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Out with the (G)Old In With the New

It's the peak of summer, full of golden light and lush greenery. With everything in bloom, it's the perfect time of year to renew your wardrobe, beginning with your jewelry box. If you're like many folks, you probably have a few unworn pieces collecting dust. Why not trade them for something that'll brighten your attire and you'll treasure forever?

Luckily, selling your unused gold, silver, diamonds and luxury timepieces is simple and easy at Mountz Jewelers. In our pressure-free environment, you'll always have the choice about whether you want to keep your jewelry, sell or exchange it for something brand new. We have highly-qualified consultants and certified gemologist appraisers at all three of our locations in Carlisle, Camp Hill and Colonial Park/Harrisburg. Our team will look over your jewelry, offering an unbeatable price on the spot. Plus, getting a quote on the purchase value is always free.

So, make your appointment today to discover what you can get for your unworn gold, silver, diamonds and luxury timepieces. You never know what you might uncover … And what priceless new pieces await that'll add shine to your look.