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Happy Blog Posting!

Built on a 60 year tMountz_Jewelers_Logo_Thicker_Letteringradition in the jewelry industry and the premier jeweler in Central Pennsylvania for over 30 years, Mountz Jewelers is always focused on creating special moments in our clients’ lives. We’ve helped thousands of couples get engaged, celebrate anniversaries and birthdays and find the perfect gifts for special occasions and the holidays. As a company that prides itself on celebrations, we’ve decided to celebrate an occasion ourselves by starting a blog during National Blog Posting Month! “What is the Mountz blog?” you ask? Each week, Mountz will strive to provide you with useful information from the world of jewelry. We will keep you up-to-date on the latest trends, provide highlights for the upcoming months, answer your burning jewelry questions and provide an inside look at how our Mountz experts work for you. Stay at the top of everyone’s compliment list! Our goal is to help you stay in the know and to have you described by your friends and family as “She gives the best gifts!”, “I’m so lucky, he’s so romantic.”, “Did you see her jewelry, she’s so stylish.”. With comments like these, we know you’ll be a loyal Mountz Blog reader and you’ll continue to trust Mountz with all your special moments. So, what do you need to know as you prepare for the upcoming holidays? Leave your questions and comments and be sure to subscribe to the Mountz Blog. Let us know how you have trusted Mountz Jewelers with the special moments in your life!