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Get Gold Buying with Mountz Jewelers!

Get Gold Buying with Mountz Jewelers!

It’s officially 2021! We are so excited to leave 2020 in the past and start the new year with a fresh, clean slate. 

While we learned a lot in 2020, we are grateful for the chance to start anew. As many people usually do in the new year, we are brimming with ideas on making 2021 the best year yet.  

We all fall prone to setting big goals each January. After a year like 2020, we have some significant desires we wish to accomplish! From cleaning out our homes to focusing on making healthier choices, we use this time to set resolutions and start the year off strong. But how many of us actually complete our New Year’s Resolutions? More often than not, we get distracted, and our goals get pushed off to the side.  

Make sure you stick to your 2021 goals this year with the help of Mountz Jewelers! Many of our customers might be looking for ways to start their organizing journey in the new year. Some may be tired of living in a cluttered home, and maybe throughout 2020, they accumulated more items than needed! 

Underneath this clutter may lie the opportunity to accomplish your 2021 goals and make a profit! You may have some unwanted jewelry or gold taking up space in your jewelry box. Don’t let those unworn items go to waste! Instead, sell them to our gold buying experts at Mountz Jewelers.

We offer the very best gold and diamond buying services in Carlisle, Camp Hill, and Colonial Park/Harrisburg. No one understands better than the gold and jewelry buying professionals at Mountz Jewelers. We know how trends in fine jewelry change over the decades and sometimes in the time span of months.

If you have old or unwanted jewelry, why not sell it to us and replace it with something you will actually want to wear? Make an appointment with one of our certified gemologist appraisers, and we’ll give you a fair price, plus an additional in-store credit should you choose to purchase something new.

Selling your jewelry to Mountz Jewelers is an easy and turn-key process. We offer free quotes on the purchase value of your loose diamonds, diamond rings, and gold, silver, and platinum jewelry pieces. We also buy old coins and sterling silver flatware. 

As always, we will never pressure you to sell your jewelry. Whether you choose to keep your antique pieces, accept cash, or use their value toward purchasing a new piece, we will support your decision every step of the way.

2021 is about letting go and starting over with a new mindset. 2020 took a lot out of us, so start with a clear mind and a clear living space as well. OIder, outdated jewelry can be what’s standing between you and nailing your New Year’s Resolution. Start this year with a change (and maybe with some extra money in your pocket!) 

Make an appointment with our gold and jewelry buyers today!