieces are linked to historical times, important people and the most memorable moments in life. With decades of passion for jewelry, Mountz has witnessed some timeless diamond jewelry trends. Explore brilliant pieces that countless couples, families and friends have cherished over the years.

Beautiful Tennis Bracelets

Hearts On Fire Temptation Three-Prong Bracelet in 18K White Gold

For years, eternity diamond bracelets have been a staple style for many collections. But 45 years ago, the name changed, gaining even more recognition during a tennis match at the 1978 U.S. Open. Tennis star Chris Evert paused the play when her cherished string of diamonds flew off her wrist. Since then, diamond tennis bracelets have become even more coveted by fans. Showcasing this stunning style, the Hearts On Fire Temptation Three-Prong Bracelet in 18K White Gold shines with elegance and luxury. It features between 4.50 and 5.10 carats of dazzling diamonds depending on your preference.



Sparkling Diamond Studs

Diamond Studs in 3-Prong Martini Mounting

For thousands of years, diamond stud earrings have adorned collections worldwide. The earliest form of these treasures was discovered in ancient Egypt. Popularity soared in the 70s and they’ve remained a staple ever since. If you’re looking to add one of our most cherished styles to your jewelry box, the Diamond Studs in 3-Prong Martini Mounting are a crowd favorite. These stunning studs sparkle with 14-Karat white gold and two round brilliant cut diamonds.



Everlasting Engagement Rings 

Hearts On Fire Signature Engagement Ring in 18K White Gold

When you think of your dream engagement ring, diamonds are typically the first thing that comes to mind. Year after year, brides and grooms celebrate their eternal love with a symbolic diamond engagement ring. One of the most traditional styles showcases a round diamond in a prong setting. This Hearts On Fire Signature Engagement Ring in 18K White Gold showcases this simple beauty. It features a shimmering round center diamond accented by a tapered diamond band. 

Dazzle with Diamonds from Mountz

Ready to add some diamonds to your jewelry collection? Shop our sparkling selection at Mountz Jewelers. We have the largest selection in Central Pennsylvania. Whether you’re looking for a symbolic engagement ring or the perfect timeless piece, we’d love to help. Our jewelry specialists are always available to answer any questions you have during your search. Visit our stores in Carlisle, Camp Hill and Colonial Park/Harrisburg to find a treasured diamond heirloom today!