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Here at Mountz Jewelers, we are doing everything that we can to keep our community safe as we make decisions that we feel is best during this evolving situation. During these unprecedented times we have been asked many questions about payments, store availability, and more. As we continue to monitor the Covid-19 pandemic that continues to impact our community at large, we hope that we have answered some of your questions below.


Q: As Mountz Jewelers is temporarily closed and I have jewelry there, will it be safe?

A: Mountz has a state-of-the-art security system in place at all three stores. All jewelry that is currently trusted at one of our three stores is put in the highest quality vaults and safes, along with additional security measures for protection.


Q: Will I be able to make purchases or pickup jewelry from the stores even though you are closed?

A: At this point we remain committed to being part of the solution and not the problem which will require minimal physical contact and social distancing as suggested by the federal government. We will continue to fulfill online orders by providing free shipping and free safe distancing delivery.


Q: I have a credit account at Mountz Jewelers and normally come in to make a payment. What can I do?

A: Mountz will still be accepting payments for credit and layaway accounts over the phone. You may reach out to us by calling 717-763-1199, emailing, or messaging us online. Please provide a contact name and way to reach back out to you.


Q: I have a Preferred Jewelers International Warranty Plan on my jewelry, and it is due to be inspected and maintained during the store closing. What can I do to make sure the warranty is still valid and does not expire?

A: Mountz will be extending the due date of all cleaning and inspections until our physical stores are open again. Please do not worry.


Q: Will Mountz Jewelers gold buy services still be open even with the store being closed?

A: Unfortunately, we will not be able to service any gold buys again until we reopen. We hope to be able to do that soon. In the meantime, email us your name and the best way to contact you once this service is available at We will be in touch.


Q: How is everyone at Mountz Jewelers?

A: We are happy to say that we are doing well. From zoom meetings to time with our families and furry friends, many of us have even been doing our best to stay positive! We can’t wait to see you all soon.


Q: How is Mountz Jewelers giving back?

A: Everyone is looking for a way to help their communities and here at Mountz Jewelers, we are no different. Members of our team have been taking their time at home to make face masks for healthcare professionals! 90 so far have been delivered to Med Staffer’s Home Health Care to help nurses, and those with relatives in the front lines against Covid-19. We are very proud of their work and we look forward to more stories like this.


Thank you to everyone who continues to support our business and employees and all local businesses in our area. As we continue to provide updates to our clients, we, at Mountz Jewelers, urge everyone to keep up social distancing and stay home as best they can.


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