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Dear Santa, personalized jewelry please!

One of the hottest trends to hit jewelry recently, is the desire for most women, including myself, to wear pieces that symbolize everything about us. From the initials of our children to our best friend’s, whether fellow female, husband or furry creature, the dates we got married or gave birth or our favorite hobbies. With one look at our finger, arm or neck, we want people to know the most unique things about ourselves all through the shiniest and brightest of ways.

Therefore, this holiday, on the wish lists of many trendy ladies will be designer brands like Alex and Ani, Heather Moore and PANDORA. All three designers offer some of the latest styles in personalized jewelry and are sure to be on Santa’s speed dial.

Alex and Ani

Relatively newer to the jewelry business but one of the country’s most popular brands, Alex and Ani offers some of the most affordable personalization options for ladies this season. With prices starting at just $24, women of all ages can wear pieces that express their individuality and speak wonders about who they are and what they value as important in life. Also, for the girls who love to wear stacked bracelets from wrist to elbow, this is a great affordable option. Available in Russian gold and Russian silver, here are a few pieces already on my Dear Santa list:

January Birthstone Charm Bangle in Russian Gold for $28 for this proud Capricorn. January Birthstone Charm Bangle in Russian Gold for $28.

Capricorn Charm Bangle in Russian Silver for $28 Capricorn Charm Bangle in Russian Silver for $28.

The initial W for my sweet little man William for $28W for my little man William for $28.

Scarlet Luminary Beaded Bangle for $38

Scarlet Luminary Beaded Bangle for $38.

Heather Moore

For those looking for the most unique personalized pieces available, the Heather Moore collection is based on the concept that everyone has something in his or her life to celebrate. Heather Moore pieces create the opportunity to document milestones and truly who we are. Available in men and women styles in sterling silver and 14K yellow, white, rose and green gold these pieces are also made out of 100% recycled metals. So, get creative and celebrate the most cherished aspects of your life. If getting as a gift, order now to allow time for production and shipping. Shhhh … someone in my family is getting a truly unique Heather Moore piece under the tree this year! Lucky girl!

Heather B Moore ID Tag with Spiral Saying ID Tag with Spiral Saying

Heather B Moore Charm Dog Bone Free Hanging Sterling Silver Sterling Silver Dog Bone

Heather B Moore Charm Open Oval Sz-5 Charm S/S satin finish Open Oval Sz-5, S/S Satin Finish

Heather B Moore Charm Oval SZ-6 Charm in Sterling Silver with Green Gold Frame Oval Sz-6, S/S with Green Frame


Probably one of the most popular ways to document the most unforgettable moments in your life is with the PANDORA collection. This affordable luxury brand available in sterling silver, 14K and 18K gold, offers a wide range of prices allowing women to build their collection over time. I myself, have a collection of PANDORA bracelets that I wear proudly, sparking conversations with many I see throughout my day. You can never have too many charms! Come in and take a look at PANDORA’s 12 Days of Christmas release available to order in stores now, for pick-up on November 29. See some of our favorites below!

Tree of Lights Charm in S/S Tree of Lights Charm in S/S for $55.

Snow Angle Dangle in S/S Snow Angle in S/S for $35.

Reindeer Dangle in S/S Reindeer in S/S for $35.

Winter Mittens Dangle in S/S Winter Mittens in S/S for $45.

Red Pave Lights Charm in S/S Red Pave Lights in S/S for $65.

What are your favorite personalized pieces? Share your ideas!

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