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Happy Valentine’s Day from Mountz Jewelers!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Mountz Jewelers!

Flowers aren’t the only thing coming into full bloom this season. Love is coming in many ways this year, virtual, 6ft apart, or even just by saying “cool mask.”
Even though the dating scene might be looking a bit different, the end goal of finding someone to be your love is the same. After almost ten months of being indoors with your significant other, you start to learn about things that you might not have known before, like maybe they are the person who says, “let’s pivot back,” during their zoom meeting.
Valentine’s Day is still coming this year, and if you have to stay indoors, you can still make it memorable with something that sparkles and shines from Mountz Jewelers. 
While you spread the love to your loved one, we will also be spreading the love to local vendors with our One Stop Local Shop. With a purchase of $299 or more from Mountz, you’ll also receive a hand painted card by local artist, Jessica Harbaugh, and chocolates from local chocolatiers, Frederic Loraschi and Mummert Chocolates. Start by taking a look at some of our fun pieces to get the love going!
A big tradition that we don’t like to skip out on is chocolate and roses. Add a slight twist this year with a chocolate diamond on a rose gold chain. Sure, she might not be able to enjoy a savory-sweet, but this is one chocolate that won’t give her any cavities.


Mountz Pink Tourmaline Flower Studs

Keeping up with the theme of Valentine’s, shop for all things pink! It’s everywhere, on store signs, cards, and all over tv, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give her her own splash of pink. These flower studs have the pop of color you are looking for with a design that will never wilt.


Gabriel & Co. Diamond Heart Open Wrap Ring

You have given her your heart, but she could always use the reminder. In the end, Valentine’s Day isn’t about gifts but about expressing your affections in a way that only she knows. She has opened her heart to you, so show her the same with this yellow gold fashion ring. Perfect for an everyday style to remind her whenever she looks down that it’s her that you love.



Seiko Ladies Pink Dial

When we say you cannot have too much pink on this day, we mean it. With a watch, you can tell her how much you have valued your time together and how you look forward to all the hours, minutes, and seconds to come. This Seiko watch comes with a blush pink dial to suit the day but still fit for any other occasion.




In the end, there is something for everyone here at Mountz Jewelers, and with all the love in the air, we are sure that you will find something that sparks that feeling. Jewelry is a classic way to remind your loved ones that they are special to you. You don’t need Valentine’s Day to show you care, but it certainly gives the extra emphasis. With our One Stop Local Shop, you won’t have to go anywhere else to complete your Valentine’s Day shopping!

Contact Mountz Jewelers today for more details on how you can find the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day!