How to Choose Earrings for a Gift: Your Earring Gift Guide

Earrings make a stunning and memorable gift. A thoughtfully chosen pair of earrings speaks from the heart and can make your loved one feel truly appreciated.

If you choose the right earrings to suit the recipient's style, they'll look forward to wearing your token of affection for years to come.

Are Earrings a Good Present?

Earrings make an excellent gift for any occasion, whether you attend a graduation celebration or your best friend's birthday party. Earrings also make a great gift for a newly blossoming relationship because they represent love and loyalty without the commitment of an engagement ring.

Overall, earrings make a meaningful gift the recipient will never forget, and you'll have plenty of jaw-dropping options regardless of your budget.

What Kind of Earrings Should You Buy as a Gift?

What kind of earrings should i buy

Earrings come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular earring styles you can choose from include:

  • Studs: Studs are a popular earring choice for men, women and children. Studs are highly versatile and flattering to any face shape. A stud earring usually features a gemstone or ornament fixed to a post. The post passes through the pierced ear and a fastener on the other side holds it in place. Stud earrings are small and easy to pair with everything from an evening gown to a T-shirt and jeans.
  • Hoops: Hoop earrings have a circular shape. Some hoop earrings pass through the ear piercing to complete a full circle, while others have a semi-circle design and pass through the ear with a post –– similar to stud earrings. Hoop earrings can be made of gold or sterling silver and decorated with diamonds, gemstones, pearls or dangling charms. They come in a range of sizes to suit any style from big and bold hoops to small and dainty hoops.
  • Drop: Drop earrings feature gemstones, metal designs, beads, pearls or other forms of ornamentation that drop down from a hoop, post or wire. Drop earrings can be simple and delicate or bold and colorful. They are available in a variety of lengths from short to shoulder-grazing.
  • Chandelier: Chandelier earrings are a type of drop earring that usually consist of ornate tiers. Chandelier earrings make a statement and add drama and elegance to an outfit.

What Color Earrings Should You Purchase?

What kind of earrings to buy for a present can depend on your recipient's favorite colors and style preferences. If they prefer just metals, gold or silver hoops with some detail might work. You can find hoops adorned with colorful gemstones if you know they'd love hoops with some color.

What color earring to buy

Consider the following factors when choosing the color of an earring present:

  • Birthstone: An easy way to select an earring color is to choose earrings that feature the recipient's birthstone. For example, if your girlfriend was born in July, you might give her ruby earrings. Birthstone earrings are a great way to celebrate a birthday.
  • Skin undertone: You can choose earring colors that complement your loved one's skin tone. For example, if your someone special has warm, yellow or peach skin undertones, chose gold earrings for a stunning look. If they have pink or blue undertones, sterling silver or white gold earrings fit beautifully.
  • Favorite color: Is your loved one devoted to a particular color? If they adore purple, for example, you might look for a pair of spellbinding amethyst earrings.
  • Eye color: Earrings can make someone's eye color pop by adding contrast or highlighting eye color undertones. For example, you might choose light green earrings to bring out the undertones in hazel eyes or yellow and gold earrings to bring out the lighter undertones in brown eyes.

If you're still not sure which color earrings to get, you can't go wrong with a pair of diamond earrings. Diamonds make everyone look and feel like a million bucks.


Tips for Choosing Earrings as a Gift

The best earrings for a gift are those that show you put thought into the purchase. Thoughtfulness means considering what your recipient enjoys wearing and basing your purchase on their preferences.

What earrings to buy as a gift

To determine the best earrings for your loved one, consider the following factors:

  • Face shape: First, think of the recipient's face shape. Considering their face shape helps you choose an earring type that naturally complements them. In general, if they have a round face shape, avoid hoops or circular earrings and choose shapes that elongate the face. If they have a square face, round hoop earrings can soften the jawline. Stud earrings suit any face shape.
  • What they already wear: What type of earrings does your loved one already wear? This observation can be a clue to their style and what they feel comfortable wearing. If they wear a gold wedding band or engagement ring, they might love a pair of gold earrings. If they wear lots of blue, topaz earrings might complement their wardrobe.
  • Lifestyle: Consider what your loved one does every day, as this can affect the earring choice. For instance, if your loved one works with people as a nurse or teacher, you might choose simple, snag-free stud earrings. If they are a creative type who loves to let their individuality shine, choose earrings that reflect their artistic side.
  • Purpose: Do you want to buy earrings that your loved one can wear with everyday attire, or do you want to give them a glamorous gift reserved for special occasions? Stick with versatile earrings like diamond studs or hoops if you want to give them something they can wear with any outfit. If you want to increase the glam factor, consider chandelier or drop earrings with lots of sparkle.
  • Interests: You can also choose earrings that reflect your loved one's unique personality and interests — consider earrings shaped like their favorite animal or hobby.
  • Age: Shimmering 1 CT diamond dangle earrings might be perfect for your wife, while studs or themed earrings might be a better fit for your young niece. The age of the recipient and the purpose can factor into your decision.

Earring Gift Ideas for Kids

Giving a child earrings for a present is something they can cherish for many years. It may be their first pair of earrings or a gift to commemorate a milestone or birthday. The best earrings to give a child are comfortable to wear, small and fit securely with a screw-on back. A screw-back earring has a threaded post and allows the fastener to twist into place. A covered screw-back covers the post to keep the end of the post from poking through.

Earring gift ideas for kids

It's also important to choose a metal that does not contain nickel to avoid allergic reactions. Your best bet is to go with stainless steel earrings. Platinum, titanium and 14K gold are other safe metal choices for kids who may be sensitive to metals. Lastly, aim to go with earrings that have a snag-free smooth surface. Here are some ideas:

  • Diamond studs: Diamond studs are a classic choice that a child can cherish for a lifetime. Diamond studs are suitable for boys or girls.
  • Birthstone earrings: Birthstone earrings are a popular choice for toddlers and older children. A simple pair of birthstone earrings offer a splash of color and sparkle, coordinate with any outfit and can be worn and enjoyed for many years.
  • Huggie hoops: Huggie hoops are designed to sit close to the earlobe and clasp shut to form a continuous hoop so that a back is not required. Simple gold or sterling silver hoops look adorable on a child, but you can also choose gemstone studded hoops for extra shine, or hoops decorated with flowers, butterflies or hearts.
  • Character earrings: Children love characters from their favorite books, movies and cartoons. You can choose earrings shaped like popular characters to make your little one excited to wear their new jewelry. For example, you might choose Minnie Mouse studs for a Disney fan or Superman studs for the little superhero in your life.
  • Coordinated earrings: One way to celebrate your bond with your child is to buy them earrings that match your special jewelry pieces. Aim to choose earrings that are similar in color and shape to your everyday jewelry pieces, but smaller and simpler.

What Earrings Are a Great Present for a Girl?

Earrings to get as a present for a girl

Little girls love being given a jewelry box with a special present inside. You can make a child feel like a princess by choosing an adorable pair of quality earrings. When choosing earrings for a girl, consider her style and shapes she likes. Here are a few earring gift ideas, especially for girls:

  • Pearls: Pearl earrings lend a timeless look, and your little one can wear pearl earrings for special occasions or with casual clothing.
  • Small dangle earrings: Consider choosing a pair of small dangle earrings featuring cute shapes like unicorns, flowers or cupcakes.
  • Simple studs: You can find a range of dainty stud earrings for girls. Stud earrings for girls may be a metal embedded with a gemstone or decorated with an enamel design. You might choose stud earrings shaped like cats, teddy bears, butterflies, bows, crowns or whatever shape the child loves.

Earring Gift Ideas for Teens

Earring Gift Ideas for TeensTeenagers are independent and have their own fashion preferences. To buy earrings for a teenager, notice what they wear to gain a sense of their style. If they have a classic, casual style, stick with simple earrings like a pair of hoops. Do they like to keep up with trends? Choose earrings that are versatile but eye-catching, like diamond studs. They can wear timeless diamond studs with anything, including the latest fashions.

Like young children, teens typically have active lifestyles, and they may be more prone to losing earrings that do not have backs. Try to choose earrings that are comfortable to wear and feature secure backs. Here are a few earring ideas for teens:

  • Personalized earrings: Many teens want to express themselves and celebrate their passions. Consider what makes the teen in your life extra special, and what's important to them. For example, does your teen love animals and dream of becoming a veterinarian? Show your support and admiration with a pair of adorable sterling silver Dog Fever studs.
  • Versatile hoops: The typical teenager experiments with different fashions until they find a style that feels authentic. Hoop earrings are versatile, timeless and look great with any style. You can choose larger hoops if that style fits your teen's personality. If they have a subtle style, stick with small hoops.
  • Heart-shaped earrings: A pair of heart-shaped earrings will remind the teen in your life that they are cherished and adored as they make it through their teen years and transition into adulthood. Heart-shaped hoops, for example, offer a fun and stylish way to say, "I love you."
  • Climbers: Climbers are a popular earring style perfect for a teen who wants jewelry that can be both elegant and casual. Climber earrings go into the ear like a stud and climb up the ear with the design. Consider climber earrings like the Ippolita Cherish Collection earrings, which are bold and stylish.
  • Diamond studs: Diamond stud earrings make a meaningful gift a teen will appreciate for many years. Teens can wear diamond studs for special occasions like prom and graduation, or to feel spectacular when they go out with friends.
  • Simple drop earrings: A pair of simple drop earrings, like these long drop earrings by John Hardy, add a touch of elegance to a T-shirt and jeans. Drop earrings can also act as a confidence booster for a first date or other special occasions.

Best Earrings for an Adult

Choosing earrings for an adult may seem easier than shopping for younger recipients. Unlike kids and teens, most adults have established their style and dress consistently. For example, you probably won't see your girlfriend wear large statement earrings if she's always worn small stud earrings.

Here are some ideas to spark inspiration whether you're shopping for your wife, girlfriend or special man in your life.

Earring Gift Ideas for Women

When it comes to choosing earrings for the lady in your life, it's most important to choose earrings she'll be comfortable wearing. Before you go earring shopping, gain a sense of your loved one's style and whether she prefers bold jewelry or subtle jewelry. Consider her lifestyle and the type of jewelry she can comfortably wear every day. Think about your relationship and the message you wish to convey.

If your relationship is young, you might want to stick with simple earrings that are beautiful and show you care but are not too extreme. Hoops or heart-shaped studs make excellent choices. If you're ready to show a greater level of commitment, consider diamond earrings.

Earring gift ideas for women

Earrings are great gifts for the women in your life:

  • Diamond earrings: Diamond earrings make any woman feel adored and appreciated. You'll find many different styles of diamond earrings to choose from to suit your loved one's fashion taste. For example, if your girlfriend or wife prefers smaller pieces, consider high-sparkle studs like earrings from the Gemstone Rhythm of Love Collection. Is her style elegant and a little edgy? She might love curved diamond earrings or unique diamond swirl earrings.
  • Eye-catching drop earrings: Is your loved one preparing for a special occasion and wanting to dress glamorously? Now might be the perfect time to surprise her with a pair of show-stopping chandelier earrings or stunning cultured pearl drop earrings.
  • Gemstone earrings: You can choose colored gemstone earrings to bring out your loved one's eye color, celebrate her birth month or convey a special meaning. For example, red has long been the symbol of love and passion while green symbolizes growth –– perfect for a growing relationship.
  • Pearl earrings: According to the International Gem Society, pearls have been valued for thousands of years. Pearls are elegant and resemble the beauty of the moon, and pearl earrings are highly versatile and look gorgeous with casual or formal attire. You might choose pearl earrings for your mother to symbolize how much you value her wisdom and guidance.
  • Simple hoops: A pair of versatile hoops make a wonderful gift for a woman. Choose her favorite metal, whether that be gold or silver, and she can wear her hoop earrings every day with any outfit.

Earring Gift Ideas for Men

Earring gift ideas for men

If you're buying earrings for men, you have many options. The key to choosing an earring gift for the special man in your life is to keep it small and simple. Just like women, men cherish jewelry gifts. If you pick something based on his preferences, he will likely feel comfortable wearing your gift every day. Here are some ideas:

  • Hoops: Hoops are an excellent starting point for choosing earrings for a man. Hoop earrings look great on men, are versatile and give you a chance to choose his favorite metal. Choose small and subtle hoops.
  • Studs: Studs are another go-to earring choice for men. Studs are low-key but still make a sophisticated fashion statement. Go with simple sterling silver ball earrings or treat your loved one to diamond studs if he likes a little bling.
  • Novelty earrings: If your loved one has a casual, edgy style, surprise him with fun and stylish novelty studs in different shapes — like skulls or dragons.


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