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Perfect Moments

Graduation gift guide

Jewelry Ideas for Graduation Gifts

Graduating from college is an extraordinary achievement worth celebrating. After late nights in the library and years of preparation, this significant milestone marks the beginning of a new chapter. As a friend, family member or loved one, you may be trying to find the perfect gift to recognize y...
Diamond Engagement Ring Mountz Jewelers

Celebrate Your Mountz Moment

Reaching our goals can be some of the most gratifying experiences in life. From new jobs to marriage proposals, these fresh chapters come in all shapes and sizes. After putting in countless hours and dedication, it’s only right that we honor each moment. At Mountz, we believe the perfect way to c...
couple with an engagement ring for women

Remarkable Fall Proposal Spots Around Pennsylvania

Planning to pop the question? Besides finding her dream ring, one of the most important factors of your proposal is location. Luckily, there are many hidden gems around Pennsylvania where you can get down on a knee… And with generations of family tied to this area, Mountz knows exactly where to go.
We met on December 12th, 2010 for my cousin, AnnMarie’s sweet 16 birthday party.  Matt and AnnMarie had been best friends since elementary school.  Matt and I first met when Matt asked me to dance at the party and immediately hit it off.

An Unexpected Perfect Moment

Dalton and Brandi's Perfect Moment with Chris Young Dalton and I attended the same high school and knew each other through mutual friends, but our story started on October 5th, 2012. I was in a car accident after school, and Dalton is also a lieutenant at our local volunteer fire department, he w...
Todd brought in jewelry that was damaged in a fire and asked if Mountz Jewelers would be able to clean and restore the jewelry. Our professional jewelers are trained and knowledgeable about the best cleaning techniques for different types of materials. They also have specialized equipment to clea...