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New Year Party with Fireworks and Champagne

Glittering Rewards for Your New Year’s Resolutions

Ready for 2023? As we turn a new page, it’s the perfect time to set your New Year’s resolutions. These intentions are typically much easier to make than keep unless you have the right system in place to see it through. By rewarding yourself after achieving a goal, you’re more likely to mark off your resolutions. And what better reward could there be than bringing a little extra sparkle to your daily style? After all, jewelry is a great way to not only mark and celebrate your success but highlight the fruits of your labor. Below, we've put together a few ideas to get your drive and ambition flowing.

Diamond Dreams

A diamond’s strength and resilience reflect the qualities that you show while working towards your resolutions. Because of this, diamonds are the perfect reward for reaching a long-standing goal. From classic Diamond Stud Earrings to an Emerald Cut Diamond Cross Pendant, there are so many beautiful diamond styles that you can choose from. So, when you've completed that fitness program or learned that new language, reward yourself with something that represents all the hard work you put in to make your dreams a reality.

Wondrous Watches

It’s no secret that completing your important goals takes a lot of time. You must be disciplined about waking up early, putting in the hours and staying focused every day. If you’re looking for a symbolic way to honor that commitment of your time, luxurious timepieces are an extraordinary choice. From a remarkable collection of watches at Mountz Jewelers to Smart Caviar for your Apple Watch, we have a selection of stunning pieces that recognize your achievements. After completing your goal and feeling incredibly proud of all your hard work, treat yourself to the watch of your dreams.

Infinite Bracelets 

Maybe your resolution involves improving relationships with loved ones. After putting in work together to strengthen your bond, schedule an appointment to get matching Infinite Bracelets. Our Permanent Bracelet Program at Mountz Jewelers is an experience that symbolizes lifelong connections. During your session, we'll fit a 14K solid gold bracelet onto your wrist and weld the ends together. This process is fun and simple, leaving you and your loved ones with a treasure you’ll cherish forever. So, once you’ve accomplished your relationship-centered resolution, make an appointment at one of our Mountz locations. 


Ring in the New Year with Mountz Jewelers

No matter your resolution, Mountz is here for you every step of the way. We can’t wait to celebrate your success with a treasure you’ll remember forever. So, when planning your resolutions, visit one of our stores in Carlisle, Camp Hill and Colonial Park/Harrisburg and find a matching reward that’ll fuel your fire. Our jewelry associates can’t wait to learn about your aspirations and support your dreams.