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Lab Grown Diamonds

As lab grown diamonds become more popular, the more questions we have. Are they real diamonds? How are they formed? Do they look any different? Here at Mountz Jewelers, we are here to help you answer all of your questions and select the perfect diamond.

So to answer the most frequent question first, yes, they are real diamonds! Laboratory-grown diamonds process the same chemical, physical and optical properties as earth-mined diamonds. The only difference is that instead of being pulled from the earth, they were grown inside a lab. 

The most straightforward answer to how they are formed is science! There are two different methods for creating lab-grown diamonds Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and High Pressure, Hugh Temperature (HPTP). The most commonly used in the jewelry industry is CVD. Using this method, a carbon seed is placed in a chamber and exposed to extreme heat and pressure. This is used to replicate the natural processes of the earth. A lab-grown diamond takes about six to ten weeks to develop. 

Both diamonds grown in a lab-grown diamonds and earth-mined diamonds are identical to the naked eye. They are very subtle differences that can only be detected by trained gemologists and sophisticated and highly sophisticated equipment that has been specifically designed for that purpose. 

One of the most important questions is what kind of diamond is right for you?! Well, at Mountz Jewelers, a specialist will review all aspects of both lab-grown and natural earth-mined diamonds so you can make an educated decision and find the perfect diamond of your dreams.