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How to Buy Jewelry for Your SO for the First Time

How to Buy Jewelry for Your Significant Other for the First Time

If you're ready to buy your first piece of jewelry for your girlfriend, that's a sure sign your relationship is blooming. It's natural to feel a little nervous about choosing the perfect gift, especially if you have not yet grasped her jewelry style. Let this be your girlfriend jewelry guide to help you get started.

Choosing jewelry for a new girlfriend isn't as daunting as it seems. Nor do you need to break the bank choosing quality jewelry. Chances are, your significant other (SO) will be thrilled you got her a gift, and many women adore a thoughtful piece of jewelry.

The key is selecting jewelry that reflects your girlfriend's unique style and personality. How can you determine her style? In this post, we'll show you how, and we'll also share jewelry ideas to help you to create a loving memory she can wear every day.

What to Consider When Choosing Jewelry for Her

It's likely your girlfriend is proud of her unique fashion sense. When you want to buy jewelry for her, it's important to keep her style in mind. For example, if she usually doesn't wear a lot of bling, it would make sense to choose something more subtle. On the contrary, if your girlfriend has a bold style, you might surprise her with a piece of statement jewelry.

Once you observe your girlfriend's style and get an idea of what she likes, you'll be better prepared to shop. However, style isn't everything when it comes to choosing the first piece of jewelry. Read the tips below to make sure you consider all of the most important elements in jewelry shopping.

1. Observe What She Already Wears

As we mentioned above, the first thing you want to do is gain a sense of your girlfriend's style. Take note of the type of jewelry she regularly wears. Maybe she loves to wear earrings but doesn't enjoy wearing bracelets. Or maybe bracelets are the only type of jewelry she puts on.

Observe what she already wears.

Also look for her metal preference. Does she seem to favor gold over silver or vice versa? Does she like a mix of both? You want to choose something your SO feels comfortable wearing, and the easiest way to figure this out is to note the type of jewelry she wears the most often.

2. Check Her Jewelry Box

A quick way to get a sense of your girlfriend's jewelry style is to take a peek in her jewelry box. You might find the majority of her jewelry is silver, or maybe most of her jewelry contains beads. Perhaps she likes a vintage jewelry style. Try to look for similarities between jewelry pieces and imagine what your girlfriend would enjoy wearing.

3. Consider Her Features

Jewelry can be used to complement your girlfriend's features and body type. Although this does not need to be the main focus of your jewelry search, it can help guide your decisions. Let's look at how to pair jewelry with her figure, face shape and skin tone.

Jewelry can be used to complement features and body type.

First, consider the best necklaces for the following body shapes:

  • Pear-shaped: A pear-shaped figure is wider at the bottom than the top. Shorter, chunkier pieces of jewelry work beautifully with a pear-shape because they draw attention away from the hips and direct it towards the face.
  • Apple-shaped: An apple-shaped figure is bigger at the top and smaller at the bottom. A long pendant necklace that reaches the navel looks lovely on an apple shape.
  • Straight-shaped: A straight-shaped figure has balanced shoulders and hips and an undefined waistline. Women with a straight body shape can wear a bib necklace to create a curvier look. You might also choose a delicate necklace to show off her neckline.

If you want to buy your girlfriend earrings, consider the following face shapes:

  • Round: Usually a round face shape is short and features a round jaw. Long dangling earrings help elongate a round face.
  • Narrow: Round shapes like studs help widen a narrow face.
  • Square: A square face shape usually features a strong jawline. Avoid square-shaped earrings and choose round earrings or hoops to soften a square jawline.
  • Heart-shaped: Heart-shaped faces usually have wider foreheads and taper towards the chin. Chandelier earrings or long curvy-shaped earrings complement a heart-shaped face.
  • Diamond: A diamond-shaped face features a narrow forehead and chin and wide cheekbones. Long, curvy dangling earrings look great with a diamond shape.

Finally, consider your girlfriend's skin tone when choosing the jewelry metal:

  • Olive or darker skin tone: Yellow gold looks stunning against darker skin tones.
  • Fair skin tone: White gold or silver looks radiant against fair skin.
  • Any skin tone: Rose gold suits any skin tone.

Despite the above, don't let body features rule your decision. It's most important to choose jewelry that suits your girlfriend's personality and which she'll enjoy wearing.

4. Listen to Her

Chances are, your SO will occasionally leave hints about the type of jewelry she loves. For example, take notice if she comments she adores an actress's earrings as you watch TV together, or if she points out how beautiful a necklace is as you walk past a jewelry store window. Your girlfriend might directly say what type of jewelry she prefers when you least expect it. The clues are all around. All you have to do is look and listen, and you'll be surprised how much you'll discover about your girlfriend's jewelry taste.

5. Shop With Her

Next time you're in a department store with your girlfriend, see if you can drift with her towards the jewelry section. Once there, observe her as she looks at the jewelry. What makes her eyes light up? Does any piece of jewelry excite her more than the others? Use this to determine her style.

6. Ask a Friend

Does your girlfriend have a best pal she's known for years? If so, it's likely her friend will have a good sense of her style and should be able to tell you what not to get. However, if you want the jewelry to be a surprise, you might ask a friend or family member for help as a last resort to make sure the news doesn't get out.

7. Choose Quality

Choosing quality jewelry shows you believe she deserves the best.

When you're buying a piece of jewelry to express your love, you want to choose quality. Your girlfriend will likely cherish your gift for a long time, so you want it to be extra special and durable. Choosing quality jewelry shows you care and believe she deserves the best. This does not mean you have to drain your savings account to buy your girlfriend authentic gold, silver or gemstone jewelry. For example, you can easily find a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry for under $100. There are tons of inexpensive options that offer quality and charm.

8. Consider the Stage of Your Relationship

If you've only been dating for a short time and this is your first gift to her, you probably aren't ready to get her a ring. Although no rule says you can't buy your new girlfriend a ring, consider the message it sends. Many people associate ring-giving with getting engaged, so you might want to save a ring for a future occasion.

Other pieces of jewelry like necklaces, earrings and bracelets are an excellent way to show your affection in the beginning. They can be incredibly romantic and help nurture a blossoming relationship without asking your SO to tie the knot.

Just for Your SO Jewelry Ideas

Do you feel inspired to find jewelry your girlfriend will love? Believe it or not, jewelry shopping can be fun, especially if you have an idea of what to look for. Here are a few ideas to help you find the perfect piece.

1. Necklaces

Necklaces are often easy to wear and look great with a variety of styles. Consider the following types of necklaces to make your SO feel truly treasured:

  • Statement necklace: A statement necklace is bold and unique. If your girlfriend loves to wear attention-grabbing jewelry, consider getting her a trendy statement piece like a raw gemstone necklace. For a classic look, a chunky floral necklace might suit her perfectly.
  • Personalized necklace: A personalized pendant necklace be can be an excellent sentimental choice for your girlfriend. For example, you might choose a necklace with her initial as a pendant. Another popular option is to engrave a metal pendant with the geographical coordinates of a special location, such as the place you met or shared your first kiss. If your girlfriend loves sentimental jewelry, you can't go wrong with a custom piece of jewelry which speaks directly from your heart.
A heart-shaped pendant is a classic choice.
    • Heart-shaped pendant: A heart-shaped pendant is a classic choice that suits just about any style. Plus, you can choose a heart-shaped pendant that fits your girlfriend's personality. Maybe she'll be swept away by a romantic rose gold pendant or a pendant featuring her birthstone ā€“ there are all kinds of possibilities.
    • Locket: Lockets have made popular keepsakes since the 19th century. If your girlfriend appreciates vintage or sentimental jewelry, a locket might be a great choice. Just remember to include a meaningful message or photo.
    • Key-shaped pendant: Give your SO the key to your heart with a key-shaped pendant in the metal of her choice. You might even engrave the key with the date you fell in love.
    • Unique pendant: Regardless of the latest trends, you can always browse and see what'll find. You might discover a unique piece that suits your girlfriend perfectly.

    2. Earrings

    Earrings make an excellent first gift because they allow you to express your feelings subtly, and they show you appreciate your SO and want to keep things going. Here are some earring ideas worth considering:

    • Turquoise studs: Turquoise earrings are highly versatile and complement a variety of different styles. If your girlfriend has a simple style, consider a pair of turquoise studs. If she likes bold jewelry, maybe opt for dangling turquoise earrings.
    • Metal studs: One way to get quality while staying in your budget is to get your girlfriend sterling silver or gold stud earrings. Studs go with any outfit and enhance a woman's beauty.
    • Birthstone studs: Is your girlfriend's birthday coming up? You might consider getting her a pair of birthstone earrings. Some months have multiple birthstones. For example, if your girlfriend was born in March, you'll have to choose between aquamarine or bloodstone. If you know which birthstone your girlfriend prefers, even better.
    • Handmade earrings: Handmade earrings are one of a kind, just like your SO. If she has an unconventional style or appreciates handmade items, consider a pair of handmade raw gemstone earrings. Gemstones will always be in style because you can't deny their natural beauty.
    • Crystal earrings: Does your girlfriend love a dramatic style with a touch of bling? Swarovski crystals offer tons of sparkle for little cost. You can find crystal earrings in all shapes and sizes as well as different colors.

    3. Bracelets

    Some women love to wear bracelets. If your girlfriend is a bracelet-wearer, it's likely you've noticed by now. In such a case, there are plenty of options to show your feelings for her with a meaningful, beautiful bracelet. Let's take a look:

    • Watch: Does your SO like to keep an eye on time? A stylish watch might be the ideal gift. Consider if she has any favorite designers when choosing a watch, or if she prefers an elegant watch or a playful watch.
    You can add to a charm bracelet over time.
    • Charm bracelet: Charm bracelets make an excellent first gift for women who like to wear bracelets. With a charm bracelet, you can add more charms over time to represent the love you share. For example, maybe you both enjoy hiking together, and you could surprise her with a tree-shaped charm. You can also choose engraved charms to send a romantic message.
    • Beaded gemstone bracelet: If your girlfriend has an edgy or eclectic style a beaded gemstone bracelet might offer the perfect balance of grit and glam. With a beaded gemstone bracelet you get to mix dazzling gemstones with a casual bracelet style.
    • Engraved bangle: An engraved silver or gold bangle can add a touch of elegance to any look, and a special message makes it a treasure.
    • PANDORA bracelet: PANDORA charm bracelets are popular choices because they feature quality, carefully hand-finished charms using gold, sterling silver or both. Every PANDORA charm is one-of-a-kind and can be used to tell your story as a couple.

    Buy Your First Gift at Mountz Jewelers

    You don't have to wait for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary to show your girlfriend she means the world to you. Sometimes, the best gifts are given just because. If you're ready to shop for the perfect piece of jewelry for your girlfriend, visit us at Mountz Jewelers. Our professional team of jewelry experts is ready to assist you whether you have questions about the type of metal to buy or the ideal piece for your girlfriend's style. We understand jewelry shopping can seem intimidating, especially in a new relationship. We're here to put you at ease and guide you through the process.

    For occasions both big and small, Mountz Jewelers is your go-to place for fine jewelry and customer satisfaction. If you're ready to take your relationship to the next level, stop in one of our locations today and Trust Your Special Moments to Mountz.