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Jewelry Buying Services at Mountz Jewelers

No one understands better than the professionals at Mountz Jewelers how trends in fine jewelry change over the decades. If you have old or unwanted jewelry that’s sitting unworn in your chest, why not sell it to us and replace it with something you’ll wear forever? Make an appointment with one of our on-staff certified gemologist appraisers, and we’ll give you a fair price, plus an additional in-store credit should you choose to purchase something new.

Gold and Diamond Buying Services

Selling old jewelry to Mountz Jewelers is a simple and straightforward process. Getting a quote on the purchase value of your loose diamonds, diamond rings and gold, silver and platinum is always free. We also buy old coins and sterling silver flatware. We will never pressure you to sell your jewelry. Whether you choose to keep your old pieces, accept cash or use its value toward the purchase of a new piece is entirely up to you. Schedule an appointment and you may be amazed to discover the value of your unworn pieces.

Make a Smarter Choice at Mountz Jewelers

Mountz Jewelers is proud to have a team of highly qualified jewelry consultants available at our three locations, as well as three certified gemologist appraisers on-staff who will look at your jewelry and offer you a fair price. Mountz Jewelers is your best resource for selling your unwanted jewelry, because not every diamond or gold buying service has your best interests at heart. Investigate the current market price of gold, for example, and compare the offers you get. You may be surprised at the variation in offers. Make sure you separate gold pieces made from higher karat weights, such as 22k, from smaller karat weights, such as 10k. Higher karat values are worth more, so don’t let a gold buying service weigh them together. If you’re selling diamonds or other gemstones, bring any documentation you can that certifies the quality. Should you own a piece of jewelry made by an important designer, such as Tiffany, negotiate a separate price for the entire piece. Many jewelers separate the elements to create new pieces, but a signed piece is more valuable intact.

Make an Appointment

Make an appointment at Mountz Jewelers to speak with our jewelry buying department today.

We purchase the following items:

• Loose diamonds • Diamond rings
• Gold and gold jewelry • Silver and silver jewelry
• Platinum jewelry • Luxury watches
• Coins • Flatware

If you have a question regarding our purchasing policy, please call us.

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