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Hottest Gemstones of The Season from Mountz Jewelers

Hottest Gemstones of The Season from Mountz Jewelers

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but it’s the color that gives you the edge!
If you are looking to make a statement or need something that boosts your confidence, then a  bright-colored gemstone will make you feel like you are walking the runway this season!
Mountz Jewelers has the hottest gemstone trends of the year. Not sure what to look for? Here are some of our gemstones that have been getting a lot of attention this season:
Tanzanite Gemstones

This stone might look a bit familiar to all you Titanic and Leo fans! As popular today as it was in the 1960s, this gemstone, with its blue and purple gemstones, makes a bold fashion trend. Tanzanite shines in this Le Vian rose gold ring and offers a unique feel for any occasion. This gem is often confused with sapphires and can add a lot to your style without needing big pieces.

Le Vian rose gold ring


Aquamarine Gemstones
Inspired by the sea, this color reminds us of a tranquil paradise. Believed to have protected sailors since ancient Roman times, this calming blue gemstone will motivate you to venture out on the waters. Our Mountz Collection Aquamarine Oval Pendant is delicate and vibrant; perfect for adding to your everyday look, which is to be expected with an aquamarine gem.
Aquamarine Oval Pendant


Opal Gemstones

This gemstone is dreamy with its cloud-like coloring. Opals have been competing with diamonds in the limelight as they try to be the top gem year after year. Opal gemstones have also shown to be an up-and-coming trend for engagement rings! Just take a look at this ladies estate opal and diamond ring, giving a vintage vibe with a modern style.

ladies estate opal and diamond ring


Garnet Gemstones

Found in different colors, garnet gemstones have been making moves in a deep wine-red coloring.  This captivating color can be the centerpiece of any outfit, especially for the upcoming Fall season. Wear this deep red gem with complementary colors or subdued tones and watch the striking results. For a holiday night out, this Le Vian pear-shaped swirl pendant makes for the perfect accessory this holiday season.

Le Vian pear-shaped swirl pendant



Emerald Gemstones

It may come as no surprise that this is a favorite gemstone because emerald never seems to go out of style. A green emerald adds to the sea palette we have seen worn this year especially untreated emeralds like this John Hardy Classic emerald and diamond ring.


John Hardy Classic emerald and diamond ring.



Expect to see this amethyst gemstone with distinguished blue and green tones this season. This intricate purple gemstone is thought to bring a sense of calmness to the wearer, (which we could all use during this time!) Snag these impeccable Tacori Sonoma Skies stud earrings to sparkle and shine all season long.

Tacori Sonoma Skies stud earrings

The start of fall brings cool colors, crisp weather, and fiery statement pieces. Explore these rare and exclusive gemstones and more at Mountz Jewelers! If you find that what you are looking for is a bit more unique, start with one of these beautiful gems and create a custom piece for this holiday season. You can even revamp a piece that you already have with some new sparkle! Contact one of our three jewelry stores in Central Pennsylvania today for more information on these beautiful gems and to learn about our Gemstone event in October.