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10 Best Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Valentines Day Jewelry Gift ideas The prospect of buying the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart can be stressful. Americans spent an estimated $18.9 billion in 2015 on Valentine’s Day, with an average of $142.31 spent per person. If jewelry is on your list, you’re in good company. An estimated 21 percent of people buy jewelry for Valentine’s Day. Nothing shows off your love to everyone around and makes sure your significant other remembers how you feel quite like a piece of elegantly crafted jewelry. Check out our best jewelry ideas and tips for making this Valentine’s Day perfect for your loved one. How much money is spent on Valentine's Day

What to Consider When Choosing Valentine’s Day Gifts

Before heading to your nearby jewelry store or searching online, here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift:
  • Your budget. You can’t put a price tag on love, but you still need to pay the mortgage, so budget is a valid factor when choosing a gift. You don’t have to buy the most expensive piece of jewelry in the store to make your loved one swoon. Set a realistic budget before you start shopping for Valentine’s Day. At Mountz Jewelers, we can show you a variety of jewelry options within your price range.
  • Your sweetheart’s style. What’s the point of buying a jewelry gift if your loved one will never wear it? Keep the recipient’s style and personality in mind when choosing a gift. If she never wears earrings, consider getting her a different type of jewelry. If he’s physically active, choose something casual that can keep up with his activity level. Other style considerations include their preferred type of metal, colors of gemstones and whether they likes ornate jewelry or something simple. Some people are sensitive to certain types of metal, so you’ll want to know that before you select a jewelry gift.
  • Your relationship. The length and intimacy level of your relationship can narrow your Valentine’s Day jewelry gift ideas. A gift for someone you’ve only been dating a few months is usually significantly different than a gift you would give your significant other after 10 years of marriage. If you’re in a new relationship, consider what the type of jewelry says to the recipient. A ring could scare off a new girlfriend even if you didn’t intend to imply a commitment.

Six Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her

The best Valentine’s Day gifts are those that are carefully selected with love and intention. What does that mean? It means you shouldn’t reach for the first heart-shaped necklace you spot. Instead, put some thought into the subtle meanings each piece of jewelry will send to your loved one. 1. Close to Your Heart When you’re looking for a jewelry gift for your girlfriend or wife, heart designs tend to be an obvious choice. Hearts are a very clear symbol of love, so it makes sense to include them in your Valentine’s jewelry gift. Choose a piece of heart jewelry that matches your Valentine’s style and personality. If she likes classy designs, go with a radiant pendant necklace perfect for couples just beginning to shine. Make her heart melt with this elegant charm Spring Bloom Love Silver by Endless Jewelry Classic Collection. Add color to the gift with jewelry featuring a heart-shaped stone ring. If you’re looking for a less-expensive jewelry gift, check out PANDORA’s Be My Valentine collection of charms, earrings, rings and or consider PANDORA’s ‘Filled with Love’ gift set with leatherette wristlet. Look for a unique jewelry gift that holds special meaning for the both of you. PANDORA Be My Valentine collection 2. Colors of Love Another way to celebrate your loved one this holiday is with your color selection. Rubies and garnets likely come to mind when you think of red gemstones. Both are excellent options if your special someone likes the color red or wears a lot of red on a regular basis. Those aren’t the only options when it comes to Valentine colored jewelry. Rose amethyst jewelry has a subtle tone perfect for a woman who likes a touch of pink without a loud, dark stone. Rose quartz is another feminine, light pink option for women’s jewelry. Blue is often the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sapphires, but pink sapphires are also an option. They look stunning in bracelets, earrings and other pieces of jewelry. A twist on the color theme is to choose a piece of jewelry in rose gold instead of the traditional white or yellow gold. It takes on a slightly pinkish tint, giving the jewelry a unique look and a connection to the pink color that abounds on Valentine’s Day. 3. Wrapped in Lovely Reminders Instead of earrings, necklaces or rings, look to her wrist for inspiration. Bracelets come in a variety of styles and colors, with options for an upscale night on the town or casual styles she can wear every day. Alex and Ani Love Bracelet If you’re leaning toward the casual side of things, consider an Alex and Ani Romance Heart bracelet, which is available now at Mountz Jewelers Carlisle location. The Valentine’s collection focuses on symbolic love with hearts, arrows and rose quartz worked in to the various pieces. Mix and match several of the bracelets. She can wear them together or separately for a casual look that always shows off your love for one another. Another option is to skip the traditional hearts, pinks and reds associated with Valentine’s Day and focus on your relationship with the recipient. A charm bracelet is a personalized way to remember all of the special memories and things you love about her. This beautiful PANDORA ‘Filled with Love’ gift set with leatherette wristlet is perfect to get her bracelet started. As an added bonus, you always have a gift idea for future holidays and special occasions with additional charms to add to her bracelet. You’ll find a variety of charms to tell the story of your relationship and to highlight her achievements. Here are some ideas to consider:
  • A heart to demonstrate your love
  • A palm tree, starfish or similar charm to represent a tropical vacation you took together
  • A cross to symbolize your shared faith
  • Charms that represent a shared activity, her hobby or her profession
  • A birthstone charm to show her birthday, kids’ birthdays or significant dates such as anniversaries
4. The Location of Love Maps by A.Jaffe necklace is another unique and meaningful Valentine’s Day jewelry gift idea for her. Customized to your location of choice, the charm on the necklace (which can come in a heart-shape) shows the street names with a diamond placed at a special location—such as your first home, where you first met or where you got married. Remember, customized pieces will take time to create, so be sure to plan in advance and allow time for custom gifts to be created and ordered. The charm becomes a modern heirloom for you and your loved one to honor those places you hold most dear. 5. A Deeper Meaning, A Deeper Love You don’t have to get a Valentine’s Day themed jewelry piece to tell your loved one just how much she means to you. Many stones and gems can hold a deeper meaning for your love story. Take for example buying a timeless and classic Honora pearl bracelet or necklace. These delicately craft freshwater pearls could represent how a tough time in your loved one’s life turned into a beautiful thing—just like a pearl. 6. Bound Together John Hardy’s Classic Chain Valentine’s Day gift set is made from hand-woven precious metal that represents community and the precious human bond loved ones share. Generations of legacy and tradition linked into a timeless heirloom. <Jewelry gift ideas for her

Four Jewelry Gift Ideas for Him

Sparkling necklaces, diamond earrings and gorgeous rings splash the ads as February nears, but Valentine’s Day jewelry gift ideas aren’t just for her. If your male Valentine wears jewelry, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give him a new piece to add to his collection. Here are some Valentine’s jewelry gift ideas for him: 1. Time Flies When I’m with You A watch is always a suitable gift for a man. If he doesn’t have a quality timepiece, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to get him one. You get the added bonus of him always being on time thanks to his new watch. Mountz Jewelers offers several designer watches so you are sure to find a style that suits your loved one. 2. Tie Him Closer to You. Does your Valentine often wear a button-down shirt and a tie? Give his outfit a touch of style with a tie bar or cuff links. Each time he checks himself out in the mirror, he’ll be reminded of your love when he spots the subtle accessories. 3. Your Love is Priceless If you significant other enjoys practical gifts, have a Heather B Moore Money Clip personalized with initials, a special date or a short quote. Again, customized pieces will take time to create, so be sure to plan in advance and allow time for custom gifts to be created and ordered. 4. Iron Sharpens Iron Compliment your man and best companion in life with a practical yet elegant folding knife. Browse our selection of finely crafted knifes designed by William Henry at Mountz Jewelers.

Pair Jewelry With Another Gift

Your lucky Valentine is sure to gush over whatever piece of jewelry you choose, but adding another gift multiplies the love. Try a more creative addition to your jewelry gift. Here are some other gifts that pair well with the jewelry you select:
  • A jewelry box. Place the new bauble inside for a special surprise. Jewelry box options range from small ceramic boxes to large freestanding wooden jewelry armoires. Choose something unique, such as a hand-carved wooden jewelry box, to really wow her.
  • Somewhere to wear it. She has her new jewelry. Give her a place to wear it. Slip in tickets to a concert featuring her favorite band. If you really want to make an impression, plan a weekend getaway, and wrap the jewelry with the itinerary or plane tickets.
  • A matching outfit. If you know your sweetie’s size and taste in clothing, why not pair the new jewelry with a new outfit? While you’re at it, plan a romantic date where she can show off her new items.
  • A love letter. As silly as it may sound, almost any woman will love a heartfelt gift from their significant other. Pour your heart out in a handwritten love letter. Share your favorite memories of her, how you felt when you met, how you feel about her now or anything else you want to share. If you really want to earn points with your sweetheart, make her a scrapbook of your favorite memories together. This sentimental gift is sure to be a favorite.

Creative Ways to Present Jewelry

You have the jewelry and any other accompanying gifts, but how do you present it? You could simply hand over the gift in a heart-covered gift bag, or you can get creative with the presentation. Try one of these ideas:
  • Send your Valentine on a treasure hunt. She’ll have to work for it, but the prize at the end will be worth it. Come up with clues that lead her from one spot to the next. You’re sure to earn bonus points if the clue locations have significant meaning. Ideas include the restaurant where you had your first date, the location of your first kiss or your favorite hangout spot. It’s best to send her back to your house or to the hands of a trusted friend to collect her final prize of Valentine jewelry. Hiding the jewelry in a public spot may result in losing the gift completely.
  • Go right to your special spot. If you don’t want to mess with setting up a scavenger hunt, just take your significant other to your special spot.
  • Use joke packaging. No one wants to get home appliances, workout gear or similar items for Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with the recipient. Tuck the jewelry securely inside the packaging of something else for a real surprise when she opens it. If that seems too cruel, you can always go with the classic “little gift in a huge box” trick. Wrap the jewelry inside the largest box you can find, or wrap a series of boxes each slightly smaller with the final box containing the jewelry.
  • Hide it in plain sight. Tuck the jewelry in a place the recipient is sure to stumble upon it. Place a pair of earrings on her vanity where she gets ready each morning. Hang his new bracelet near his mirror. Bring her breakfast in bed with a new necklace on the serving tray. Then sit back and watch the reaction. 

For more ideas, view our blog post 11 Creative Ways to Present a Gift of Jewelry.

Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Valentine’s Day Jewelry

No matter what route you go with your jewelry selection, we have some final parting do’s and don’ts to make sure your Valentine gift is just right. Keep these things in mind as you shop:
  • Do choose something unique so she is proud to show off her new jewelry – and, of course, gush about how great you are.
  • Don’t choose something so outrageous that she won’t wear it.
  • Do pick a piece of jewelry that has meaning, whether it serves as a symbol of your love or compliments her style perfectly.
  • Don’t assume bigger is better, whether you’re talking about the size of the jewelry or the size of the price tag attached to it. In fact, sometimes large pieces of jewelry look out of proportion because of the size. A giant stone in a ring on the hand of a petite woman can look like she’s a child playing dress-up, for example.
  • Do pair the jewelry with another Valentine’s Day gift, or choose a creative way to present the jewelry to make the day memorable.
  • Don’t put the jewelry in food to present it. Not only is it messy, it’s a potential choking hazard. If you want to present the jewelry with a meal, leave it in its box so it is impossible to miss, and place it near her plate or under a dome that she can lift to reveal the jewelry. It’s much safer for everyone involved.
  • Do enjoy the process, even if it seems overwhelming. This is your chance to make your Valentine’s eyes light up with your good taste.
  • Don’t stress out over the jewelry decision. Most likely, your sweetie will appreciate the thought you put into the jewelry and wear it with pride, knowing you chose it just for her.

Make It a Memorable Valentine’s Day

Valentine jewelry buying does not have to cause panic attacks or deplete your entire savings account. With our tips, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect piece of jewelry to show your special someone just how much you care. Trust Your Special Moments to Mountz!
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