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Flabbergasted, amazed, and feeling like a business truly cares!!

In December 2019 I met the owners husband while he was purchasing a BMW. I complimented him on his watch. (A Rolex Hulk) he asked me what watches I have, my response was, “I don’t because there's only one watch that I want and the waiting list is up to 7 years and I refuse to pay grey market prices.” Long story short, in Jan of 21 I received a call from Jake (awesome sales consultant) saying “Sean, must have a made an impression on the owners husband and if you are still interested in the watch it’s yours.” Jake held the watch for me until Monday Feb 15th which was when I could drive up to Pa to pick it up. From the moment I walked in I was made to feel like an old friend. Tonia came out to say hi and chitchat for a bit. Jake was awesome and took all the time, a new Rolex owner like me, needed.

Highly recommend Mountz Jewelers and the entire team.