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Are Permanent Bracelets Everlasting?

Are Permanent Bracelets Everlasting?

The Beauty of Timeless Treasures

In the evolving fashion world, some trends may come and go while others stand the test of time. Permanent bracelets are among those that endure, shining with enduring elegance and style. Each design is custom-fit and welded together on your wrist in a completely painless process, presenting a unique accessory that’ll be cherished forever. The best part? You can go about your everyday routine with ease. Learn how to care for your new permanent bracelet, while living your life to the fullest. 

Showering and Exercising

Mountz Infinite Bracelets are handcrafted in 14-Karat yellow or white gold, offering exceptional quality. That means your bracelet can be worn in the shower. Each bracelet is lightweight and dainty, allowing you to move freely. Therefore, your workout routine can also remain the same. Whether you’re a runner or enjoy lifting weights at the gym, your permanent bracelet won’t cause any issues. You can continue your day-to-day activities as usual.


It can be nerve-wracking traveling with fine jewelry. After all, there’s always a chance that your prized pieces could get stolen or go missing. Luckily, that’s not a worry when it comes to permanent jewelry. You can explore the world without ever thinking about where your bracelet has gone because it will always be on your wrist. 

Caring for Your Bracelet

To ensure your jewelry maintains its flawless allure, a few simple care practices can go a long way. Regularly clean your bracelet using mild soap and warm water, gently removing any dirt or debris. Avoid exposing your bracelet to harsh chemicals such as bleach or other cleaning products that may compromise its integrity. Adopting these care practices will make your permanent bracelet a radiant testament to your lasting style.

Discover Infinite Shine at Mountz

From special occasions to simply treating yourself, Mountz Infinite Bracelets provide the perfect opportunity to honor cherished moments in your life. When you’re ready, schedule an appointment at Mountz Jewelers. Keep in mind that each booking guarantees a spot for one person. So, if you have several people in your party, you must schedule an appointment per person. If you have questions about the permanent bracelet process, contact our jewelry specialists today.

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