Custom Design FAQ: 5 Most Asked Questions About Custom Jewelry Design

 Do you have an idea for a piece of jewelry that is uniquely you, but you aren’t sure how to bring it to life? If you’ve sketched up your perfect ring, or simply have an idea in your head, Mountz Jewelers is here for you. Our custom jewelry designers can create a design from scratch or redesign your inherited piece to give you exactly what you want. To help you in understanding custom design, here are our five most common questions about custom-designed jewelry.
What is the Process?
Start with the idea. Find pictures of different concepts or take a shot at sketching it out. The first step is coming in with your excellent and unique idea. After your initial consultation about your design and what you are looking for, we will do an online sketch to work our way to an online 3-D model. Once you try on the mold and make sure it’s how you pictured it, we can finish up with a gorgeous, polished creation that you will treasure forever.
What’s the Cost?
This will depend on your budget. We can stay in that frame, but you must consider that different gemstones, metals, and the complexity of your design will be factored into the cost. During your consultation, talk through these preferences to see how it will affect your price.
What Can You Do?
There isn’t a limit on what you can do when it comes to designing your jewelry. This all goes back to deciding what it is that you would like to have. Different metals, gemstones, and jewelry types can lead you to different discovery paths in the initial consultation. But with one of our experienced and talented jewelry consultants, you will soon have a piece that no one else has.
Can You Copy Something?
This is a tricky question. If there is a universal style of ring or pendant that you are looking to create, then the answer is yes. However, if you found a diamond ring in another store specifically from a brand, the answer is no. What we can do is look at some samples of your favorite designers and create something uniquely for you.
Is My Project Too Small?
That is a firm no. No design is too big or too small for Mountz Jewelers! What is important to us is that we help you design and create exactly what you want and that it fits right into your budget.
Your future forever jewelry is just an idea for now, and with Mountz Jewelers, we can help it come to life. Come in for a free consultation so that you can start your design process today!

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