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Top 10 Places to Propose in Pennsylvania

Best Places to Propose in PA

You’re about to embark on the most romantic moment of your relationship: popping the question. You’ve done the job of finding the one you want to spend forever with — now let us help you find the most romantic places to propose. Pennsylvania offers several fun, romantic and beautiful places to ask your dearest to be yours forever. Whether you’re the adventurous couple who spends weekends hiking or you think the limelight of a surprise proposal with your friends and family is what you’ve always dreamed of, Pennsylvania offers it all. We’ve come up with a list of the best places to propose in Harrisburg, PA, as well as surrounding cities, towns and neighborhoods that offer something special for your big occasion. Imagine yourself in one of these romantic places to propose, and then get ready to ask that special someone to be yours.

1. Pittsburgh’s Mount Washington

Head to Pittsburgh’s highest peak for one of the most romantic places to propose. At the top of this 450-foot hill, the city becomes a beautiful spot to view the lights of the bustling crowds below. Earlier in the day, visit Chatham Village and enjoy the beautiful landscape and gardens of this city-scaped neighborhood. The surrounding neighborhood is also a popular destination, so find a good restaurant to visit, and then make your way to one of the Mount Washington observation decks to watch the sunset and see the city come to life. It's also a cute idea to ride the Duquesne Incline or Monongahela Incline — a trolley that rides up the hill to one of the observation decks where you can propose. If you want a more secluded location, walk along Grandview Avenue where you’ll still get beautiful views of the Pittsburgh skyline, but you might also gain some privacy. Grab an ice cream cone, beer or other tasty treat along Shiloh Street if you need some time to gain your courage — or stop by after you’ve popped the question for a celebratory drink with friends. Propose at Mount Washington

2. Philadelphia’s Whispering Wall

The stone benches at the Smith Memorial Arch are a romantic destination for those seeking proposal ideas. Make a day of your excursion by visiting the nearby attractions in downtown Philadelphia before heading to this historic monument that pays tribute to Pennsylvania’s Civil War soldiers. Philadelphia is a great city to pop the question because of its historical charm, romantic ambiance and hip offerings. The whole idea behind the Whispering Wall is that secrets can be shared from one end to the other. Plus, its park-like setting means you can stroll around in nature’s beauty to help settle the butterflies before you ask the big question. It’s not a great location to have a private conversation, but it’s a romantic place to propose. Located on North Concourse Drive in Philadelphia, the wall is known for its ability to pick up the quietest of messages. Have your significant other sit at one end of the bench with their back against the back of the seat. Go to the other end and whisper your proposal — then wait to see the excited expression spread as the message is delivered on the other end.

3. Longwood Gardens in Kenneth Square

There are so many beautiful places to propose inside Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square. Stop by the Italian Water Gardens during the summer or stroll through the wide open meadow where you can pop the question in the beautiful backdrop that nature provides. Climb the castle (yes, there’s a castle here) and get down on your knee once you reach the top. The breathtaking view is a great place to ask your significant other to be yours. This is also a great location if you want to propose during the colder months. Decorated each winter for Christmas, the light displays, festive music and a cup of hot cocoa make it the perfect setting for a cozy winter proposal. You can pull your loved one over to a bench and settle in before asking for their hand, or you can wander the outdoor light displays — where you’ll have to keep close to stay warm. If you want to hide away where it’s a little warmer, the orchid gardens and dessert room make for a great place to propose. There’s nothing to help you feel like you’re in paradise in the dead of winter than by being proposed to in a tropical atmosphere. No matter where on the property you decide to propose, Longwood Gardens is one of the most romantic places to propose in Pennsylvania. Places to propose in Harrisburg PA

4. Harrisburg’s Capitol Fountain

Learn a bit about Pennsylvania’s history with a tour of the Harrisburg Capitol, which features a beautiful collection of art, stained glass and breathtaking architecture. On your tour, take in the various Renaissance designs seen throughout several rooms. Designed with the inspiration of Michelangelo’s work at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the 52 million-pound dome is 272 feet tall and is a breathtaking thing to behold — both inside and outside. After your history lesson, head outside to the Capitol fountain that offers a beautiful view of downtown Harrisburg. Be sure to take a few photos here — it’s a memory you’ll come back to forever. With the fountain behind you, practice “making a wish” by tossing a penny over your shoulder with your eyes closed. Have your soon-to-be betrothed do the same — but when they open their eyes, you’ve hopefully granted their wish by being down on one knee. As one of the best places to propose in Harrisburg, PA, we just couldn’t pass up on recommending the Capitol. It’s a beautiful place that could be the perfect location for your romantic proposal.

5. Dickinson College Campus in Carlisle

The historic town of Carlisle offers a beautiful backdrop for a romantic proposal, thanks to Dickinson College. Check out the Victorian-style homes that are scattered across the campus, and step inside some of the historic buildings that offer breathtaking examples of Pennsylvania’s architecture and charm. Spring or fall offer an especially beautiful time of year to propose at Dickinson College — with the beautiful landscape of tree blossoms in warmer weather and orange and yellow leaves when the seasons change. Chat under the trees in one of the red lounge chairs that dot the campus or pull up a patio seat next to one of the beautiful buildings. Explore the campus to find a beautiful spot that speaks to you. Then, plan out the rest of your proposal at one of the best places to propose in CentralPA. Hershey Park - romantic places in Pennsylvania

6. Hershey Park in Hershey

If you’re a thrill seeker, then a proposal at Hershey Park might be the best place for you. Ask the question just as the camera goes off on one of the scariest rollercoasters or make a romantic gesture inside the Kissing Tower at sunset. Swing your feet over the edge of the Sky Ride as you take in breathtaking views of the entire amusement park. Use that quiet moment to take a break from your thrilling day and ask the big question (just hold on tightly to the engagement ring when you’re that high in the air!). The top of the Ferris wheel is also a beautiful spot to propose — especially at night. The beautiful lights of the rides help give it that old-world carnival feeling. The park suddenly becomes a summer time hot spot for romance when patrons get a little more tired, and nothing feels better than wrapping your arms around the one you love as you relax in the Ferris wheel bucket.

7. The Castle at Little Round Top in Gettysburg

Whether you’re a history buff or you simply appreciate some beautiful, larger-than-life art, the Castle at Little Round Top in Gettysburg is a surprisingly romantic stop along the battlefield tour. At 44 feet tall, the castle honors the two companies from the 12th New York Infantry Regiments and is a favorite of many who visit the historic battlefields. Climb the stairs to the observation deck and take in the breathtaking views of Gettysburg’s countryside. While it’s beautiful any time of day, it takes on a magical feeling at dusk just as the sun begins to set over the hillside. This location might not be the most private of Gettysburg’s destinations but it can be very romantic. Try visiting in the off season or calling the Gettysburg National Park to find out slower visiting hours so you might be able to take advantage of a little more privacy. If you don’t mind a crowd, there will be plenty of tourists who will be more than willing to capture the moment for you on their cellphones.

8. Camp Hill’s Oyster Mill Park

This one-acre park in Camp Hill is home to some beautiful scenery that makes it one of the most romantic places to propose in Pennsylvania. Whether you stop by for a stroll through the snowy park in the winter or you head there during the blooming of spring, the park is a beautiful backdrop when you’re looking to pop the question. Use this opportunity to pack a picnic lunch, stroll through the paved walking paths or explore a section of the 40-mile Conodoguinet Creek, which has access to boat launches and fishing. If you take your special someone out on the water, your proposal idea could be especially romantic with the beautiful wildlife and array of plants that line the banks of the creek. If you want to make the day last a little longer, the Oyster Mill Playhouse offers a seasonal schedule of local theater productions. See a romantic show and then walk under the stars to make a moonlight proposal feel even more special. A park proposal can be an intimate and romantic gesture, showing how much you appreciate just spending time together — talking, walking and being in good company. This is a great Pennsylvania proposal location if you’re looking for a simple, quiet place where the two of you can focus on each other. Romantic places in Lancaster, PA

9. Summertime Proposal at Binns Park in Lancaster

If Lancaster is your stomping ground, make a playful proposal at Binns Park on North Queen Street. Have dinner at a downtown restaurant that can help you settle into the romantic moods of a warm summer evening. Wine and dine at some of the most romantic locations, including Fenz Restaurant and Latenight, Pour and the Belvedere Inn. When dinner is done, stroll down to Binns Park for a summertime movie. The showings are free — just remember to bring a blanket or lawn chairs to sit on while you watch the film. If you make it to the park in the afternoon, grab an ice cream cone and take your significant other to see the playful fountains that pop up out of the ground — inviting children, adults and other hot visitors to cool down in the summer heat. When the time is right, pull out the engagement ring and get down on your knee: It’s time to propose. Whether you choose an evening or daytime proposal at Binns Park, this urban setting is a fun place to ask your special someone to be yours forever. Have friends or family agree to meet you nearby if you’d like to celebrate right away, or you can simply enjoy each other’s company while you revel in the moment.

10. Nay Aug Park and Everhart Museum in Scranton

It’s tough to find a more romantic place to propose in the Scranton area. Nay Aug Park and the Everhart Museum offer a beautiful setting to propose to your soon-to-be spouse. The park features waterfalls, walking trails and even the David Wenzel Tree House hidden in the woods for an intimate, secluded place to pop the question. The reflective pool in front of the museum also provides a beautiful place to get down on one knee. With so many places to choose inside the park, it’s a good idea to check it out before you visit for the big occasion. Scout out a place that might have some meaning to you and your date — or simply find where you’ll feel most comfortable when it comes time to ask the question. No matter what site you choose within the park, it’s sure to be a beautiful location that will be the perfect place for you to propose. Make the moment your own and choose the place, time and location that seems to fit you and your date the best. This is a big moment, after all, and you want to make sure it feels exactly the way you dreamed it would. Best places to propose in PA   Let Mountz Jewelers Help You Pull off the Perfect Proposal You’ve done the hard part — finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Now let Mountz Jewelers help you pop the question. We can help you find the perfect engagement ring to fit the hand of your loved one. Visit us at one of our three convenient locations in Carlisle, Camp Hill, Colonial Park/Harrisburg. We look forward to helping you take the next step and making your proposal a magical event both of you will treasure forever. Trust Your Special Moments to Mountz!
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