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Top 20 Winter Proposal Ideas

With the holidays as your backdrop and cold weather to bring you closer together, winter is the perfect time to propose to your sweetie. There are so many ways to propose in the winter. How will you pop the question to your special someone? 

How to Propose in the Winter

Create a winter wonderland proposal this year. Before you formulate the perfect plan to pour out your heart to your soulmate, you might want to consider these questions to figure out how to propose in the wintertime.

  • Are you ready for the snow? You can use a fresh blanket of snow to your advantage, but you may have to reschedule your proposal if a blizzard is in the forecast.
  • Can you take the cold? If you plan to propose outside, bundle up in warm clothes to prepare for the chilly weather.
  • Where will you propose? Choose a sentimental location for your proposal that shows how far you've come as a couple.
  • What time of day will you propose? Propose as early as possible, so you do not let your nerves distract you from enjoying the night.
  • Will you hire a photographer? A photographer will know how to use natural light and beauty around you to capture this enchanting moment.
  • Will you invite your friends and family? Depending on how private you want your proposal to be, you may consider having a party to celebrate your engagement.
  • What will you say? As you think of how to express your love clearly and creatively, make sure to speak from the heart.

Top 20 Best Proposal Ideas for the Winter

With the snow as your backdrop and the joy of the holidays in your hearts, now is the time to propose. To give you an idea of the best winter proposal ideas, here are our top romantic winter proposals.

1. Share a Meal 

Take your special someone to a fancy restaurant or cook a special meal at home. You could also have a cozy winter picnic inside by the fireplace with warm blankets.

2. Stuff Their Stocking With the Ring

Hang their stocking over the fireplace, but this year, stuff it with something extra-special. The warmth of the fire and the joy of Christmas morning will help create a memorable marriage proposal.

3. Go on a Romantic Carriage Ride

A horse-drawn carriage ride through the city is a perfect way to make memories and enjoy the beautiful view outside. As you hear the sound of horseshoes clopping down the road, you can snuggle with your SO and profess your love.

4. Confess Your Love in the Snow

Write, "Will you marry me?" in a fresh, clean blanket of snow and make footprints leading to the message. Take pictures of your proposal to post on social media or to share it with your friends.

5. Use Outdoor Holiday Lights

Write out, "Will you marry me?" or "I love you" with LED lights, or create a beautiful outdoor scene where you could propose using a backdrop of lights.

6. Pop the Question With Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a favorite holiday treat! Hide the ring in a marshmallow and surprise your SO, or buy a special mug that has, "Will you marry me?" written on the bottom.

7. Use Latte Art

Confess your love to your favorite coffee drinker by asking your local coffee shop to design a heart or a creative message on a latte. The warm drink will set the stage for a cozy marriage proposal.

8. Plan a Proposal Party

If your SO likes surprises, invite all your friends and family to celebrate your engagement. One of your loved ones could record your proposal from a distance or take pictures.

9. Make the Most of a Winter Getaway

Go skiing in the mountains or enjoy an exotic vacation away from the cold. You could also pop the question on the airplane on the way back from your beautiful holiday together.

10. Make a New Year's Resolution

During the countdown to the new year, get down on one knee and start your new year with a new engagement. Make your way to a private place together, and then join your friends and family in their New Year's festivities.

11. Surprise Your SO With a Christmas Photo Shoot

During a Christmas photo shoot, capture the surprise on camera and create memories you will remember and share for the rest of your lives.

12. Go on a Winter Stroll

Bask in the winter wonderland around you with your special someone. A walk in the sunrise would give you great lighting and a captivating backdrop for popping the question.

13. Get on One Knee on Skates

Ice skating is a fun, classic winter activity that can bring you closer together. Reserve the ice skating rink so the two of you can enjoy your skating experience alone.

14. Warm-up Next to the Fire

On a cold winter night, cuddle next to the fireplace. The sound of the embers crackling and the smell of burning wood gives you a cozy setting for your marriage proposal.

15. Go on a Sleigh Ride

A sleigh ride is a marvelous way to enjoy the crisp winter weather. Smell the sweet scent of pine as you trudge through the soft winter snow.

16. Build a Snowman

When there's enough snow on the ground, build a snowman to reveal your love. Design your snowman to hold the ring box in plain sight.

17. Surprise Your Sweetheart for the Holidays

If you are in a long-distance relationship, surprise the love of your life by coming to town for the holidays. If you are local, pretend you have to visit your family out of state, then surprise your SO during their holiday dinner.

18. Propose by the Christmas Tree

On Christmas morning, the excitement builds and joy overflows. With the beautiful ornaments and lights shining behind you, ask for your SO to give you the best gift you could ever receive: a lifetime together.

19. Puppy Proposal

If you've been talking about getting a puppy, make a pet part of your proposal. Tie the ring to the dog's collar and present the puppy during the holidays.

20. Visit Santa

Take your sweetie to visit Santa at the mall! Call the mall in advance and let them know about your plan. Take a picture with Santa after your sweetheart says yes!

Trust Your Special Moments to Mountz!

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