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10 Occasions to Gift a Locket

10 Occasions to Gift a Locket

A locket is a beautiful and sentimental gift perfect for almost any occasion. With so many styles to choose from, you'll find the perfect present for anyone in your life in the form of a locket. Whether you put charms or photos inside or leave it empty to function as statement jewelry, a locket makes a lovely gift.

So when does a locket make a good gift? There are plenty of occasions and circumstances. Below you'll find 10 occasions to gift a locket, perfect for friends, family members or significant others.

1. Valentine's Day

As you shop for a significant other or even friends or family for Valentine's Day, you'll likely come across an array of jewelry options. Observe your range of options, and you may start to wonder, "Are lockets a good idea for Valentine's Day?" The answer is yes.

A locket is sweet, romantic and sentimental. Place a photo of you and your significant other inside for a charming and vintage-inspired gift. For friends and family members, giving a locket as a gift is thoughtful enough, though you could add photos or other charms depending on the type of locket you select.

Choose a heart-shaped pendant to celebrate this holiday of love and call back to vintage styles, or pick whatever suits the recipient's tastes.

2. Birthdays

Birthdays are one of the best occasions to gift a locket. It is a touching and thoughtful gift that is easy to personalize. Not sure whom to gift a locket to on a birthday? The options are practically endless, but common recipients are:

  • Children
  • Grandchildren
  • Mothers
  • Grandmothers
  • Friends
  • Significant others

So why do lockets make good birthday gifts? Since the jewelry makes a great gift at any time of year, it is excellent for birthdays in any month. Make the gift personal with a locket that features the recipient's birthstone, which makes it all the more appropriate for the occasion.

3. Other Holidays

Many other holidays throughout the year make for even more opportunities to gift a locket. Anytime you need to give someone a present, consider a charming locket.

Gift a locket that relates to something from the season for a themed present. Red and green gemstones inside a floating locket remind the wearer that you gave the thoughtful gift at Christmas. Floral and other delicate patterns evoke springtime and holidays like Easter.

You'll find plenty of charms, gemstone colors and designs or engravings that suit almost any holiday, so feel free to get creative. If you don't want to go the themed route, give a locket that suits your gift recipient's style.

4. Push Present

A push present is for a woman who has recently given birth. Celebrate the new chapter in her life and the new life in the world with a locket.

For a modern and sentimental option, give a floating locket that features baby-themed charms, such as:

  • Birthstones
  • The baby's initials
  • Hearts
  • Baby carriages
  • Baby bottles

You can also get a traditional locket with a baby-themed engraving, such as small footprints. The new mom you know will proudly wear her beautiful jewelry, as it reminds her of the joy she felt after she became a mother.

5. Mother's Day

Are lockets a good gift for Mother's Day? Of course! Thank Mom for all she's done with a beautiful pendant. Mother's Day is a great time to give jewelry as a present, and it's one of the best occasions to gift a locket.

For a sentimental touch, add photos of her children or grandchildren. If your mom has a lot of family members to include, you could pick out an expanding locket that fits more than two pictures.

If she would prefer a more modern style, opt for a floating locket. This contemporary see-through variety allows the wearer to show off charms inside the locket. Choose small gemstones that represent each child's and grandchild's birthstone, or select charms that represent your mother.

6. Graduation

Celebrate one of life's proudest accomplishments with a locket. Congratulate the graduate, whether they're moving on from middle school, high school or college programs. Any achievement is worth celebrating, and you can do so with a floating locket that features trinkets like:

  • Gemstones in the school colors
  • A graduation cap
  • A diploma
  • The year of graduation

For college graduates, you could also add a charm related to their degree in some way. No matter what you include in the locket, you could opt for an engraving on the styles that allow it. Choose an inspirational quote perfect for graduation day.

7. Wedding

Weddings are natural occasions to gift a locket. Curious whom to gift a locket to on this special day? While the bride is the obvious choice, the mother of the bride also deserves something special.

Choose an elegant locket to say congratulations and best wishes. The bride could even use it for her "something old, something new," depending on what you give. Gift a new locket with old photos to cover both or find a vintage piece for the something old. If you choose a new pendant, have it engraved with the wedding date for the bride or another sentimental message.

You can give the mother of the bride an understated or vintage-inspired locket. She can use it to hold photos of her daughter, her new family or any grandchildren she has now or in the future.

8. Anniversaries

Celebrate your anniversary or that of friends and family members with a locket. Specific anniversaries have colors and materials associated with them, which you can incorporate into the gift.

  • Gold: Gold is the color of the first anniversary, so it could make the perfect gift for new lovers. Gold jewelry is also the 21st-century gift for the 14th anniversary and a popular choice for the 50th.
  • Silver: Silver is the color for the 16th anniversary, making silver lockets a fitting option. When it's someone's 25th anniversary, you can't go wrong with silver jewelry, since it is both a classic and modern option. For the 10th anniversary, you could choose silver jewelry, since it is the time-honored color for the milestone.
  • Diamond: A contemporary gift for the 10th anniversary is diamond jewelry, so give a locket that features the elegant gemstone. Diamond is also a stylish choice for the 30th anniversary and traditional for the 60th.

You don't have to wait for milestone anniversaries to give a stunning locket as a gift. Surprise your significant other on any anniversary with a meaningful present. Engrave it with the date, or place a photo of the two of you inside for a vintage touch.

9. Somber Moments

Unfortunately, not every occasion in life is a celebration. For those trying moments, show someone you're thinking of them with a locket.

A sympathy gift tells the recipient you're there for them. When the gift is a locket, the recipient can place a photo of the loved one they lost inside, or wear it as a reminder of your kindness.

You could also gift a locket to someone when they or you are moving away, so they have something that reminds them of you. Place a photo of yourself, you and the recipient or their friends and family members inside the locket.

10. Just Because

You don't have to stress about when to give a locket as a gift. While the scenarios above are ideal occasions to gift a locket, any time of year is perfect to surprise someone with a pendant.

If you decide to give a friend, family member or significant other a locket just because, select an understated or casual piece. They can wear the jewelry for any occasion and always remember your thoughtful surprise.

One useful and equally pretty option is a diffuser locket. The wearer can put their favorite essential oils in the diffuser and experience the fragrance all day. No matter what style of locket you select, it's sure to surprise and delight your recipient.

Celebrate Special Moments With Mountz

Whether you have wondered when to give a locket as a present, or you needed ideas for an upcoming celebration, we hope you found this list useful. If you're ready to find the perfect locket for someone special in your life, no matter the occasion, we at Mountz Jewelers are more than happy to help.

Browse our collection of lockets or contact us today with any questions you have about our jewelry selection. We'd be happy to help you find stunning lockets or other pieces for your loved ones for any occasion. Trust your special moments to Mountz!