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Permanent Bracelets

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What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent Jewelry is simply a clasp-less, 14k solid gold bracelet which will be welded together onto your wrist by a specially trained Mountz Jewelry Associate. The bracelet will be custom-sized so it will fit your wrist perfectly. Plus, the process is completely painless, leaving you with a glittering, permanent piece you can treasure forever.

The experience of permanent jewelry is ideal for celebrating a special occasion, a friendship, a mother-daughter bond or simply treating yourself. It’s the perfect way to honor the cherished relationships and moments in your life.

Soldering permenent jewelry bracelet

Create an Infinite Connection

In order to get started, make an appointment today by clicking on the button below and selecting your date, time and Mountz store location. As appointments are scheduled back to back, please plan to arrive promptly at your appointment time to ensure there are no delays. Each appointment can accommodate one person, so please book separate appointments per person. While we’ll try to receive walk-ins, we can’t guarantee welding without an appointment.

Once you’re at your appointment, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the bracelet you love. All of our chains come in solid 14k yellow or white gold. To adhere to our quality standards, we do not offer gold-filled or sterling silver options.

After you’ve selected the style of bracelet, we’ll fit the piece precisely to your wrist before welding it for you on the spot. The minimum age for welding is 12 and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

The welding process is easy and painless and you’ll walk out with a truly timeless piece.

Chain Options & Prices

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Can I remove the bracelet?

Although we like to think of permanent jewelry as forever, you can remove your bracelet by simply cutting it off with wire cutters. This removal will be permanent, however.

If you desire having your jewelry welded back on at a later date, we can do that easily for $16 plus tax. If your bracelet falls off within two weeks of your original appointment, we’ll schedule a complimentary re-welding appointment.

What if the bracelet breaks?

The chains are minimalist to compliment everyday wear, so they can come off if snagged or pulled with excessive force. We may be able to re-weld bracelets if they come off. However, we can’t replace lost chains.

Can I buy one as a gift?

Absolutely! We recommend you do so through a Mountz Gift Card. Remember that welding is subject to sales tax, so make sure you put enough on the Gcift Card to cover that. Styles are also subject to availability.

Can I add a charm?

Permanent bracelets are meant to always be worn and never taken off, so we’re extremely cautious about what will work well with the duration of the chain. Please check with your associate for more details.

Do you have permanent anklets or necklaces?

These are both more likely to snag or break, so we only offer bracelets at this time.