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Decades of Dazzling Jewelry Trends

Have you ever felt like you belonged in another decade? Over the years, a lot has changed, including jewelry design. However, at Mountz Jewelers, we've witnessed that most treasures are timeless. When taking a trip back through the ages, the beauty of everlasting style can be witnessed and celebrated. Follow along with us as we explore classic jewelry trends we've seen throughout our history.

1950's: A Postwar Boom

In the years following World War II, women everywhere were ready to welcome change and invite luxury. Costume jewelry rose in popularity, lifting spirits with colorful and larger statement pieces. Additionally, with the boom of the economy, people started investing in precious gems that were larger in size. Diamonds and platinum were the most sought-after. Every treasure was carefully selected to match a woman's outfit, completing every look with delight and charm.

1960's: The Spell of the Silver Screen

During the 60's, American culture felt an extensive amount of change and transformation, reflecting a more modern society. Style icons such as Audrey Hepburn had a major effect on fashion statements, especially when it came to jewelry. Following the release of “Breakfast at Tiffany's,” a simple strand of pearls became an essential wardrobe staple, complementing almost any day-time outfit and little black dress. Big and colorful enamel jewelry also spiked in popularity, as women everywhere embraced their individuality with statement pieces. Other trends included layered necklaces, cocktail rings and bangles.

1970's: Captivated by Counterculture

As the culture during this the seventies represented freedom of expression, so did the jewelry. Bohemian and disco lifestyles became trendy and people everywhere started incorporating flowy outfits with their jewels. One of the most coveted trends involved crystals thought to hold mystic qualities. From chunky rings to oversized hoops, the trends born in this era are still at the forefront of fashion today.

1980's: A Win for Women's Rights

During the 1980's, more women started to join the workforce, eager to create their own form of self-expression. Gemstones, pearls and gold took center stage as women combined bold looks with sophistication. Princess Diana, one of the biggest style icons of this generation, rocked pearl chokers and a sapphire engagement ring, influencing women all over the world to expand their jewelry collections.

1990's: A New Age of Accessories

The nineties were known for countless unique fashion trends, particularly with accessories. Remember plastic chokers and shell necklaces? From eclectic to angsty, the jewelry of this generation had a wide range, embodying a little bit of everything. And many of these trends have made a major comeback today, just like popular pieces in the past decades. It's a simple reminder that jewelry is timeless and crafted to shine through the years.

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